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By 278pikelk:


My daughter, write My Words for those with ears to hear. Time will seem to stand still, My Children. You will be under My protection during the coming three days of darkness. You will not feel pain during your transformation but a tingling sensation as your flesh changes into a harmonic spiritual being, bright and glowing; the original state in which I created mankind before his fall to evil flesh in The Garden of Eden. Those of you who have prepared your things – food and provisions, etc., these will be utilized by those who do not know Me, but that will come to know Me during the 40 days of chaos following the Rapture of My Church. The Raptures will take place very closely together. First the innocents, the children, and then My Bride. The children will include all who are child-like in their ability to understand things. I am the I AM, and I will be reconciling My creation unto Myself. I want none to perish, so I will have chosen warriors who are marked for My protection, spreading My truth to those who need to hear it. Many are not part of My Bride and will need to understand My Gospel of Mercy before being rescued. Some will lose their lives, knowing full well that they will be gaining eternity with their Father and Creator. The “others” will do all they can to convince those left behind to be led by the new world government. The lie that they perpetuate will convince many that I am a lie and that the mass disappearances can be explained away. This is where My warriors come in, going to those they knew in their new glorified bodies and convincing them to go to the pre-appointed and protected Goshens for safe-keeping. The goal of all that come to Me during this timeframe will be the same – remaining safe so that they can share My truth and at the same time warning others to stay away from the mark of the beast. My warrior angels and My saints will work together to lead many to safety, and in doing so, lead many souls home to Me. The events that will befall your earth will be indescribable in human terms. My children hear My voice, and though they will not be shown specifics, many can feel that these things are drawing near. They can feel it within their spirits; they sense the change in the spirit realm that will soon be impacting the earth. You will see and experience some of the things leading up to the three days of darkness – earthquakes, tidal waves, flooding, sink holes, volcanic eruptions, human tragedy, disease, pestilence – all the sum of cumulative darkness in this fallen world. The enemy will win many battles, but the war is already won! You, My children, receive peace in that knowledge, no matter what you see, no matter what occurs. Call My Name and do not fear. (Goshen: The land in Egypt given to the Hebrews by the pharaoh of Joseph – See Genesis 45)

Dream June 27, 2017
It was a normal day at work, the air became thick with anticipation . Then I heard the alarms go off .
The day time turned into dark greenish skies. Then came the first blast, I was at work. The first blast come with the force and thrust of a tornado.
Marty Breeden

A Word from the Lord - Kathy Mote
This is what I say to you. I did not call no joy in these things for you. I called you to Me and you came. I have taught you to choose. I have corrected your heart and now I have you tucked away in Mine, safe from all harm. You will have abundance in all things that flow from My heart.

I was chatting with a sister in Christ, she mentioned that she came across an old prophecy from 1849 about it being mid-summer and there were snowflakes coming down. She said that she thought it might mean ash cloud and ash coming down from a volcano rather than snowflakes themselves and I agreed.

But then this thought came to me and I believe it was from the Lord. It would make sense for a volcano such as Yellowstone to erupt mid-summer. In fact it is the ideal time because that is when the earth is closest to the sun and ground would absorb more heat and energy coming from it. The energy waves from the sun would penetrate the crust causing the magma to heat up and rise to the surface. So to me this prophecy about a volcano erupting mid-summer could be right on track. And the recent activity and earthquake swarms happening at Yellowstone seem to support this fact. So are we looking at an imminent maybe within a few weeks?

Our redemption draweth nigh! JESUS IS COMING SOON!


I was in a downtown area of an unknown large city. I saw a newspaper vending machine that sold the USA Today newspaper.

I decided to purchase a copy. I did so and held the paper in my hand.

One the lead stories was about Seattle, Washington. It had a full page photograph of the City of Seattle.

The Headline Read – “Seattle Celebrates.” The letters were huge across the page.

The photograph vantage point was from the waters of Puget Sound. The photo of downtown Seattle was in the evening. The image included a fireworks display over the buildings of downtown Seattle. It was a celebration of some sort.

As I was looking at the photograph, the photo turned into a movie. It was like I was watching a TV screen in the newspaper. The fireworks became live images of motion with sound. I could hear the loud boom of the fireworks. I watched many of them go off over the skyline of Seattle.

As I watched the display, there was sudden explosion. One of the buildings erupted into a ball of fire, smoke, ash and debris.

The plume rose as high as the tallest downtown building in the photograph. It looked similar to the explosion that we saw on 911 on the World Trade Towers. I am not sure if the building collapsed.

After the explosion, my vantage point changed to the sky where I was looking down on the damage. There was debris and ash scattered throughout the downtown area. There were also many crushed cars with ash all over them.

I do not know when this event will occur. I also do not know the cause for the celebration. What I do know is that fireworks were involved and the explosion was unexpected.

I often wondered if the celebration was because of a holiday or some other event.

Conclusion – I do not know! Again, I had this dream over three years ago.

Several things about this event, the explosion that I saw did not flatten the entire downtown area. The damage seemed contained to one building. Therefore, I do not know the type of device that was used.

For those who might live in the Seattle area, it did not appear to be a nuke that went off. Not this time, at least. It appeared to be more of a conventional explosion.

I decided to once again share this dream because as most of you know, the Seahawks won the 2014 Superbowl and are now a Championship Team.

Their string of championship victories may now extend several years into the future. And being that they a now a higher caliber team, the possibility for future victories is now a reality.

For the record, I do not know when this event will happen. I am also am not saying that this event will be associated with their recent Superbowl victory. An event like this could occur after another championship victory in the future or be related to something else. The one thing that I do know is that it happened during a city celebration of some kind where fireworks were involved.

I want to encourage all of God's people to be praying for His covering and His protection, because as time progresses, we are going to be seeing these type of things take place in many places around the country.

If there are intercessors out there that can pray against this, I would like to encourage that you hold Seattle in your prayers. If this prophetic dream was a warning that an event like this can be stopped, then we need need to be praying that God would stop it from happening.

Perhaps He will be merciful.

May God bless you, protect you and keep you under His wing.

In His service,
Nathan Leal

Dream by Bill B
It was brief, there was just above the clouds 3 rows (3 abreast)  horses, maybe 10 horses side by side in each row as far back as I could see. The middle row was all gold color and the 2 outside rows were white.

I got the impression they were ready for battle. There was one rider sitting on one of the horses in the middle row further back, didn't see clearly who it was.

A few days prior to this dream I dreamt of a very large palace but it was empty, many rooms but I kept wondering who's is this place but it was being shown to me in the dream as it was mine.
Are you aware of the revelation 12 sign that is in the heavens right now? Google rev 12 sign and Sept 23.  That's when Jupiter (King planet) exits the womb of Virgo (Virgin Mary)

I just came across your Aunts dream today. Exceptional. God bless.

PS. 2015 had a vision of Gods hand palm up w/ me & people I know sitting in His hand. This image floated by me as I sat up from sleeping.

Also back in 2015 had another vivid dream:  As I was walking along Jesus was standing there to my left holding a sign "I'm coming" He was standing on railroad tracks, why? The sign had little light bulbs around it's border & the words. (This 1st scene was in black & white)

As I continued to walk by I turned my head forward ...THEN... the scene changed I was looking on as a 3rd person I saw the back of Jesus holding my hand I looked small like a child.  We were in the air looking over the earth a cliff was just below us there was bright orange & red on the earth everything was colorful. Then I woke.

A year ago as I was praying w/ my eye's closed I saw in my eye lids Jesus standing w/ his head tilted to the right. Like when you see a little baby or a puppy doing something cute and u tilt your head to say ahh.  I opened my eye's quick & said "wow"

I heard two occasions of an angel saying something to me one had a sweet mother sounding voice and the other one sounded like an accordion speaking thru a long tunnel echoing. That one said "There are no numbers in heaven" The other said "You will be in heaven"

I have more instances like this it's amazing.

Let your Aunt know that more people will come to the Lord during the tribulation then any other time. They will realize it is real. The two witnesses most likely Elijah & Enoch will be here to counter all the lies of what happened.

God bless all of you!

By Sonja Craighead:
A Powerful Vision Of Warning To The Remnant In America

This morning I woke up at 3:30 am. I was restless and I knew that going back to sleep wasn’t going to be possible. I asked G-d if there was something specific that He wanted me to pray about. I didn’t get any answer from G-d, but I knew that He wanted me to pray. I just began thanking Him for loving me, for choosing me, and for saving me. I thought about how glorious heaven will be. The beauty will be unimaginable. The fragrances will be better than anything any of us have ever experienced. I was thinking as I was praying how thankful I am for Him and all that He is. I then prayed about several issues that have been on my heart concerning our family members and our friends with health issues. I prayed about financial stresses, about continuing to give up self, for the obtaining more of the Spirit of G-d. I prayed for loved ones and friends who have shared their burdens with me, etc. Before I knew it, it was 6:00 am and time for me to get up, start my day, and take my grandson, who had spent the night with me, to his school. We hurried, got up and ready, and we prayed together as I drove him to school, and I got him there by 7:00 am.

On the way home, I was preparing mentally, going over the many appointments that were booked in my schedule for the day, and I asked G-d to give me strength and endurance to get everything done that was scheduled for me today, and to help me give every client my best for their individual needs. My husband, Dave, called me on my drive home from our grandson’s school. Dave was calling me from the Dallas airport, as he was ready to board and fly a trip. We quickly told each other that we love each other and we prayed blessings over each other’s day.

As I arrived home, my phone began ringing. All of my scheduled morning appointments cancelled, and my day opened up until late afternoon. I slowed my pace from one of gearing up for a packed and busy day, to one of thinking I could now have a relaxing cup of organic coffee and actually enjoy sipping it slowly, rather than gulping it before finishing up some ever pressing bookwork. I wouldn’t have any clients to see until late afternoon, and I was thinking how quickly my day’s schedule had changed.

As I was filing my coffee pot with filtered water, without notice, I went into a vision from the Lord.

Here is what G-d showed me, and the interpretation of the vision that He gave me.

I saw the Titanic immediately after it hit the iceberg. I watched the people on board and how very different their reactions to feeling the jolt of the huge boat impacting the iceberg. Some laughed and made jokes, that at least the Titanic was unsinkable. Others were scared and their fear froze them.

A few immediately sprung into action and gathered warm clothing and their family members and went on deck to board the lifeboats. These people were not scared, but they were very focused and serious. They were assessing the situation and looking for G-d to direct and guide them with a way to escape a terrible fate. Somehow they knew the partying of the other passengers was to be short lived. Some people hassled them, and made fun of them, accusing them of being alarmists, fearful, and cowards. They didn’t heed these accusatory people. They didn’t even bother responding to these people.

As the crew lowered the life boats this group of people methodically and without chaos boarded and began rowing away from the Titanic. They were prepared to act, they were following G-d’s instruction, and they knew that there would be no safety being on or close to the doomed ship when it actually began to sink, as the suction of the huge vessel sinking would suck anything close to it, down under it.

I heard the words, “It’s time to separate.”

There were three lifeboats with this group of people aboard, and they rowed into the darkness away from the brilliantly lit Titanic. These three boats weren’t together, but they were all of the same mindset, and they were within sight of each other, ready and willing to aid and help each other. They rowed away, separating themselves from those who were remaining busy partying on the fatally crippled ship.

I could hear beautiful music playing coming from the Titanic. I saw and heard the musicians playing waltzes and great pieces of music, as if giving a concert, and as if nothing terrible had just happened. Some people were acting as if nothing was wrong or out of the ordinary. They were laughing and mocking those who had just rowed away on the three lifeboats. They kept reassuring each other that the Titanic was unsinkable.

Others were confused, nervous, and clearly they were aware that something was terribly wrong. But as they would approach the lifeboats, they would look back at the partying and dancing passengers. They were torn. They knew that the partying and dancing passengers were foolish, but they continued to pause and wait, not being able to leave the luxury of the gigantic Titanic for the small plain lifeboats.

They procrastinated, not wanting to leave comfort and luxury, hoping that everything would be ok, but in their hearts they knew they should be on a lifeboat separating themselves from the doomed ship.

Finally some of them did get on some of the lifeboats. But many were so slow to board, constantly looking back at the foolish partying passengers, longing to remain on the luxury ship.

This group was confused and nervous, but didn’t want to leave, even though they knew that they should. A few finally boarded some lifeboats. Only a few of these lifeboats made it to safety. They had waited so long to make the decision to leave the Titanic, and they wasted precious time that even when boarding the lifeboats they weren’t focused on getting to safety, they were unhappy about leaving luxury.

When the Titanic sank, some of these late leaving lifeboats were sucked under the Titanic and were doomed. Some were capsized and overturned by the massive waves of Titanic’s breaking up and sinking. But a few did make it to safety and rowed out away from the Titanic far enough to be safe. They joined the three original life boats.

Then this vision from G-d abruptly stopped. I was still standing in my kitchen at my coffee pot filling filtered water. Not a drop had spilled. I was a little shaken. I sat down and immediately asked G-d to give me the interpretation of this bizarre and very troubling vision.

Here is what G-d told and showed me is the interpretation of this vision.

This is NOT a reenactment of the sinking of the historical Titanic. G-d chose to use the Titanic in this vision to me – to give me a warning to share with those with ears to hear.

In the vision, the Titanic is the United States of America. Like the Titanic ship, we are a luxury nation, with wealth, waste, and excess and we too see ourselves as “unsinkable.”

But just like the Titanic ship, the United States has ALREADY hit the iceberg, and although our nation’s lights are still on, and our nation is still beautiful, and our luxurious standard of living compared to other nations is higher than any country in the world, and we look strong and intact, we are sinking just as surely as the Titanic sank.

In the vision ALL of the people were saved, or at least they thought that they were saved. There were NO people in the vision who didn’t at least think that they were saved. ALL of the people in the vision thought of themselves as serving G-d.

In the vision the first three lifeboats are: His remnant living in the United States. They have repented of their sins, and have been washed in the blood of the Lamb, saved by grace, and are obeying His ways, His statutes, His ordinances and His commandments.

In the vision the people who are laughing and making jokes, harassing His remnant and accusing His remnant of being fearful and cowards are those who say they are saved, but they are following doctrines of demons. They do what they want, and how they want. They are disobedient to His word and very prideful. They pray to get. They give to get. They are selfish and covetous. They are the apostate church. They have a form of godliness, but deny the power thereof.

In the vision the people who are scared and fearful and are frozen in their fear are those who haven’t taken the time to spend with G-d alone to get to know Him. They haven’t been with Him in deep prayer and personal scripture study. They haven’t renewed their mind in His word. They have not put Him first in their lives. Their priorities have caused them to not hear His instruction to repent and prepare for the judgment coming on the United States.

In the vision the beautiful music playing is the deception that everything is ok. This is a deception that many pastors, preachers, and lay people are saying that President Trump has “saved” American from G-d’s judgement and wrath. It’s all a beautiful sound, but America’s judgement by G-d has been set. This beautiful deception keeps people distracted from obedience to G-d.

The group of people in the vision who were confused and knew they should leave the Titanic and separate and go with those who were in the lifeboats are those who are double minded. They know G-d’s word, but they put the love of their lifestyle above obedience to G-d. (Remember Lot’s wife.) The people on the boats that are sucked under the Titanic and those on the boats that capsize and overturn are those who waited too long to be obedient to G-d. They refused to repent and get ready – spirit-soul-and body for the soon coming judgement of G-d on America.

Remember the parable of the ten virgins. These are those who slumbered and did not seek G-d when called and warned. The people in the few last life boats that made it away from the Titanic as it sank and joined with the other life boats, are those who G-d mercifully spared and delivered. At the last possible moment they finally repented and G-d heard their repentance and delivered them.

There is an urgency to this vision. G-d specifically told and showed me that America has already hit its iceberg, and even though it doesn’t yet show on the outside, the inside of America has been ripped open and America’s fate is sealed.

No politician or leader will be able to avert what G-d has ordained. G-d will choose the time of His judgements, regardless of pastors, preachers, and leaders who tell and teach others it can be prayed away.

The message, “to separate” is for G-d’s true remnant to separate from America’s apostate churches.

Remember Matthew 7:21-23. Be careful to separate and remove yourself from congregations who teach, “another Jesus…” The gospel of prosperity and comfort is not the biblical gospel. Rev. 18:4 explains that we are to live in this world, but not to be a part of this world. G-d has chosen us to be a holy people unto Himself. Time is very short. American has hit the iceberg and is sinking. G-d’s judgement is coming to America.


On the night of June 24 after communion during prayer, I was shown a vision.

I was at the Throne before Yahushua, along with all the members of the Bride world-wide. We were face down and on our knees in adoration and humility, dressed for battle and spiritually armed. In the Spirit, there was a call sent forth by Yahushua, a spiritual shofar or trumpet call that went forth, drawing us collectively to attention before Him. Yahushua was in full white, gold and red battle attire, holding a sceptor and with a glorious crown. He is King of kings! He was very powerful and mighty in His appearance. He was stoic and quite serious. It seemed several minutes of 'our time' went by while we were in His soaking presence.

He then spoke to us together "BELOVED RISE". In one motion, the Bride as a whole stood before Him. There were people of every race, age, walk of life, and culture that we know here on earth. He spoke again to us. "There is no more time. Your journeys as you have known them are coming to an end. All will be fulfilled. For most of you, the paths you have walked have been extremely difficult. You are My chosen because you have prevailed through it all, holding fast to My promises, trusting Me and praying for continued faith to move forward. I understand all you have been through, but I know your hearts. I chose you and I love you.  I know each heart, and I know you love Me. They hated Me much more than they hate you. They persecuted Me more than you have been persecuted. You are presented here to fulfill your final tasks."

While He was speaking, I was shown in the spirit all at once, each person's obstacles, distractions, stumbling blocks, attacks of the enemy, betrayals, etc..., the tests and trials of refining for each one; everything that took place over the course of each one's life.  I saw the dark cloud of the enemy and how hard he had worked to keep each chosen one from their purpose, from the relationship that Father had created intimately for each one. I saw the discouragement, resistance, doubt, fear, hopelessness at times, frustration, and weakness as each one continued on the path to holiness for His name's sake; following the extremely narrow but lighted path towards Yahushua, eyes always focused on our Savior. I saw all those who had persevered even when curses and spells had been prayed against them. Although the darkness around and coming at each one was intense to say the least, the path was protected and impenetrable for those who chose to walk on it. A pinpoint of light it seemed amongst such gross darkness.

Yahushua then paused again for some time before He spoke again.
"All you who are the forgotten, the lowly, the outcast, the homeless, the poor, those that this world threw away, those who were nobody on the earth-- COME FORWARD." There was a small group that was suddenly directly in front of Yahushua.
"This world may not have cared of your existence, of who you are and may have forgotten you, but you will never be forgotten here. Well done My faithful ones, welcome home." This small group turned around towards the rest of us, because they are the humblest of all, not wanting to leave until they knew their tasks were complete, because their hearts are to serve, but Yahushua told them to turn back around. He said to them, "No, you will not be going back, you're coming home, your work is done." As we all watched, the windows of Heaven opened and we could all see for a brief moment into the Heavens and it's glory, as He took them home for eternity.

"Now, there is no time. Turn around." We all turned around toward the earth, and it was burning and it was dark, and it was so demonic, people killing people everywhere, complete horror. He spoke. "I am the Lord of the Harvest. We have more work to do. Are you with Me?" We all turned back around, all immovable and steadfast, eyes fixed on Him. "Behold My Glory!!"And a blanket came down, the Glory of God, like an iridescent bluish veil over the entire body, and it merged the body of the Bride into One Spirit, His Spirit. We were suddenly, completely and instantly transformed from the top of our heads to our feet, glowing with His brightness, and as the Word says, "we shall be like Him".

"It's time. Help Me save them. Help Me bring them home."

He made me to know instantly that we had only a very, very brief 'window of time' as we know it to complete the harvest after we are transformed, before He brought us home as well.

Please, go to Yahushua directly with this vision and allow Him to instruct you personally. You will receive your counsel and He will personally impart to you all that you need. This is His promise.


Julie daughter of the King at Saturday, June 24,


Hi Steve,
I was a listener to your radio program, and now I follow your website. I have to report some weird behavior I saw today at the zoo.

I was at the Point Defiance Zoo in Tacoma, Washington today around 3pm. We were passing a large stage area where the zoo staff were putting on a play for kids: the benches were packed with kids/parents/kids on field trips, etc. Ahead of me on the sidewalk were four middle eastern men with beards probably in their late 20's, early 30's. They were walking together but with no kids. They weren't talking to each other but were scanning the zoo as they walked. As we passed each other, one of them whipped out his camera (not a phone but an actual camera) and snapped some shots of the people sitting on the benches watching the show. It was a type of amphitheater on a hill, so the people he snapped pics of were far away and below us. It didn't seem like he was taking a picture of one person, but was taking a pic of the whole scene.
I have a unique background and am quite observant bc of it. I read lips and read people's body language quite well. I have had to: I am nearly deaf and didn't even know it until I was in my 20's, 20 years ago. I tell you this only to say, I'm not exaggerating. I know what I saw. Reality has hit, for me. I don't feel safe going to "soft targets" anymore. I fear something really bad is being planned.
Stay safe, and pray for the covering by the Holy Spirit every day in Jesus' name. I am!
Hi Steve,
I had a meet with a buddy of mine. He is a high level guy at IBM. I've sent
in previous alerts about IBM and some technology.

It has been my opinion for sometime that IBM will be filing for bankruptcy
soon. This could be within a year or so, maybe more. The timing is
something I can't be totally accurate on. So let me paint a picture.

- We have opened up 10 new office sites, each being multi-million dollar
sites. Five of these are shut down do to loss of revenue. This is massive.
They spent MILLIONS building these sites and their projects to deploy them
and poof!
- In the last few weeks, whole teams of skilled, seasoned professionals
have been fired on the spot, to cut cost, even when their position is vital
to success of projects we are working on.
- Not long ago, a set of hardware failures happened at a given site. The
replacement had to be put on hold for a $200 part because nobody could sign
or had enough funds allocated to them for sign off.
- More than 100 projects have been canceled or delayed due to financial
issues. I estimate these projects to be budgeted at at least 100+ million
dollars. Big projects...
- People are being asked to change the hours they work on their time cards
to lower employment costs (illegal BTW).
- Third parties used to have a mechanism to sign for very urgent projects
before receiving payment. For example, if IBM sent out a project support
request to a third party, but IBM did not yet receive the funds from their
client, there was a contractual promise to pay. From what I know, IBM
always honored this. However, 3rd parties stopped allowing this due to the
amount of requests like this they were receiving.

If you work at IBM or have friends who work at IBM. Tell them to make
alternative plans ASAP. I don't care what position they are in. It is
better to be safe than sorry.
Man Man

Steve, thought your readers would like to know about this. Trucking as a whole is a mess, but about to get really bad. On dec 18 2017 a mandate goes into effect called the ELD or electronic logging device mandate. Put together under the Map21 plan. Doesnt sound bad, we all go paperless, woohoo.
Well there is more to it. Today I spoke with a fmcsa enforcement agent, asking some questions, he boldly stated that this "was about tracking", and pointed me to some info. As an owner I have been looking into this more deeply. This mandate, requires all trucks, with only 4 clear exceptions, to install a device to electronically keep drivers hours of service. The scary part is, this device Must be certified by fmcsa, Must be registered with fmcsa, Must be hard wired into the trucks ECM ( engine computer) allowing access to telemetry, Must have internal GPS, Must identify driver and his/her last 7 days + current days hours of service including shipper and commodity and Must be accessible on demand by fmcsa agents by telmetrics or bluetooth. Plus more.
In other words, they will be electronically tracking every truck. Knowing company, unit, driver, location, speed, direction, shipper, and commodity, In Real Time
All this to keep us from "cheating" on our logs?
I call BS.
I said before, trucks are the red blood cells of the american body, everthing moves by truck, Everything. Control trucking, you control every part of this country, and as 1/5th of the GDP, the economy of every part of this country.
The government will have absolute tyranical control of the transport of goods when this kicks in. And it is going to have an affect on everyone, access to goods, prices, ect.
They got control of banking, healthcare, now the supply lines, whats next?
Prep now, why you can.
Good luck to you all, and God bless










Visions of Heaven part 6
by Paula Marie

I think we must be real close to going home because the Lord gave me this vision and told me to share it here. Its about us dancing in the streets of glory! Be glad and rejoice because soon we will be in glory!

I had a vision of heaven where people were singing and dancing everyone in heaven. There were different groups of people singing songs and people dancing different types of dances. I saw a people line dancing....and there must have been hundreds in this group joining in. I saw in another area a square dance going on. And there was ballet dancing on the stage in the auditorium. I even saw ballroom type dancing, Russian dancing and tap dancing like a river dance. You could just join in wherever you wanted and with which dance suited you most. The songs were upbeat and happy and each group had a different singer, song and a different band. These dance groups were everywhere in heaven. The music, singing and dancing seemed to go on forever. There was so much joy and happiness everywhere you look. 

I think God wanted me to feel that joy and to share it here because we are leaving soon! Oh what a day that will be! Then this song also came to my mind....its called "Dancing in the Streets" because that is exactly how it will be when we make it to heaven. :)

Phillipians 4:8
Finally, brothers,whatever is true, whatever is honorable,whatever is right, whatever is pure, whatever is lovely, whatever is admirable — if anything isexcellent or praiseworthy — think on these things. 

John 16:23-24
In that day you will no longer ask Me anything. Truly, truly, I tell you, whatever you ask the Father in My name, He will give you. 24Until now you have not asked for anything in My name. Ask andyou will receive, so that your joy may becomplete.

Calling out around the world,
Are you ready for a brand new beat?
Summer's here and the time is right
For dancing in the street.
They're dancing in Chicago,
Down in New Orleans,
In New York City.
All we need is music, sweet music.
There'll be music everywhere.
There'll be swinging and swaying and records playing,
Dancing in the street.
Oh, it doesn't matter what you wear,
Just as long as you are there.
So come on, every guy, grab a girl.
Everywhere around the world
They'll be dancing.
They're dancing in the street.
It's an invitation across the nation,
A chance for folks to meet.
There'll be laughing, singing, and music swinging,
Dancing in the street.
Philadelphia, P.A.
Baltimore and D.C. now.
Can't forget the Motor City.
All we need is music, sweet music.
There'll be music everywhere.
There'll be swinging and swaying and records playing,
Dancing in the street.
Oh, it doesn't matter what you wear,
Just as long as you are there.
So come on, every guy, grab a girl.
Everywhere around the world
They're dancing.
They're dancing in the street.

Video Link

Submitted by Pamela Lasalle
This radio show Sherry did outlines what is coming. Father gave her a timeline of events. I know she hears from the Lord and is a true prophet. Time to get your houses in order!!.

We need to stay away from coastlines when this happens...Remember that the Revelation 12 sign happens in Sept and as Lucifer is being detained right now in heaven, it signals that he will be thrown out around that time...see bible on Rev 12..

Jesus said a generation would NOT pass after the budding of the fig tree (Israel) Israel became a nation in 1947. Add 70 years ( a generation in the bible) you get 2017. I could go on and on, but I run a prophecy group with 3,500 people and It is that time, folks!!! Father said to look
for untimely blood red/pinkish moons as a sign that it is near...

I took notes:

DAY 1) Winds will start at noon time on east coast increasing in strength.

DAY 2) All electricity and power will go out.

DAY 3) Earth will tilt...tsunamis, earthquakes, coastlines affected, darkness, fires, water filling up undgerground tunnels

DAY 4) Completely dark..winds will cease and creatures will flee from undernearth earth (CERN also causing this)

DAY 5) Darkness, creatures breaking free, total chaos

DAY 6) Earth will tilt back up, winds ..creatures

DAY 7) Light will return, dinds subside, start re-building.

DAY 8) THE ASCENDED MASTERS ARRIVE- NEW AGE ALIEN/HYBRID AGENDA...(They will try to tell us they have cures and answers to everything and want you to take the CHIP! No way do you take a mark on right hand or forehead!! It will condemn your soul to hell!

Father said to Sherry: You will not look upon the destruction. It is My anger and wrath. It will occur after My LIGHT leaves the world..No, child. You won't see My wrath, ONLY my GLORY!

So, before the pole flip, the first group leaves, those who qualify whose faith is found 100 percent perfect along with the Elect.!! All the rest will be left for refinement...leaving about 80 percent here!

Asteroid will hit later, Revelation 8, Wormwood when Shema falls into ocean. and California and Florida inland will be under water..

Dream by El laine
I'm going to post a dream that I had and then I'm going to give you my interpretation of it. I dream that I had met my Earthly father's side of my family.  I saw a lot of people and met a lot of people who had basic salvation but they enjoyed life with all the evil being present. For instance I went to meet some relatives and they had basic salvation but they were more interested in having family reunions to see who was who and what was what. They didn't want to know actually who Jesus Christ really was they just knew He was Savior, as opposed to being the Son of the Living God .

There were many people in my family that was like this and I know who said it had become somewhat of a strain emotionally to get them to see a different level of existence.

As I traveled among my relatives in my family I saw no difference from the time that I first started till I came to the end of my journey with them. My journey ended at a chain link fence that went on for miles and miles and miles.( you know you have seen pictures of the wedding feast that shows the very  long decorated tables with plates, eating utensils, glasses, napkins, on top of a white tablecloth. The chain link fence was similar it just went on and on and on but is separated one part of the land from the other.

The Lord had sent an angel when he realized my frustration of wanting to know more, to get more information , to answer the questions that I had.

It was like the song that I don't know maybe her name is Amy Grant sings that they don't know that they can go to the mountain of the Lord. In the dream while I was with this group of people I was very frustrated because they did not want to learn nothing new they were content with what they had. It was if a group of people believe that Obama was the best president this world has ever had. They could not fathom that he was the Antichrist. they would talk and say oh he's such a good president don't you wish he was back in office? My response to that was no I don't want to see him nowhere but in hell because he is the Antichrist and you think he's going to be a nice guy and he is evil evil evil. Then I was among some other relatives that recognize the fact that Obama had the qualifications to be the Antichrist, but the time was not right for him to come into power.

Was very frustrating to convince these people that time will march on and that the Antichrist will rule. They didn't think that they would be anything like the judgments of God the tsunamis the earthquakes the sinkholes, worse than what they are now.

And because they were very frustrating that you couldn't give people to see no matter how much you told them it seemed that in my dream I stopped beating my head up against the tree by trying to tell them and just let them be.  And since I didn't or wasn't able to talk to them I wanted to leave but the chain link fence separated me from where I wanted to go period Then an angel of the Lord came and showed me where the separation was in the fence and so that the Lord made a way for me to escape or to go and I took the opportunity to leave period

I didn't look back and I didn't want to Hope for things to change for these people because I was going to feel like Lot's wife turning into a pillar of salt.

My interpretation. I think I had to stream on account of that lady who you said had a lot of spiritual Pride when I put that scripture down on Facebook as she came back saying in case somebody wants to know it comes from Psalm 91 first verse. I have known a few people who have lived or have passed away with only keeping the basic knowledge of salvation but living in a carnal minded atmosphere. And even though my daughter has past that level she doesn't want to go to the level where the transformation is. And I want to go past the level of the transformation and I know that goes way in the future but I'm content to go there.

Well that's my interpretation of my dream. I know there may be another interpretation and I'm interested in finding out what it could be

Dream By Javonna Williamson-Peng:

June 30th 2014 I woke up the day after being baptized in the Holy Ghost to a shaking dream. Literally shook my body for three hours after I woke up. Here is the dream: I was in the mountains of North Carolina in a house looking out the back window of the house toward the mountain top I seen the figure of the Lord standing there! He called my name to come stand with him and I was excited to do just that! As I stood next to him he asked to show me something and I said of course Lord I want to see.. so he told me to look toward Florida and then within quickly flashing seconds I seen every major highway through Florida jammed packed with cars, people trying to flee for their life, people running and screaming.. then I looked toward the east coast waters off Florida coast and I seen an asteroid impact the waters between Florida and the Puerto Rican islands. Smaller meteor fragments also impacted the west coast of Florida waters.. the impact from both sides caused 1,000 ft tsunami waves to come barreling toward Florida .. then in one more flash I seen the tsunami waves close in on the entire state.. the whole state of Florida was gone!! I woke up crying and shaking.. 

upon waking up and praying after, the Holy Spirit prompted me to read revelation chapter 6 and 7. I believe the asteroid represents the third trumpet judgment.. where it speaks of a mountain being thrown into the sea.

Rapture Dream
My oldest daughter has prophetic dreams that have been exceptionally helpful for our family. Her dreams have had warnings in which, if we ignore huge demonic attacks and plans happened. However, when we learned to heed them, demonic attacks are avoided and failed. Her dreams have been very, very accurate to the smallest detail. These prophetic dreams have been important to our family because of the dangerous attacks we have gone through. However, tonight she revealed a new dream. She had this dream some time ago, and part of it has already come to pass. She dreamed she was raptured while in a conference. She couldn't makes sense why she would be at a conference. She thought it must pertain to going to college (?) In the dream, she was in a room with computers and teachers. In the next part of the dream she was at a conference. This didn't make any sense to her. She kept thinking it must pertain to college (however she held off going to college because she was offered her dream job. It was at this dream job that she was in a computer room with trainers teaching her the computer system. She was in the exact room she had in her dream (rug, desks, computers, etc). It was exactly from her dream. Yesterday, she found out that she is required, with her new job, to attend a conference (the exact one she had in her dream). In her dream, she is raptured from that conference. I asked her when the conference was set. She said Sept. 21-23rd. My mouth fell open. She said, "I know, mom. How weird is that?"

Backing up about ten years ago, my two young sons had prophesied two pregnancies (and the gender). I told them it was impossible. They were spot on. Both of these sons have huge gifts for prophecy and hearing God/Yah. Their dreams were also huge, huge, for protecting our family. They could tell us things that would be impossible for them to know, as if they were within the rooms of those who were planning schemes. The word of knowledge was amazing. About five years ago, they both had a dream of me being pregnant when we get raptured. I laughed at them telling them that my uterus is damaged, and I can't get pregnant. Soon after laughing (a couple of weeks later), I had the exact same dream they had. I wasn't laughing after that dream because I knew it was from the Holy Spirit. I dreamed of being a couple of weeks pregnant when I am taking in the rapture. Still to this day, if they think the rapture is about to happen, they check with me to see if I am pregnant (they joke about it with me).

I use to pray, years ago, that the kids would all receive gifts for the body of Christ. I had no idea how important those gifts are for our family. The huge miracles from how Yah has used them will be something you will want to ask them about in heaven. However, as things might play out, their prophetic dreams might be encouragement for the body of Christ- right before the taking away (if the Father gives the green light share). In fact, about five years ago, one of my sons kept saying he had dreams about "red moons" before the rapture. This is before anyone said anything that we knew of about "blood moons". I laughed and rubbed him on the head, not knowing that those were signs to prepare for the taking away. I share this because the time of the Feast "that no one knows the day or hour" is approaching. I will be really surprised/shocked if it is not this feast because of my oldest daughter's dreams, of the conference. Her dreams are a sure thing, as I have learned. The Father has used these kids/teens to help our family avoid dangerous pit falls.

Fast and pray for discernment for what I shared. Shalom.


By Joanie Stahl: June 15th 5:15 a.m.
“My people that will be key in My harvest are not in the public eye”
This is what I began writing on my own as I was listening to the Lord:

I can feel something is about to take place. A major life changing event. One that requires immediate, personal preparation. Be on the look out. I can sense a call, but not for myself, but for all Believers to arise up suddenly. They will arise up suddenly at once. Only those that have ears to hear are hearing the same. They are knowing the same thing. They will not rise up of their own accord but they will arise up on My accord, when I do it in them. Like when the Israelites in the desert did when they heard the sound, the certain sound of the trumpet. There was no mistaking.

I keep hearing “keep yourself clean, pure, and keep the watch. Do not set any wicked thing before your eyes.

Only the ready will be ready and rise up suddenly. I can feel it, and it’s gaining strength. The way has been long but worth it.

The Lord:

My people have reached exhausted levels. It is purification time. It is time to wash, bathe, clean your temples from within.

What will happen will happen very fast and without any warning. It will take everyone by surprise. Many faces will be shocked. The faces of millions will become pale from shock. The shock will be so great they will not be able to come out of it for a long time.

But My people will arrive safely on shores of home. Safely upon the Mount. I see many regrets passing upon the hearts of many of My people, but where you are going, regret does not exist. I am preparing you in areas you are not able to prepare yourselves.

I am separating the sheep and the cattle. The brown, speckled and ringstraked from the white and blemish free. It is only Me that can do it. I am doing it now last minute. I will do it the last minutes before the complete and final hour because it is the last and final hour. My people will feel it in their hearts. They will know the time. It will be Me doing it within them. Those that know Me will know the difference.
I was receiving a waking vision as the Lord spoke to me and this is what I saw:

As the Lord was speaking I had a waking vision. I saw myself standing on a cliff overlooking a vast valley. Spread along the entire valley as far as I could see were white tents. On the outside of every tent were people taking down their tents and rolling them up.

I then heard the Lord say to me, “It is time to begin taking down your tents and roll them up and prepare.”

Back to the word…..

Those that do not know Me will not be aware of it the way those that know Me will. Those that do know me will know it beyond any shadow of doubt. I need them to know it this way. Those they live with, or near to, will not be able to know it like them (the saved). yet, they will confess that they know something is happening. All flesh will sense it.

This separating will not be visible to those that do not know Me because it will be from within each person, in the spirit. Yet the wicked and the unsaved will see a change and not be able to explain it.

Those that have been hearing the warnings and call to prepare for a very long time will not do so. Even those that remotely sense it from within pass it off as nothing to be concerned about.

They expect Me to do everything for them, even preparing for them where they should be doing it themselves. “The Bride makes herself ready,” not the Bridegroom.
They refuse to do their part.

In fact, that is how they have chosen to live their entire lives in Me, then finally at the end they are far from any ability to prepare for the final moments because they never spent any time preparing at all.

Because of the suddenness, severity and shock, they will all be fully consumed with horror in a moments time. A horror so real, so stark and great they will be paralyzed much the same way as Lot’s wife.

They will grieve.

They will mourn.

I am coming to take back what belongs to Me. Who belongs to Me.

Now the Lord is directing this to the wicked of this world:

I have left them (the Righteous) here for the benefit of you (the lost world). But I will not leave them here much longer, not much more for your benefit. For you see, whether or not you believe it, this world benefits from my loved one’s being among you, though they are like sheep constantly surrounded by venomous snakes, ravenous wolves, thieves and murderers who would gladly take away their lives in a moment if I let them.

Their time to do so will be soon. It is soon. It will not be prolonged. Even the least among My sheep, even the smallest, the weakest saints among the wicked people of this world benefit from the existence of the righteous woven among them.

The judgment of the wicked is prolonged because of the righteous that live among them. They (the Saved), take your cursing, mocking, ridicule and blasphemy because of My mercy for you. Because I died as much for you as I did for them (the saved). But they will be your judges on that Day and you will remember them, you will remember everything, and even their prayers will be brought up before you as your accusers, and none will be able to stand.

The rotten stench of this world has risen up before Me and I can not stand it. Not much more can be done. I am near and you will know it., either you who are wicked and you who are righteous.

Many ask why and how I can watch in silence at the wicked and most perverse things in the earth and not rise up at once and devour those who violently rage against Me. It is because I wait. I wait because there are many wicked among the righteous that will come in all at once towards the very end right before I severe the wicked from the righteous.

The light of this world will be snuffed out like the flame of a candle that has almost now wax left.

When I do this, even many of the most wicked will know I have done this. That is was Me that did it though they cursed and blasphemed Me through the years. They knew Me all along and they will know it is Me more than those who served Me with their mouths.

And it will be the horror of many of those that believed they were saved and were not, much more than the most wicked who will be saved after all. Those that will come to Me after sudden destruction will not be those who professed Me with their mouths and cursed inwardly, but those that cursed Me with their mouths outwardly only to confess Me inwardly as Savior and Lord.

This will cause those that took their so-called righteousness for granted and flaunted it before the unrighteous, to gnash their teeth at the wicked who will come to Me for their salvation.

The righteousness of the wicked will torment the so-called righteous and drive them further away than the wicked were in their worst wickedness.

The so-called righteous will curse Me more than the new found last-minute, grateful, new believer that were Satan’s Masterpieces of hell.

Once the door is shut, for it is almost surely shut, the inhabitants of this world will furiously beat upon My door much the same way they did upon the door of the Ark. But I will not listen to them even though they will howl and cut themselves.. The silence they will be met with will torment them more than the blasting noise of hell that will never end.

from Elizabeth Nebenfuhr April 28

This is what happened to me on an operating table! 

On February 9th 2006 I went in the the hospital for a shoulder surgery do to my arm atrophying after Chemotherapy injections for treatment of breast cancer (I was diagnosed with in 2004) I have had experienced the presence of Almighty GOD before so I felt Him in the room with me that morning. I remember crying because the I.V. was painful and I started to pray in the spirit and then soon after I was no longer in the operating room. I was now standing in the presence of Jesus Christ our LORD. He was in front of me, His presence was all encompassing, it was everywhere all at once, It is difficult for our minds to comprehend.

Everything I tell you I believe with all my heart happened and is true. All I could do was stand in awe of Him. I felt great power from Him and His amazing love, His love is eternal. Light was everywhere though it was not blinding, it was soothing to the eyes and it went on forever. The light was warm and beautiful.

He was there before me more real then anything I have ever experienced in my life. He was magnified over and over again. As I looked upon Him and my thoughts were only "You are so beautiful LORD" He appeared to me to be huge, like an old growth tree spread out and reaching up as high as the eye can see. His robe was stunning it was like no material in this world it was made of LIGHT, dancing and sparkling like a delicate veil, but I could not see through it as such. It moved like a silken garment blowing in a gentle summer's breeze. It was breathtaking as it billowed it seemed to be singing praises to the one that was wearing it. I have no perfect words to describe such beauty. I was in awe.

Then I looked up to where His face should be and what I saw was pure white golden light that shone brighter then the Sun. The light was very warm and it was love. I remember thinking about my physical body and where it was , I felt I was whole in spirit . The thing of it is I in the natural had very little hair because of chemotherapy and I had no breast but I felt whole.

My spirit seemed childlike I am not saying that I was thinking as like a child but being awe struck seemed so child like. I did not think about anything or anyone of earth (until He had me to do so) We do not have any earthly concern's when we are with Him. I did not have to talk we communicated through thought's (hard to explain) ,I would think and He would answer and He would speak to my spirit . It was such a amazing thing. He had me understand that I would not be staying with Him forever this time. He spoke to me in a way I understood. He had an important message to give to me.

I was in a heavenly place, Where I was was so beautiful and it went on forever and ever it is light,love and beauty.
I knew I could not take my eyes off Him I was completely consumed by His presence and nothing could take me away from gazing upon Him unless He commanded it to be so. It is not like here on earth where our eyes lift off of the object of our attention or our thoughts wander. I was only able to see what He wanted to show me no more and no less. I understood this.

Then He spoke to me, His voice was gentle and calm, He said "I have work for you to do and you must listen." I shook my head and said "Yes,yes.yes" and He said "I am coming soon!" then He said "Before I come there will be catastrophic events and great destruction."

(Matthew 23, Mark 13:1-37,Luke 21:10:24 ) I saw the world as it will be when the end comes (to much to go into in writing, but I assure you we have begun the birth pangs) He showed me the earth full of abominations... it was so horrific that I know He has spared me from remembering a great portion.

I sensed in my spirit He was preparing me and He wants His children prepared for His return. There were things he showed me that He in His mercy helps me not to hold on too in my spirit for they are too much to bare at times. But I tell you that His judgments are severe. He spoke of the times of the end and He said "There will be hopelessness" and that is when I felt His words He spoke and I saw the faces of hopelessness and despair. It will be so sorrowful that men's hearts will fail them.Luke 21:26

(We cried) His heart was broken, I felt His heart for all creation. This is when He said "Do not be afraid" And He assured me. He would never leave me. (Or those that trust in Him)

at that moment something happened to me it was a supernatural thing the moment He said "Do not be afraid" I felt His strength and courage being placed within me little by little (hard to explain once again) Perhaps it could not be done all at once? Or I was needing to go through a process of sorts I do not know ,all I know is it seemed in stages that boldness was being imparted to me.
He impressed upon me that I will have spiritual enemies and there will be those who will persecute me for His name sake. (This was a message for all who do His will)
All I could think was 'I am standing here with the LORD and I would have to tell people we were living in the end of days and that we were going to see much before His coming nobody is going to believe me.

The moment I thought this the LORD said "Elizabeth ,you must tell them all of what I tell you and show you."

Then I felt my spirit shout within " They won't believe me LORD, you see where I am in the natural LORD!" All I could think was I am in the hospital under anesthesia, on the operation table. (A strange thought I know)

Then I said "They are going to think this is some wild dream from the anesthesia."

Then suddenly I knew for myself that I have had dreams all of my life and I have never thought like this in them, knowing I am somewhere else while my body is sleeping on a operating room table but my spirit is awake. It was not even possible at this point to think it a dream, Jesus was real and I was with Him no one can ever tell me any different, not ever.

All I wanted was to remember this, I did not want to forget is what I kept telling myself. The thing is that people are so deeply asleep they never would remember a dream anyway ,but I was already telling myself ' If I remember this then it was not a dream."

I also sensed that the LORD was doing a healing on my short term memory because of the affects of chemotherapy and instilling within me knowledge of the things to come and the signs before the coming of the day of the LORD.

I then saw a vision of a dog shaking water off after a bath and the LORD said "This is how the medication is going to leaving your system." He assured me that I would be going home promptly without getting sick or being lethargic. I always get sick after an operation from the anesthesia and it takes some time for me to awaken. This was not my first surgery I had had many by that time.

As I was standing with the LORD I said "They will not believe me!' He said "It does not matter what man thinks or whether they believe you just tell them what I tell you!"

Then I thought "They are going to mock me." And He said "They mocked me first!" And then I was made to understand what He went through to bring us the gift of salvation. I instantly knew, I knew who I was to Him and what I had to do for Him (It is no longer I who live but Christ in me) Then I cried out in my spirit "I can do nothing without you LORD!" I was sobbing in the spirit "I want none of it to be me ,take what needs to be removed,LORD show me how to serve you,I do not want to boast of myself!"

Suddenly something happened and again I felt another deep filling (I can not explain) I felt boldness then He said "You shall boast of me!" There was more personal things that had happened but I tell you what I tell you so you will understand I was a baby Christian when all this happened, and I had no idea how to talk to people about Jesus let alone tell them I saw Him.

I now was listening to the LORD in fear and trembling no longer questioning how I was going to do what He is going to be asking of me.

I felt I was at full attention at this point.

All I remember was Him showing me that we must be prepared, our spirits must be prepared for His return and we must help to prepare others. We must get our spiritual houses in order , putting on the full armor because a spiritual battle is heavy on the horizon, the demonic will rise up within people in these days ahead. And we must get ready and begin to move in the gifts that it is not playing church anymore , there is no "my ministry" "my church" "my worship team" 'My pastor" The LORD is to be our ALL AND ALL or He will begin to crush the idols in our hearts. He wants a holy people ,sanctified and in one accord doing the things that He commanded outside the walls of the Americanized church and denominations.

He is setting people aside to help prepare the way of the LORD. And we are to love one another and to pray that we endure. 

As I stood with Him I felt His pure love I never thought I could ever feel anything so beautiful there is nothing that compares. 

He is love all love, I was given understanding if what I saw ...His face that I saw was a different light then the rest of Him I could not see features just light, His face was spirit ,it was glory! His robe was a light that was spoken into existence ,created and alive, yes this is a wild concept but true to what I know to be truth. I could not take my eyes off of Him,His splendor and majesty. Then He gestured with His right hand moving His massive arm (He was huge as I said) as He moved His arm, He was moving the atmosphere, it looked something like when you move water with your arms when we swim.

Then to the right of me (Jesus was in front of me speaking and showing me things) I saw my friend Caroline ,she was in a different form then everything else I was seeing it was like I was seeing a hologram she appeared bigger as like on a movie screen I was seeing her from her torso up and her head was bowed, her hands were folded in prayer. I knew her whole being did not have to be seen this was about her image.

The LORD said "Do you see her?" I said "Yes that is my friend Caroline" (Caroline was in the waiting room with my husband) He said " She is praying for you right at this exact moment" He then said "Prayer is so important and many have been praying for you." I then felt their prayer's, He showed me that prayer's are felt in the spirit.

Then He said "Prayer's are praise to me!"

Then He said with seriousness,authority and compassion "Tell them how much I love them!" I love them! I love them,I love them!" each time He said "I love them" it seemed to grow louder and louder and His being grew stronger within me, I could sense a deep longing for people to know how much He loves them.

I nodded my head and said in the spirit "Yes,yes'yes!"

He said "Those that know me and hear my voice will know truth.Tell everyone the truth!" again I said "Yes,Yes.Yes"

Then I was made to look as far as my eyes could see to the right of me and upward something I can only describe as seeing light part and then the most brilliant blue appearing like the sky it was like nothing I have ever seen before, I saw what looked like clouds in the far distance but I was not sure that was exactly what they were so I began pressing in to see I do not believe I could understand the depth of it as I was neither in my body or out I suppose?

What I saw was like dancing,weaving ,floating, musical vibrations (only way I can describe) as like incense smoke drifting and swirling in the air. Music(worship and praise ) is alive in the heavenly realm and prayer's are alive as well everything that has been spoken and has breathe praises GOD and has life . It all belongs to Him. I saw something I can not comprehend in the natural, I sensed heavenly beings gathering, I did not get detail's as angel's are not to be worshiped and many people worship them instead when they hear of the angel's they marvel so I knew I was not to know what I saw because it was not about them but about Jesus and I said "That is so beautiful,what is that?" He replied "Those are the prayer's of my intercessor's" I saw the prayer's of the intercessors being taken to the throne room of Almighty GOD. And again I said "That is so beautiful!" Something so Holy was taking place and it was glorious! I will never forget.
He then said " Tell the body, tell the church, tell all of my children to worship me in spirit and in truth! With such authority He then said "Tell my children to intercede in spirit and in truth!"

He then impressed upon me that the bible is the only word of GOD that there is no other book that can teach you about Him. He said He would give me what I needed to tell the people about all I saw and heard and that I needed to talk to His children and tell them that many of them are learning man's ways which is wrong teachings through many false teacher's and prophets.

Words were not spoken but an impression to listen for His voice only, for another has come and is upon the earth now and is deceiving many. Then it was time and I had to go back then I remembered what I had to go back for, my husband my family and all that I needed to share the message of Jesus with. And then with all His love for me I could feel,He said "Tell them I love them and I am coming soon!"( That was in 2006 and I tell you that today I know He is coming QUICKLY) Then I awoke suddenly and began shouting in the operating room "I saw Jesus! I saw Jesus, I saw Jesus!!!" To the astonishment of both doctor's and nurses I awoke completely sober minded and with no ill affects from the anesthesia or any pain. All I wanted to do was shout from the roof tops. My husband came into the recovery room and all I could say was "I saw Jesus!" then after few minutes I asked my husband to get my friend so that she can write down everything I have heard from the LORD. I was crying so hard from the experience and also because I had to leave my LORD. Within the next 30 minutes they put me in a wheel chair and I was sent home...I wanted to leave mostly because I had an urgent need to speak to my friend to write down everything because I was so afraid I might forget. I did not forget ...but what I realized was I was made to want to talk to her so she would know that the LORD saw her praying for me and she is so very special to Him and to tell her what her prayers looked like going up to the throne room of heaven(They were beautiful) . Oh if only everyone could see such beauty. What is written above is a true account and was written by Elizabeth Nebenfuhr about her own experience.


You near the final stage of this journey into intimacy with your Father. Many ask, how much longer until our union. Hear Me this day. Your mikvah is coming to an end, and I am doing the final work in you, My emptied vessels, so My glory can pour forth in you and through  you. I have stripped you and I have tested you by fire. You are in the final molding that is specifically tailored for your individual purpose in Me. Anticipate My holy fire to completely infuse you, for as I have promised, so will I do this that I have spoken! The fear of the only Living God will be seen through My Bride, and I will perform many miracles, signs and wonders through you.

Then, I will come for you!!

Prepare to meet your Bridegroom for surely your spirits know the nearness of My return.


author unknown

Word Received by Jeffrey Stewart - 05/19/17  

The Father says:

“My Children must stop focusing on what they see and start focusing on what I say in My Word. I allow many situations to occur so that my children will learn to ignore what their eyes tell them so that they will focus on what I tell them in My Word. That is because I want My Children to operate as I operate. To Walk BY FAITH AND NOT BY SIGHT.
Men are dominated by the visible.
My Sons dominate the visible.
My Sons tells storms to cease and they cease. My Sons raise the dead.
As you say My Word, My Word begins to break the bondage of the visible off of your life. My Sons must minister as My Son Jesus ministered. He only did what He saw Me doing, and said what He heard Me saying.
My Son Jesus operated as if the physical world was invisible and the spiritual world was visible.
That is walking by faith and not by sight.
That is why My Son Jesus raised the dead, multiplied food, walked on the water, calmed the storm.
That is because the visible had no power over what He believed.
I want My Children to operate the same way. They will begin to do that as they fill their hearts and eyes with My Word by meditating on it by speaking it”

Dream by Pamela
I had a dream last night.  You know, it’s funny that I’ve never had dreams of the rapture before, but I’ve had many in the last seven or eight months.  Well, I’ll tell you about this one.  I was in a room and there were seats everywhere like a small theater.  I was in front of the room and looked back at the seats.  There weren’t many people in them.  I felt like the movie had been supposed to start earlier, but was delayed and so people had went out for snacks and weren’t back yet.  Someone told me to push the start button and I said, but not everyone is back yet, shouldn’t we wait for them so they don’t miss the beginning?  I was told no, we can’t wait any longer just to push the button so I did.  Then I wasn’t in the room anymore, not really sure where I was-in the sky possibly because I could see down into a bed where there were people sleeping and suddenly they were glowing and floating up through the sky.  Well, that’s all I can remember.  It was a very nice dream.

Rapture Dream by Garry

Hello all. I hope all is going well with everyone today. Last night (9/12/2011) I had a dream of the rapture that I must share. I didn't know the meaning of the dream until I prayed and asked God for its meaning this morning. While I was having the dream I kind of sensed what it meant but was not sure; God confirmed it to me this morning.

For those of you who don't know what the rapture is, this is an event that is prophesied throughout the Bible that has not happened and will happen shortly before the horrific events that are in the Book of Revelation commence and/or unfold.

This event (the rapture) has not yet happened, and in accordance with the signs to look for as told by Jesus in the gospels, this event will happen very soon, in fact in a quickness! It could happen in the next minute, the next year or the next couple of years, but time is almost up.

If you want proof of this event called the rapture happening, check out 1st Thessalonians 4:15-18 and 1st Corinthians 15:50-58. Now please allow me to share my dream of the rapture with you, and the interpretation that God gave me:

I dreamt that I was waiting for a bus at a bus stop. The bus seemed to be late and behind schedule and I kept wondering whether it would ever come, but I kept watching for it.

There were people waiting with me at the bus stop, some inside a building and a few outside. At first there weren't many people waiting with me, but as time went on, the number of people waiting on the bus increased and I began to wonder whether I would even be able to get on the bus and get a seat with so many people waiting.

After some time had passed, the bus finally pulled up at the bus stop. I wondered, with all the people waiting inside and outside, whether there would be a horde of people that would push me out of the way in order for them to be first. The number of people that began to get on the bus, were not the number of people that I thought would try and get on.

The people hurried yes to get on the bus, but, to my surprise, very few got on the bus, to my surprise, it was not very crowded at all.

I got my dollar out of my pocket, and took my seat, and began to sit down when I looked out of the back window of the bus, and crowds of people were attacking this man, and it appeared that the people became riotous, yelling, screaming, running around in the streets like mad men and what have you.

God also sent me a similar second part of this dream of the rapture that was just like the first, but I don't have to share all of that part of the dream with you as the second dream was basically similar to the first.

It had the same message, except it appeared that I got off the first bus, was looking to get back on, was afraid I would miss it, but the bus driver picked me up and I got on the bus in safety and without harm.

During the dream, I felt I knew what the dream meant but was not sure. After I awoke this morning I asked God for confirmation, and he told me that I was right in my assessment of what the dream meant; he even told me what it meant. This is the meaning of the dream:

The People waiting on the bus, are the world, at this moment. Some waiting on the bus are intently watching for it in earnest expectation of its arrival, while yes, others are waiting, but are so into the things of this world. They are not really watching or paying attention to when the bus might arrive so that they won't miss it.

The bus is symbolic of Jesus Christ. He (Jesus) is on the way and some are watching for Him, looking to get on the bus and be whisked away. Others are waiting, but are either hoping that He won't come, or that he comes later, or are so preoccupied with the cares of this life, and are really not concerned about when he comes.

Those who are watching for the bus (Jesus) will be able to get on the bus and be whisked away to safety; those who miss the bus, regardless of whether they believe or not. They are not really watching for the bus, and will be left behind to fend for themselves in a much changed world, that will be filled with horror, terror, darkness, sadness, pain, sorrow and much anguish. Happiness will no longer abound in any way, shape or form.

The fact that the people were taking to the streets in hordes, bands, etc. after I got on the bus are indicative of the mentality and the way the world will be after the rapture occurs or happens.

Much war, terrorism, and hatred will abound, because the holy spirit, which was in every man and woman who believed in Jesus Christ before the rapture, will be gone from the Earth.

The holy spirit is what is restraining rampant evil and sin, much much worse than it is now, to abound freely and without any type of restraint whatsoever.

The majority of the world now does not put God or his Son Jesus first, but family, money, riches, fame, fortune, cars, houses, music, entertainment, sex, drugs, and whatever else we deem more important, or that we worship, are first in their lives and take the place of God.

Many do not care when Jesus will return; others know that he is soon to return but love the things of this life so much more than him that they are willing to take that risk. Others know, and even believe that he is returning, but feel that they will deal with the situation when he returns and/or when the rapture happens.

All of these types of thinking are foolish, to say the least, and many who think this way will admit with their own hearts and lips that they were fools to be left behind after the rapture occurs.

THINGS WILL BE MUCH, MUCH, MUCH, MUCH X 1 million trillion quadrillon times worse than what it now is!!!!!!!!! You say I am making all of this up? Then continue on making the things of this world first and get left behind; you will then see, feel, hear and taste evil of a degree that you will probably seek death and hell rather than experience it.

I am not saying all of this or informing you of my dream of the rapture or of all of this other, simply because I am a Bible thumping, God fearing, Christ loving lunatic (which I am and proud of it). I am WARNING ALL OF YOU because I love you, and I don't want ANY OF YOU to be here for what is to come.


God used to tell me that he was coming, or returning he is telling me that he will be here quickly, which means at any moment.

Seek Him (God/Christ) now when he can be found. When darkness comes (rampant and unprecedented evil, sin, wars, terrorist attacks, natural disasters, etc.), He (God/Jesus) will not be found, or, it will be very hard to pray or find him like you can now.

We are now being warned by God, allowing little previews and tastes of what is to come; but multiply what the world now experiences a quadrillion fold and that is what is just ahead for those left behind.

Seek and believe on him as Lord and Savior now while he can still be found. He loves all of us more than we could ever know or imagine.

Why doesn't he just come down now to make things right? We'd all still have something to say if he were on the Earth right now; we all would challenge him and even refute that he is who he is...WE WOULD STILL HAVE SOMETHING TO SAY ABOUT HIM MAKING THINGS RIGHT!

Remember, Jesus, who was God in the flesh, was here on Earth, and provided proof that he was God in the flesh, by miracles, prophecies, healings and other things which were tangible proof that he was from God, and was God, and we still crucified and killed him.

The Bible had predicted (which is the word of God) that he would sacrifice himself, and give his life for all of mankind from Adam until the last soul is born towards the end.

It's up to us to choose if we believe in him as Lord, God and Savior. He is not going to coerce us, force us, or mandate that we choose him as our Lord.

All of us want charge and command over our lives, our destinies, our future, even our souls, but let's face it, it always ends up in disaster without God. Take the current situation the world is now in with the economies and the finances; we've tried everything worldwide, and we're still in this mess, and it is getting worse.

Man does not have all of the answers, but God is love, peace, salvation, protection, safety and security, and if we would all trust him, or even acknowledge that he is God, he would keep us safe and no harm would come to us.



Alien Dream/Vision 
 I've been away from this site for a long while but I had a specific dream last night that I've been led to share here. But first of all, I hope all of you have been well. It's been a crazy walk and so many changes are happening to us in a level we don't see but can faintly feel. God is truly moving!

You may or may not remember but I had a vision 2 years ago about an "alien" attack. Two more alien visions came behind that the following weeks after that. Well long story short, since then God has shown me (as I'm sure he's shown all of you) many different scenarios of the coming end times. While it will be a very dark time, I must say I'm THRILLED at the work the bride and army of God will be doing in this earth during those times. The harvest is gonna be HUGE!!! Our Transformation has begun but is very subtle! It's a very intricate process that is leading to the big change, so hang in there! I'm sure some of you are sensing this though.

So last night I dreamed of another alien attack. My first 3 visions of this did not reveal what these beings looked like, however, last nights dream revealed that some or maybe all of them are in fact giants. One of them even held, and squeezed me in their hand. It dropped me and I was knocked unconscious. When I woke up the world was destroyed. Smoke and fire was everywhere and the sky colored red. I then began to notice images in different parts of the sky of a baby holding a trumpet. I was then given instructions from God on what I was to do, and the dream ended.

Not sure why I was led to share this dream here because I've had many more dramatic and detailed alien dreams than this one. But anyways, of course let me know your thoughts, questions and/or any possible interpretations and details I may have missed. Thanks!!

Side Note: Who knows a lot about the Lemurians? I had a dream 2 months ago where they attacked humanity and announced that they were coming to reclaim earth. Does this possibly tie into any end times themes?
Rize Above

Dream by Pamela

I just started watching this video and got chills.  This morning when I woke up two words popped into my head “gate open”.  I have no idea what that means.  But I had a dream last night where I was in a classroom that had chalkboards on every wall and I tried to write on one.  I had to reach up so high to reach it and thought (in the dream) how tall are these teachers?  They’d have to be 10 ft tall or more just to comfortably write on these.  Then I open this video to watch and he says he felt like he was going to school.  Blew me away!  If you can figure out what “gate open” means, let me know please. 

There were people in the hallway mopping and cleaning bathrooms too.  I thought it was the basement where we were located.  I woke up thinking angels would be tall enough to write on the blackboard.  LOL  I saw the word Jasmine written on the blackboard.  Not sure what that means either.

Well, here’s the confirmation, lol  Gate open.  It’s on midnight hour oil called Surely I tell you, today the windows of heaven are open. 

A Word Received by a sister in Christ regarding the transformation.

TRANSCRIPT:  My daughter, write My words for those with ears to hear: 

Time will seem to stand still, My children. You will be under My protection during the coming 3 days of Darkness. You will not feel pain during your transformation, but a tingling sensation as your flesh changes into a harmonic spiritual being, bright and glowing, the original state in which I created mankind before his fall to evil flesh in the Garden of Eden. Those of you who have prepared your things, food and provisions, etc., these will be utilized by those who do not know Me, but will come to know Me during the 40 days of chaos following.the rapture of My church. The rapture(s) will take place very closely together. First, the innocents, the children, and then, My bride. The children will include all who are childlike in their ability to understand things. I AM the I AM, and I will be reconciling My creation onto Myself. I want none to perish , so I will have chosen warriors who are marked for My protection, spreading my truth to those who need to hear it. Many are not part of My bride and will need to understand My gospel of mercy before being rescued.. Some will lose their lives knowing full well knowing they will be gaining eternity with their Father and creator. You others (I believe this means other worldlies) will do all they can to convince those left behind to be led to the New World government. The lie that they perpetuate will convince many that I AM a lie and the mass disappearance is explained away or can be explained away. This is where My warriors come in going to those they knew in their new glorified bodies and convincing them to go to the pre-appointed and protected Goshens for safekeeping. The goal of all that come to Me during this time frame will be the same, remaining safe so they can share My truth and, at the same time, warning others to stay away from the Mark of the Beast. My warrior angels and My saints will work together to lead many to safety and , in doing so, lead many souls home to Me. The events that will befall your earth will be indescribable in human terms. My children hear My voice, and though they will not be shown specifics, many can feel that these things are drawing near. They can feel it in their spirits. they sense the change in the spirit realm that will soon be impacting the earth. You will see and experience some of the things leading up to the 3 Days of Darkness..... earthquakes, title waves, flooding, sink holes, volcanic eruptions, human tragedy, disease, pestilence, all of the sum of cumulative darkness in this fallen world. The enemy will win many battles, but the war is already won. You, My children, receive peace in that knowledge. No matter what you see, no matter what occurs, call My name and Do Not fear.  Typed by Pamela LaSalle

2nd Dream about Goodwill Store by Paula Marie
I had another dream that I was in the Goodwill store. 

In this dream I was going to an interview for a job working at the Goodwill. I woke up and looked at the clock. I was already and hour late because I was supposed to be there at 8 a.m.

On the way to the store, I kept thinking about what I was going to tell the manager about why I was an hour late for the interview and if she would still give me the job.

But when I got to the store, the manager was no where to be found.

Again I believe this dream, like the other one has to do with an economic collapse because the Goodwill represents a place where people shop and look for work when they have very little money and are desperate for a job. The fact that the manager was no where to be found is also an indication to me that no jobs were available!

Word received from Debra Waldon Fry 6-3-17

Beloved. I AM calling forth My Warriors. I AM calling forth My Lion Warriors. My anointing upon you is the anointing of The Lion.

The righteous are as bold as a lion. The Lion of Judah. So do not weep, My Child, but roar! Let your faith roar louder than your fear and watch the enemy fall.

Though you feel as if you are hanging on by a thread, that thread is FAITH in Me! I AM the Originator of that faith. It is a GIFT, and it shall not break and YOU will not break, Dear One.

I will not let you fall. Though all of hell seems to be screaming around you, I have you by the hand. You are not alone, Little One. You have the anointing to roar.

Allow the Lion of Judah to roar through you. Step out of the doldrums and into My Glorious Presence. Out of Zion, comes your Deliverer. The Lion of Judah shall lay waste and expose every stronghold of Satan.

And My Lion Warriors shall roar with My Roar, and you will speak with My Voice, and you will cause the enemy to flee in terror! And you shall be like your Savior with FIRE in your eyes and a Sword in your hand.

Do not back down, My conquering one. You are ALIVE in Me. Your King has prevailed. The Lamb is a Lion!

Doldrums: a spell of listlessness or despondency : a state or period of inactivity, stagnation, or slump.

“And one of the elders saith unto me, Weep not: behold, the Lion of the tribe of Judah, the Root of David, hath prevailed to open the book, and to loose the seven seals thereof. And I beheld, and, lo, in the midst of the throne and of the four beasts, and in the midst of the elders, stood a Lamb as it had been slain, having seven horns and seven eyes, which are the seven Spirits of God sent forth into all the earth,” Revelation 5:5-6.

“The wicked flee when no man pursueth: but the righteous are bold as a lion,” Proverbs 28:1.

“A lion [which is] strongest among beasts, and turneth not away for any,” Proverbs 30:30.

“The young lions roar after their prey, and seek their meat from God,” Psalms 104:21

“They shall walk after the LORD: He shall roar like a lion: when He shall roar, then the children shall tremble from the west,” Hosea 11:10.

“And every one had four faces: the first face [was] the face of a cherub, and the second face [was] the face of a man, and the third the face of a lion, and the fourth the face of an eagle,” Ezekiel 10:14.

“Judah is a lion’s whelp; From the prey, my son, you have gone up He couches, he lies down as a lion, and as a lion, who dares rouse him up? The scepter shall not depart from Judah, nor the ruler’s staff from between his feet, until Shiloh comes, and to Him shall be the obedience of the peoples.” Genesis 49:9-10.

Civil War Dream by Nathan Leal
from watchmen's cry

In this dream, I was in Texas. I was again inside of a building looking out of a window. (I find it interesting that in many of my prophetic dreams, I am looking out of a window when God reveals the glimpse.)

I was looking east. I saw the Houston Astrodome appear before me.

Then, I looked a little to the north of the Astrodome, and I saw Joel Osteen’s Church.

It was empty. There were no people inside of it. The stage was empty.

As I was looking at these two things, I noticed that I had two or three people in the room with me also looking out of the window. I am not sure who they were.

As I continued to look at Joel Osteen’s church, I noticed that I had a pair of binoculars hanging around my neck. I picked them up and looked through them in the same direction.

But, when the binoculars came to my eyes, the scene changed. The Astrodome disappeared, the church disappeared.

Instead, a new view appeared before me. I saw a train that was in motion. It appeared right in front of me. It was coming towards me.

The binoculars made the train appear closer than it really was.

As I looked at the train, I asked the people in the room, “Hey, do you guys see the train coming?”

They said, “What are you talking about? We don’t see anything.”

I pointed in front of me and said, “It is right there!”

They said, “Nathan, we do not see a train.”

The train had two red engines that were pulling a very long load. I watched it as it began to move faster. As it gained speed, I became concerned because it did not seem to be traveling safely.

It seemed to be going 80 to 100 miles per hour!

I said, “You guys, do you see what’s happening?”

Then suddenly, as the train could no longer control its speed, it left the tracks. It began to derail.

Alongside the train was the regular highway. When the train derailed it bounced towards the highway and continued to move along the street. As it did, it scraped the pavement. The heavy steel of the train began to make violent sparks as it tore along the asphalt and concrete. There was a loud sound of screaming metal that punished my ears!

As I watched through the binoculars, I became overwhelmed with grief and sorrow.
I said to the people next to me, “You guys! This is a catastrophe! The train is crashing!”

I began to weep!

They said, “Nathan, we don’t see it. There is no train there. We don’t know what you’re talking about.”

I lowered the binoculars and looked out the window. Sure enough, when I lowered the binoculars, there was nothing there. But then, when I put the binoculars back to my eyes, the scene continued.

I suddenly realized that the binoculars in my hand were a prophetic tool from God that allowed the viewing of glimpses of things that had not yet happened! I understood!

I continued to look at the vision. The train with two red engines continued in its violent crash. The engine and all of the railcars began to jack knife along the highway.

Suddenly the street under the train began to buckle and slither up and down in a wavy motion.

I cried and wept even more because I feared for the victims of this tragedy!

In an instant and unexpectedly, behind the train, there was an explosion.

It was massive. I saw a mushroom cloud! Through the smoke and fire, I could see a city burning.

Since I was looking through prophetic binoculars, I am not sure if I was still looking at the general vicinity of Houston, Texas. I am not sure where it was. But, a city behind the train burned. There were buildings burning. There was a fireball. It was a terrible catastrophe. I was overwhelmed at the spectacle.

Then the dream was over.

Posted by Will Watchman

What most people don't know is that in the Daniel 9:25 prophesy was encrypted the time frame for the rapture. In this prophesy God gives Daniel the time frame of when the Messiah would return (rapture the bride) let us read; "Know therefore and understand, that from the going forth of the commandment to restore and to build Jerusalem unto the Messiah the Prince shall be seven weeks (7x7), and sixty-two weeks: the street shall be built again, and the wall, even in troublous ti...mes." While the combined total of 7+62=69 weeks was fulfilled at His first coming, it was also a dual prophesy pointing to the rapture. In the Daniel prophesies a day was symbolic for a year. Thus 49 days represented 49 years but in the Daniel 9:25 prophesy, not to the very day but within that year. When did Israel enact a decree to restore and build? While Israel had won the Six Day War June 5-10, 1967, a decree wasn't enacted until June 28, 1967. People overlook this crucial piece of information of the prophesy! Thus if we add 49 Gregorian years (17,885 days) from that decree we have the rapture window from June 15, 2016 and continues until June 15, 2017 . We have already exceeded the prophetic year count of 360 days per year. Enoch who represented the bride of Christ because he was the only one raptured before the flood was also born and raptured on the same day that would later become Pentecost. He was 365 years old which may have been a clue to use a 365 day per year count instead of the 360 day count required in other Daniel prophesies. What's interesting about Pentecost is that it counts the 49 days of the Omer before celebrating the 50th which is Pentecost! Also in Leviticus 25 God instructs the Israelites to also observe the 49th year of the jubilee before celebrating the 50th. We are now in the 49th year of Israels decree while also being in the 120th jubilee since creation! The Father had shown me that this understanding was correct. However that the rapture will not happen ON PentecostI Since Pentecost is already here I anticipate the rapture any day now! We are almost there! Maranatha.

Rapture/Transformation Dream by El laine
Paula I am so happy that I can share my dreams with someone especially when it concerns the Rapture/ transformation.

I had a very Vivid dream this morning about the transformation period when I woke up this morning I said okay another day still here. And a thought what I received was "not for long."

We all have been wondering when the transformation is going to take place. I still don't know what date but I believe if sometime this month. Now I will get into my dream and then I will add a footnote to it.

The dream was regarding me walking on this Earth trying to find people who were willing to accept Jesus as their personal savior. And by personal I met individuals who realized that Jesus had come to this earth to pay the price for their salvation. He had come to the Earth to reconcile people back to the Father and that was His mission. Currently now we ask people to do the sinner's prayer to make sure we get every aspect of their lives involved However it gotten to the point we as the bride just explained  the fact that Jesus died for your sins in order for you to be safe you must accept him and then it will be a transaction that when you accept Him and believe that He died for all your sins or impurities or on unfaithfulness whatever the case was, you believed that He paid the final price with His life, you were saved. It was not a long explanation when we help people to get them to believe. I remember in the dream that accepting Jesus as their personal savior was just as good as signing their name on the dotted line. Time was extremely short and the bible was explained in an ABC Manner and that was it.

I might add that in my dream I could see Souls being saved and Satan losing big big big time. He had no more power to persuade people to do evil or to reject God. The Lord was winning hands down every time you turned around Hallelujah.

I dreamed that I had gone on a mission overseas , and I was helping some other bridal members to bring in the flock. Then I disappeared from that particular City or country and popped back up in the United States. We had a certain amount of time available to us to do this big spiritual feat. We were able to recognize people who were particularly evil.  They were people used by demons to try to craftily persuade you by the evil methods to turn you against Christ. These people stood out like a sore thumb.

In my dream my I had decided that I wanted to taste some food so I believe that I was in my transformed body. I was talking with this man he was a family man but yet he was trying to deliver the word of God. I told him that I would like to eat some food although my body was not saying it was hungry I just wanted to taste some food. He felt that he could trick me by giving me a food coupon and told me to go where I could redeem the coupon. However I noticed after taking the coupon from him and thanking him, that the time to use the coupon had expired and it wasn't any good. That was how people were operating if they knew you were trying to help  people to get saved. They will interfere like throwing a monkey wrench in your processing. Once I found out that this person was initially evil or being ruled by demons I left and I popped up somewhere else to help someone else.

That basically was the dream. I could travel all over this world wherever I was needed and they all would be so I must have been in my translated body

Now this part of my email is just for you Paula. I know we have been trying to figure out when will be translated when the Rapture is going to happen and will always say soon. We always say it's close.  We also share things that point to that the Rapture is imminent. And we are correct it is however we're going to be transformed first. Now my time frame in my dream about the transformation is in the month of June 2017. There is a super nova Moon schedule June 24th of this year. We will be transformed before that date but not raptured because we have a lot of work to do as the bride. I don't know what physical events the Earth will be going through but the bride will be popping up in places like you wouldn't believe. It sounds like we'll be doing a Greater Works that Jesus said that we would do period we will be all over the place, and in my dream we had to get this work done before the Moon waned/ or got smaller again back to normal. The moon was our background backdrop, we had to work fast almost at Breakneck speed because as soon as we got one person to accept Christ we were off to another place, country, or  person.  So we really had our work cut out for us as the bride is concerned. We can spot people who were ruled by demons and devils. We didn't waste our time with them they had already sold their souls.  I can however tell you that Satan was losing big big big big big big big time. In our translated body we knew who to talk to and who to go to to complete the salvation. And they in turn would reach someone else like a ripple effect.

So by the time the moon return to its normal size the Rapture happened.  Yes you may post any or some of this dream or your personal note that I'm leaving you with. This is the month Paula

Because of the dream that I had I understand the following scripture that's in Isaiah 53;10

Yet it pleased the LORD to bruise him; he hath put him to grief: when thou shalt make his soul an offering for sin, he shall see his seed, he shall prolong his days, and the pleasure of the LORD shall prosper in his hand

Word Received...3 Days of Darkness
Behold I Come
Revelation 22:12 Behold, I come quickly; and my reward is with me, to give every man according as his work shall be.

It is I My daughter, the Lamb who was slain before the foundation of time, to atone for the sins of the world. It is I the only Messiah, Son of God. I am He who is alive for I did rise on the third day.

I show you these things so that your preparations will be complete, so that you can continue to encourage others to never have fear. For those who walk with Me will have no fear for I will keep them from all the evils and the all of the dark things that must come.

What you are all sensing is the merging of Heaven and earth. You feel this within your spirits because it is I who dwells within you. Just as I have spoken about all of creation responding violently to the nearness of My coming, your very cells too,  cry out for the consummation of all things. You continue to experience the great tearing away of soul and spirit, the re-aligning of your very DNA to the likeness of My image

Author Unknown

Dreams and Visions of Flowers in Bloom by Paula Marie
I had asked the Lord several years ago about when the rapture would be and He replied one time when the flowers are in bloom. So as the years went by I thought about those words and what they could mean. Spring or summer is what seemed to be relevant but there is something new that I might have missed...and it could be that he was waiting until this day and time to reveal it to me.

After he told me about the flowers being in bloom, I had a series of visions and dreams about one kind of flower in particular and that flower was a daisy. In various dreams and visions I had seen daisies. Daisies in vases, in a field and even in a vision of the Marriage Supper of the Lamb. So now I came to realize that the flowers he was talking about being in bloom, might not have been just any flower...but one kind of flower in particular... the white daisy. 

This realization started happening last year. It was around Mother's Day and I saw these really pretty white daisies in a pot in Wal-Mart. So I bought them and brought them home. I put them outside in the pot and they did well until the rain came and they had too much water and wilted...and almost died. (In fact one of my visions was of daisies in a pot healthy and then wilting, several years before this happened). So I planted them in the ground. To my surprise, they came back to life re-sprouted and bloomed like crazy. In fact it was January before they died off again. 

Now these daisies have grown back up and just today it got its first bloom with buds all over it. The point is....these daisies are about to come into FULL BLOOM in a day or too, just in time for Pentecost! Is all this just a coincidence, or is it a confirmation from
God that we are about to go home! I guess we shall soon see!

Dream Interpretation of $25.00= 25 x 2 is 50 because 25 was said twice and 50 is Pentecost!

Dream of $25.00 by Paula Marie
I don't know what this dream I had last night could mean but I thought I'd put it out there in case anyone could know if it has to do with the rapture or not. Please message me ( if you have the meaning.

In this dream I was in the Good Will store filling my cart with items. I was thinking I hope I get a good deal on all this stuff. The store was about ready to close so the manager came up to me and said, I will let you have all the stuff in your cart for $25.00 dollars. I knew he said that to get me out of the store as it was closing but I was also glad that he gave me such a great deal. I asked him if I could put a few more items in my cart and he said I could. 

So I saw this musical keyboard on this table and I went to grab it but realized it was plugged in under the table so I had to crawl underneath to unplug it. 

When I went to check out, the cashier started ringing up the items one by one, but I told her the manager said I could have all this stuff for $25.00. And then that was the end of the dream!

You guys would not believe what happened to me yesterday. I have reasons to suspect that the rapture is on Pentecost.  So this morning I asked God...would he mind telling me if I am correct. So I told him, this is what were going to do. If I'm correct, please show me the numbers 333 today. I told him I will look for them but they have to be right next to each other.  So then I get in my car to go to town. I was driving and looking at my odometer.  My odometer is digital. The top number is the actual odometer that rounds to the whole miles. There is a bottom number that is the "trip meter" that actually shows the fraction of the mile.  So I'm driving down the road and I told the Lord....if you use my odometer to confirm with me, I said it can't be while I'm moving down the road, as that would not be enough confirmation to me. I said it has to be on it when I reach a destination AND park.  So I was going to dollar general.  When I reached the dollar general my trip meter said 7633.2.  As I pulled in and then parked it rolled over to 7633.3.  Huge coincidence right. To the fraction of a mile on the "trip meter!" Crazy coincidences!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Trump Dream by Paula Marie 
Before I went to bed I was talking with the Lord about why there had not yet been a strike on N.Korea. Now we have 3 Aircraft carriers over there and he continues to blow off missiles but still nothing. So I went to bed and I had this dream. 
In this dream I heard a voice speaking to me and it was the Lord. I was given visuals of bombs being launched in N.Korea and our aircraft carriers there and all we did was watch it happen. While I was view this a voice said "the reason nothing has happened yet is because Trump told China to do something about N.Korea or there would be WW3!. China said they would, but Trump gave them so many days to make it happen. After that date which is unknown to us, the US will strike, but Trump is giving China time to stop it all from happening. But with third aircraft carrier entering the region, we can see that the time he gave China is vastly approaching. I believe it will be the 1st week of June. Unless some sort of negotiation is reached and this would only delay it. 
China did all they could do, with little success. He had kim contact Trump for talks, but it was all to appease China, his heart wasn't really in it,  and because China failed, they will take N.Koreas side in this war as it is in their best interest to do so! We have little time left! After this time all hell breaks lose! Get your heart ready for Jesus today!

False Rapture/Alien Invasion Prophecies
Many people have been warned through dreams, visions and prophecy about a false rapture/alien invasion that will take place during the Great Tribulation. Linda Newkirk’s prophetic revelations that are posted further down the page are very frightening. I (mark) have posted some warnings from others in order to prepare you for the shocking revelations our Saviour has given to Linda concerning what will take place when the invasion happens.

I have had four prophetic dreams of the event myself. I saw the skies literally fill with UFO’s and lots of people boarding them. Our Saviour’s use of the word ‘erupt’ in Linda’s warning is very appropriate for what I saw in my dreams.

From Susan (last name withheld)

I have personally experienced what I believe John experienced in Rev. 4:1-2 on many occasions, with my spirit being with The LORD and how my flesh, as well as John’s did not leave earth.

Shortly thereafter, this is what I heard and what was seen during my vision.

All television stations, radio news reports and local churches were telephoning their parishioners, they were trumpeting locations throughout all major cities instructing the followers of Christ where to go to be ‘raptured up’ to be with The Lord”.

The TV showed the drama on every channel with people screaming, “It IS the Rapture, Praise God! Let us go to where God IS waiting for us so we will not be left behind in this unbearable tribulation! Quickly now, run! Not only from the media was this chant being heard, but it was in the air everywhere, near and far.

Thousands upon thousands who previously had not come out of their homes for many days, due to fear of being outside from the foreign military stationed everywhere, in a frenzy flocked to the appointed places where circular aircraft were positioned in the sky between the tallest buildings.

The military stood by unusually silent and still as they let the masses pass pressing onward to their predetermined destinations. It did not seem unusual to anyone to see such aircraft and people were not in the least frightened by them being there.

Mostly those confessing to be Christian and even those who did not confess to be a Christian believed it to be the army of The LORD our God, i.e. The Rapture.

I could see myself making my way quickly to one of the closest locations to warn people, but my screams of “NO! – Don’t Go! It Is NOT The LORD” were lost as people disappeared under the faint laser type light beamed down from the whirling circular crafts while the sounds of “Here I am Lord, Save me! permeated above all else.

My heart was heavy with an overwhelming sadness and my eyes streamed down tears as I grievously watched the great deception. As I looked up I could somehow hear the horrific screams of those that had been deceptively “beamed up”, but no one else appeared to hear them or their muffled cries of, “Forgive Me, Lord”, over the turmoil below.

During this vision the following Scripture came forth into my mind and is now seared forever upon my mind and heart.”Then if any man shall say unto you, Lo, here is Christ, or there; believe it not.

Matthew 24; For there shall arise false Christs, and false prophets and shall shew great signs and wonders; insomuch that, if it were possible, they shall deceive the very elect. Behold, I have told you before. Wherefore if they shall say unto you, Behold, he is in the desert; go not forth: behold, he is in the secret chambers; believe it not.”

(From Anonymous)

I was walking around an Off-Road Race. (I use to build race engines for teams and had to go to the races to oversee the engines). The trucks were on the track doing their “Parade Lap” as I walked up to the fence to watch the race (it was a night race).

Just then they stopped the trucks for introductions and to sing the national anthem. I looked up into the sky and saw three crafts with three lights on each craft moving up and down and side to side in unison. Please understand I have never ever seen a UFO or alien in real life. As I was watching people in the crowd began to look up and point. People began to rumble; you can just imagine what they were saying. This lasted a few minutes when all of a sudden enormous pyramid shape crafts appeared along with the original 3. The people around me began to panic. I began to shout “They are not our friends, they are not our friends!!!”. “Accept Jesus as your Lord and Savior”. I just kept shouting this over and over. The people were in such a panic they would not listen.

I turned over my shoulder and saw a blond woman standing there and I said “Accept the Lord as your Savior. These are not our friends”. She replied “I thought so”. She was one out of how many people that recognized that fact. Then all hell broke loose. I saw helicopters and planes attacking the crafts. It was on; it was WAR.

Then the dream ended. I’m still shaking.

My daughter almost 7, named Victoria, had a dream she was with the Lord this Sunday June 26th.

She saw millions of alien ships around earth, circular shaped. Victoria was told in the dream these aliens will lie to get people in their ships, she was made to understand by the Lord that in no way should these ships be entered. They the aliens are liars.

She was shown the weapons inside the ships and after humans entered the alien ships these weapons will be used to kill the humans. She was shown that many people around the world entered the alien ships and once inside the aliens ate the humans flesh raw and will even drink their blood.

Once people enter the ships they will find out to late that they just entered the butcher shop and will be on their menu. What ever lie is told by these aliens should be ignored, people should seek the Holy bible and Jesus while there is still time.

Blessings Raul.

“A False Rapture, An Alien Invasion,

The Skies the World Over Will Erupt With UFOs”

My Blessed Child, I am your Father Yahweh, yea Jehovah, Most High God. Listen carefully to My words to you this morning; for you come and you ask Me about an event in the skies the world over, which shall surely come to pass.

Hear Me in this, My Blessed Child, and write what I say, that My people may be the wiser. I say to you, oh My people, “All eyes upon Me. All eyes upon Me. All eyes upon Me!” For, any and all, who take their eyes off Me, for even a moment, in these most perilous of times, may very well be deceived and carried into the enemy’s camp.

Do you think to outsmart Satan? Do you not know that he has been the deceiver, even from the beginning? He is master of deception and very fine at it; and he has, at his disposal, great resources and great armies, which you, as a people, are ignorant of. And, his armies are far greater than you can imagine, even one third of the stars of heaven, who were cast down with him.

Yet, these are not all, but in his army are cleverly disguised robotic elements, and robotic humans, as well as great numbers of his own children, who are also human.

Then, he also has at his disposal billions of humans all over the world, who have fallen to his wicked and deceptive ways, who do his bidding and are not even aware that they do his bidding. They kill at command. They steal at command. They lie at command and all under cover of government and official business. His chain of command is very great and you, oh My people, are grossly ignorant of him and his vast armies and means to both deceive you, and to destroy you.

Yet, many of you think to fight these battles. For, even as some few of you know and understand, you fight not against flesh, when you fight Satan and his many non-human hordes, but you fight against powers and principalities of great darkness, who are not human, and were never human, but fell from the Upper Realms.

They aligned themselves with Satan/Lucifer to fight against the Light, for they wished to overtake the Light. They rebelled and fell, in pride and arrogance, and are thereby filled with every evil and perverted thing; and they wish to destroy all light on this planet and to consume it for themselves, that they might still rise up and overtake you, who bear My light. So, they war against those of you, who bear My light.

None of you ‘true ones’ escape their watchful eyes and as I have said to you, these vast armies have been cast down, but in My mercy and for the love of My Elect, I bound them in a secret place, until there would come the right time, the time of My own choosing, to release them. So, billions, many billions of them are bound up in this secret place, but at the time of My own choosing, I shall release them and they shall come forth, many, many billions of them; and they shall fill the skies the world over.

They shall come at a terrible time in the earth and at a time when many feel hopeless and in great despair, at a time when many think that they will escape such terrible times.

Through vast mind control techniques, they will gain control over the minds of many! The curious and the spiritually weak listen and many of them will obey the commands and they will willingly go and enter into these ships. And, many, who believe what is called the “early-out rapture” will believe that these ships are of Me; for their thinking is twisted and they will fall for the great mind control, which will come at them from many directions.

Many televangelists will be used, and preachers will be used, as mind controlled stooges at the hands of Satan and these very evil creatures; and these preachers, and even certain prophets, will trumpet the arrival of Jesus for His people.

Great lies, storms of lies, will beat down on the people; and such lies will seduce the weak, as great numbers, even millions upon millions of people the world over, will agree to enter into these ships.

Oh, the woes! Oh, the great woes! Oh the fright! Oh, the pain! Oh, the suffering! Oh, the sorrows! For, many of you will be killed straight away! You will be served up to these evil hordes as one great feast, and they will feast upon your flesh and upon your blood. For, they are not at all human, but you will see many, who are part bird and part reptile; and these are the Dragos. They will eat you alive, pecking and clawing at you and delighting in your fear as they gobble your flesh and drink your blood; for it is your life force that they wish to consume. It is your light, that they wish to devour.

But, some of you, who enter into these ships, which will fill the skies, will be saved for greater horrors. For, they will invade your bodies and will take over your bodies and will use your bodies to further deceive great numbers of people. For, their ways are not your ways. They were once of high standing in the Upper Realms, but they fell!

Nevertheless, they are not without certain supernatural powers. And, you will not understand their powers; but when you later see some that you have seen and known to go into these ships, appear again before your very eyes, you will delight to see once again your friends and family, only to be consumed and devoured alive, by the Drago, who has taken the body.

Therefore, when you see those, who go up into these ships, consider them gone and do not trust your eyes regarding them again. These Dragos will use these snatched bodies to take over many key positions in government, in armies, in important trades, and in important services.

Therefore, My warnings to you to come out of the world, will be more important than ever! For, in your day to day activities, you will encounter them, yet you will most certainly be deceived by them, that is, all but some very, very few of you.

And, this deception will be to your own undoing; for I warn you now that this is coming. This is going to happen, an alien invasion/false rapture; and this will be the reward for so many, who have loved a lie and who have spread the lie, that I would come for you before you have to suffer in the earth. Have I not told you that you would be tried in the fires and tested as gold and silver, yet many of you want the easy way and you will not hear the truths, but would rather believe the lies.

Now, the great liar is among you and he is not at all stupid. He is crafty, very crafty; and he watches you and analyzes you, when you have no clue that he is even in your midst. For, Satan, that old Dragon, has been cast down, even as My servant, Linda Newkirk, has written.

There came a war in Heaven in the late Winter and Spring of 2006, just as my servant, Linda Newkirk, has told you in the writings of Revelation Twelve, and Satan was cast down. Along with him were cast down many billions of Dragos, but I commanded Archangel Michael and others of My archangels to fight and to subdue them and to round them up and to hide them in a secret place.

For, it was not time for them to come forth and to take their place in Satan’s army in the earth. But, I tell you now, that there shall come a time, when I will set free these vast formation of Dragos and few of you will be the wiser.

Hear Me, oh you nations, who sleep and slumber. Satan is given his time in the earth and his kingdom is in place. By the day, you can see his great evils, and they escalate in the earth, yet so many of you prefer deception. You will not see the truths of what is, of what has been, and of what is to come.

The time of the great sifting is at hand and many souls will be sifted into the fires (of hell). Also, at this time, many will make the most terrible decision to take the mark of the beast; and these souls will be destroyed. Yes, indeed, a great sifting is at hand.

Beware, oh you, who sleep in the midst of such evil; for in your ignorance, you will be carried away. For, you will most certainly now either seek Me with your whole heart and you will walk in My statutes and keep My commandments, or you will be in the camp of Satan. For, it is either one, or the other.

Make your way straight, oh My people. Keep your eyes fixed on Me. Consider Me in all things, lest you be deceived and carried away and end up in the fires! For, ever since there was a nation, there have never been times as severe, as what you are now entering into.

Make copies of this message and distribute far and wide, that the blind may see and understand what is upon the whole world.

My Little One, My words, which you just heard in the spirit, when translated mean, “Stay away from the Dragon,” and I have allowed you to hear these words, even in My own language, a language that you do not know; for these words are for all nations, but especially for My people in China and the Orient.


And, with these words, I say unto you and unto all of My people, the light of My Kingdom is in the earth and it shines to every humble and obedient heart. Receive My light, oh My people and be filled; for this light is My pure love to you. And, when you see all of these things come to pass, then know that My finger tip is about to touch you, oh My Faithful Bride.

I am your Father Yahweh, yea Jehovah, Most High God.

Recently, when I went to McDonald's I saw on the menu that you could have an order of 6, 9 or 12 Chicken McNuggets.
I asked for a half dozen nuggets.
'We don't have half dozen nuggets,' said the
teenager at the counter.
'You don't?' I replied.
'We only have six, nine, or twelve,' was the reply.
'So I can't order a half dozen nuggets, but I can order six?'
'That's right.'
So I shook my head and ordered six McNuggets
(Unbelievable but sadly true...)
(Must have been the same one I asked for sweetener,
and she said they didn't have any, only Splenda and sugar.)

I was checking out at woolies with just a few items and the lady behind me put her things on the belt close to mine. I picked up one of those 'dividers' that they keep by the cash register and placed it between our things so they wouldn't get mixed.
After the girl had scanned all of my items, she picked up the
'divider', looking it all over for the bar code so she could scan it.
Not finding the bar code, she said to me, 'Do you know how much this is?'
I said to her 'I've changed my mind; I don't think I'll buy that today.'
She said 'OK,' and I paid her for the things and left.
She had no clue to what had just happened.

( But the lady behind me had a big smirk on her face as I left)

A woman at work was seen putting a credit card into her floppy drive and pulling it out very quickly.
When I inquired as to what she was doing, she said she was shopping on the Internet and they kept asking for a credit card number, so she was using the ATM 'thingy.'

(Keep shuddering!!)

I recently saw a distraught young lady weeping beside her car. 'Do you need some help?' I asked. She replied, 'I knew I should have replaced the battery to this remote door unlocker. Now I can't get into my car. Do you think they (pointing to a distant convenience store) would have a battery to fit this?'
'Hmmm, I don't know. Do you have an alarm, too?' I asked.
'No, just this remote thingy,' she answered,
handing it and the car keys to me. As I
took the key and manually unlocked the door, I
replied, 'Why don't you drive over there and
check about the batteries. It's a long walk....'

PLEASE just lay down before you hurt yourself !!!

Several years ago, we had an apprentice who was none too swift. One day she was typing and turned to a secretary and said, 'I'm almost out of typing paper. What do I do?' 'Just use paper from the photocopier', the secretary told her. With that, the young girl took her last remaining blank piece of paper, put it on the photocopier and proceeded to make five 'blank' copies.

Brunette, by the way!!

A mother calls 000 very worried asking the dispatcher if she needs to take her kid to the emergency room, the kid had eaten ants. The dispatcher tells her to give the kid some Benadryl and he should be fine, the mother says, 'I just gave him some ant killer......'
Dispatcher: 'Rush him in to emergency right away'

Life is tough. It's even tougher if you're Stupid!!!!
Someone had to remind me, so I'm reminding you too.
Don't is all true...

Prophecy – Prophecy for Benjamin Netanyahu
Prophecy given to Raymond Aguilera on 24 March 2016 at 7:03 AM

The Lord showed me a stake being driven into the ground in the center of the old City of Jerusalem. Then the Lord gave me this Word.

I am what was, what is, what is going to be, the beginning and the end of all. The time has come to cleanup this little planet.

Reymundo, I want you to send this prophecy to Benjamin Netanyahu. I want him to select seven righteous and holy men. Then, I want them to blow their shofars, while walking around the Old Walled City of Jerusalem three complete times. Then have them walk through the Old City of Jerusalem blowing their shofars. I will direct them to the location where I want My New Temple placed.

We are approaching the end of the old world, and entering a New Jerusalem time. The Power and Might of Jehovah will lead you to the location of My Temple. The Hand of Jehovah will be there with My Warring Angels.

The time has come to clean up this little planet. I have told Israel this day was coming; this point in time has arrived. This is clear and to the point.  I’m going to open up the Heavens for the building and the completion of My New Temple. I will give you more instructions on another date. Benjamin Netanyahu – be strong, be brave, and do as I ask, for salvation is at your doorstep. So be it! So be it! So be it!

Two Dreams that may be coming to pass right now
by Paula Marie

I had these two dreams some time ago that may be coming to pass right now. The first dream was over 20 years ago but I never forgot it.

First Dream
In this dream I was on this beach in a tropical place in a bungalow. It felt like I was on vacation there. It was a beautiful place on the water with these bungalows connected with a wooden walkway in between. 

I was sitting in front of this mirror in this bungalow fixing my hair like people would do while being on a vacation. Then I heard heavy footsteps coming down the wooden walkway coming right toward the door to my bungalow. Then there was a knock. So I opened the door.

There in front of me was a man who was in the US military. He had on black boots, camouflage pants, a brown t-shirt and tags. I couldn't see his face. Then he handed me this metal bear like you would see on a key ring and it was all melted. End of dream.

Over the years I've been seeking the meaning of this dream, but didn't put all the pieces of it together until now. I google some pictures of the bungalows and found out that this place was in the Philippines. And I later came to realize that the US military man and the melted bear represents war with Russia, most likely taking place with the Philippines or involving the Philippines. 

Well yesterday I found out that ISIS had invaded a part of the Philippines and Russia is going to help them get ISIS out. I know that we will have to help too because Trump said we must drive out the terrorists. So we could be looking at the beginning of a war between the US and Russia in the Philippines. My dream indicates that we could strike Russia there for whatever reason that remains to be seen. 

Another dream I had several years ago involves Merkel.
In this dream I saw two bibles with names on them and the names were glowing. As I looked closer I could see that the names said Angela Merkel on one and Micheal on the other. So I google Angela's husband's name to see if it was Micheal and it wasn't. 

So then this interpretation came to me. Her name was on the Bible because she is going to fulfill some kind of prophecy that is written in the Bible and the other name Micheal on the other Bible is the angel Micheal who stood up and brought God's people home. So this event involving Merkel will play a big part in this happening with Micheal the angel and bringing about the end of the age.

Yesterday I heard that Merkel has invited Obama to hold speeches with her which go against President Trump and for the purpose of promoting peace. 

Wow....promoting peace with Obama? Something to think about. My dreams coming to pass now, means that we are leaving very, very soon! Get ready because time is short!

Dream of War Starting by Paula Marie
This morning I woke up around 7 am thinking to myself that I didn't want to get out of bed because it would be more of the same, nothing happening as usual. Then I fell asleep and had this dream...

I dreamed that I was as this motorbike race track up north with a bunch of kids. We traveled there so they could be in these races. It was a circular race track with lots of snow everywhere. In fact the track itself was made out of snow. 

In this dream I watched the kids go out to the track with their motorbikes and they were going round and round the track. Each time they would go to round the curve, they would fall and slide with their bikes. It started to get dark so they didn't see the danger that was coming. 

As they continued to race, I saw a polar bear lurking in the distance. I was watching this bear very closely. Then I noticed that each time a child would fall on his bike, the polar bear would come running so he could eat them before they could get back on the bike. But the kids were very quick and the bear couldn't catch them. 

By this time I was getting worried as the polar bear was getting closer, waiting by the curves now hoping to eat one of the children when the fell. 

I tried to warn them that there was a polar bear that was tying to eat them, but they would not listen, because they couldn't see that it was there. They didn't know that they were about to be eaten by this bear and so therefore continued to race. 

Inside my dream I was wondering what this dream meant. Then a voice said to me the meaning. It said the Polar bear represent Russia, the children on the motorbikes represent the United States. We are like children in a race, not knowing that the enemy is lurking on the sidelines. And the voice clearly said....WAR IS ABOUT TO BEGIN!

After that dream was over, while still half asleep, I heard the voice say loud and clear....Malonia is dead, war is about to start! I said Malonia? Isn't that Trump's wife? Then I woke up!

2nd Dream by Nathen Leal
from watchmen'

In this second dream, I was inside of a building looking out through a window. It appeared to be a motel room. I was somewhere in the Southwest of the United States. I am very, very sure that this is where I was; the South, Southwest.

As I was looking out of the motel room, I could see that about fifty to seventy-five feet away from my window was a highway. It had four lanes, two in one direction and two in the other.

As I continued observing, I saw that some kind of parade was happening along the street. But it was no ordinary parade!

It was a march with of tens of thousands of individuals. They filled all four lanes of traffic. They were walking shoulder to shoulder in the same direction. Some of them were carrying American flags. Some were dressed in camouflage; some were wearing military type headbands. They looked like citizen soldiers.

They were all carrying weapons. It was a declared march. They were marching off to war! They were Patriots!

They consisted of all age groups. Some were young, some were old. Some were Vietnam veterans. But, they were all very passionate, they were resolute in their thinking, and nothing was going to change their mind.

When I saw them marching, I left the motel room and I walked towards the edge of the street. I shouted towards them with the same fervency that I had in the first dream.
I screamed at the top of my lungs, “Please don’t do this!”

I knew the implication of what they were doing with their march. I knew that it meant that the American Civil War was going to start if they continued.

I had the intuition and the knowledge, that when this war started, many of them were going to die.

I tried to cry out to them to please turn back. Two of the men in the march heard me and looked at me. They left the parade and started walking towards me.

One said, “What’s your problem buddy?”

I said, ‘Please do not do this!’

He answered, “What are you some kind of Pinko - Liberal? If you hate America… leave!”

I retreated and went back to the motel room. I knew that I had to get out of there. I tried to figure out where I needed to go.

The dream was over.

War Dreams by Nathen Leal
from watchman'

I was standing in a downtown area of a city somewhere in the United States. I do not know what city it was, but the street had three lanes of traffic all moving in the same direction.

On each side of the street were buildings that were three to four stories tall. Suddenly from behind me, four or five armored artillery vehicles passed me. They stopped abruptly in front of one of the buildings that were on my left side. The vehicles appeared to be the MRAP type vehicles similar to the ones the Homeland Security has purchased.

As they arrived and came to a halt, the agents in the vehicles exited all at the same time. They were dressed in black tactical gear and were either SWAT or Homeland Security agents. I did not get an exact count, but I estimate that there were about 15 to 20 of them.

It appeared that they were going to serve a warrant on one of the buildings that was to my left.

In my heart, I knew that the people who were being served were a Patriot type of group.

When the SWAT officers got out of their vehicles, suddenly from the rooftops of the buildings on both sides of the street, men rose up – there were about ten to fifteen men on both sides. They were armed and they aimed their weapons down on the officers below.

They quickly fired on the SWAT / DHS officers that were standing on the street. Within seconds, they shot all of the officers in a hail of bullets! Their lifeless bodies ended up motionless on the ground!

As this was happening, I began to scream and plead that they stop, but it was too late! I had just witnessed an ambush on all the officers.

I was overwhelmed with sorrow, shock and disbelief because I understood the magnitude of what had just happened.

I began to scream, “What have you done? Why have you done this?”

I knew that this meant that everything from this point on was going to change for America. I knew that because of this ambush, the rules were going to change for everyone in the country.

I knew that this meant that new laws were going to be written that would suffocate freedom.

I knew that this was going to cause these patriots to be labeled something that, at one time, they were not, but now they had relabeled themselves. They had just become enemies of the State.

This was going to change America forever.

Then the dream was over.

Dreams by Joshua 

I had a dream today and I believe it was a confirmation for me from the Lord. I had prayed before bed and had asked for a vision or dream but I also said "I can understand if I am not meant to and that it is your will." But anyway I work at Wal-Mart as a night stocker and I dreamed that we were doing a widely publicized talk show in front of our garden center. There were so many people, thousands sitting and standing in front of the building and me, my cousin, and two other associates had on a Wal-Mart uniform of different colors. I had a yellow themed uniform and Wal-Mart vest, my cousin had red, someone had green, and I couldn't recall the last. The four of us however were something like celebrities and on a live talk show with a show host and we were talking to the crowd. I was the second to speak after the first associate on my right and the show host had to tell me it was my turn. I had no control of myself during the dream and I began telling the crowd how much I had loved to be on the "show" and that I was really sad that I was going to be "LEAVING" it but because my mother was in poor health I felt like it was for the best for her. I said that I would deeply miss working alongside my cousin and other two co-workers and I was sad that I would be leaving all the people as well. Each time I would pause speaking the crowd would shout and cheer at me so proudly and my mother was in the front row but she looked completely healthy, even better than she does now. I found myself thinking in the dream, "now why am I leaving if she is right there and looks perfectly fine?" I then saw two of the twin girls I went to school with walk and roll before me because one is in a wheel chair and the other isn't so she was pushing her sister along. All of a sudden we heard commotion inside the garden center like security yelling and I felt myself and my co-workers were in danger. Out of the corner of my eye I saw the crowd sort of meld into a wave of color and rush toward the left of the garden center and when I look the massive crowd had vanished before my eyes! I think even my cousin was gone but I saw my mother sitting there alone and she was sort of smiling at me. I'm pretty sure I forgot some things but that is what all I recalled. It got me so excited though and when I awoke I told my mom but she assumed it was a sign she would get sick again and go back to the hospital. I think it was a confirmation from the Lord that I'm leaving because I've been fearing that I won't get to go and pleading with him to let me.

(5/14/17) I have had yet another dream and this time it was of the rapture event! The Lord let me have this confirmation because I have been praying and asking for a dream from him and if I get to go. I've been worried about it for a while actually. I'll start by saying that my grandma lives across the street from my mother and I and my great grandmother who is vital to this dream lived up the road on a circle road. Okay well in the dream me, my mom, my grandma, and some of the rest of my family on my mom's side were at my grandma's. I realized I was running late for work and it was about 10:47pm and I had to have been there at 11. I still hadn't showered or anything so I went to tell my mom I was going to get ready. Well she told me to hurry or I'd be late so I ran and jumped in a red vehicle and just as I started it she said no that wasn't mine. I got out and went to get in mine but noticed my grandma and our next door neighbor talking on the road so I went over to see them. I noticed that suddenly a woman was standing around idly and when she looked at me I realized it was my great grandmother who had passed back in 2014. I got so excited because I knew she was gone before and I grabbed her in a hug and she and I were face to face and I was saying "Granny! Granny!! What are you doing here?! I-is it the time?! Is this the rapture?!" and she smiled the way she always did to me and said "I think it is." and she talked for a moment about how our family had been breaking apart and then I brought her back to my grandma's porch. Well she turned into a ball of light and I helped her start up into the sky by pushing/tossing her upwards. I then remembered the phrase "The dead in Christ shall rise first and then those who are alive and remain shall be caught up to him". I started repenting quickly then begging him "Oh Lord please take me, please take me, I repent, forgive me and please take me." and the next thing I knew I was lifted off the ground and it was so strange. I got so excited but I noticed some of my family were still on the ground. I told them that I guessed this was it that I had to leave and I locked gazes with my mom and told her "You have to promise me to never take the mark of the beast!" and she said "I promise." and I said it again and finished with "I love you! I love you all! Goodbye and I hope to see you all soon!" and she said "You will and I love you too!" and then I began floating around at least 10-15 feet off the ground while waiting to be called up completely and then I woke up. It was such a great dream and I am almost to tears while typing this. I didn't see my grandpa who died in 2013 who loved the Lord and followed him but I guess the Lord did this the way he did because my great grandma was the one I was closer to and because growing up she was the one mostly to put me on the bus in the morning because my mom had work and would leave me at her house at 5am. She looked like she hadn't aged a day from when I last remember her but she looked so peaceful and happy. God bless you all we are going home soon!

Possible Confirmation...We Are Leaving Soon!
submitted by Wendi

i feel we are so was uneventful except that i kept thinking about my great Aunt that died in 1989!

I dont usually think about her often,,,she was like a Grandma to me,but i really had her on my mind,wondering if maybe Im about to see her!

then i went to a thrift store and i picked up a card and it had flowers and had the Song of Solomon scripture about :

Song of Solomon 2:11-12King James Version (KJV)

11 For, lo, the winter is past, the rain is over and gone;
12 The flowers appear on the earth; the time of the singing of birds is come, and the voice of the turtle is heard in our land

Vision of China

I have had dreams of fighting the Chinese soldiers. In one dream when I was a teen, I was in a zodiac boat with other people in camoflage going down a river [in the U.S.?]. We saw a tin shack with a radio tower next to it. We went in the shack to look at the equipment. I saw a patrol boat with Chinese soldiers coming up the river. I quickly got some wire and hooked the wire to the door and the other end to a large battery in the shack and aimed my rifle at the door. As soon as heard a scream I shot trough the door and the recoil of the rifle woke me up. And I had another dream involving Chinese soldiers I was on a highway walking when I came across burned vehicles and other sorts of debris. I saw a Chinese soldier standing up above a crowd of people saying to surrender to us and you will have a better life. I came across a 50Cal. machine gun in one of the overturned trucks and I could only find 3 rounds and they were chained together. I loaded the gun and fired on the soldier and I woke up. These dreams were strange. I had these dreams before I knew about China and what a threat they [may be] to the U.S. I don't have dreams about killing ether except in these two dreams. And I don't fantasize about killing.

Conan C. Harris
I don’t have an account so couldn’t share this on the channel, but I just watched your video on Shavuot ending on 6/1.  I didn’t know that.  In fact, I didn’t know what Shavuot was.  So this caught my attention because the date my dream showed had no relevance to my knowledge of anything in particular.  Now I see that it does.  I have believed for several years now that we would be raptured out around Rosh Hashanah.   But your video and a dream I had on May 9th or 10th now has me curious.  At first I didn’t think the dream was a rapture dream because it was quite corny, unlike any of my other rapture dreams which have always been quite clear.  However, since I was 12 I have had dreams which have come true; however, they were in “code” so to speak and had to be deciphered so I never knew what the dream meant until it had already happened.  After this dream, I started going over it in my head and realized it might have been a rapture dream.  I told someone else about this dream, but the next day realized that I had forgotten a couple of things (the calendar)  that are also important so I will include them this time.  Please also be aware that although I liked Elvis’ music and watched his films when I was little, he never crosses my mind so I have no idea why he was in my dream.  I will highlight the key words in the dream that may be of significance.  Well, here’s my strange dream:

I was talking to Elvis (King of rock and roll) who told me that he would take me to see his father in 20 days and we would be going up the Canadian coastline.  He showed me a calendar and counted out the days for me which came to May 29th, the 30 and 31 days were blackened out and he showed me June 1st.  In the dream, I knew that if I didn’t have everything ready to go by then, it would be too late and I wouldn’t have another opportunity.  Someone teased me about marrying Elvis and I told them I was already married.

I believe if we don’t have everything done that we want to get completed before we leave, it will be too late to do it so we had better leave letters, Bibles and things to explain to people what happened so they won’t be deceived.  We need to get it done before it’s too late.   I wonder if my dream and your video are confirmation?  If not, we all may be getting different dates so it will confuse Satan and he won’t be ready to try preventing our ascension which would explain why we are all getting different dates in our dreams.

Guess I’ll see you when we get there, Sister!

Alert!  To all Rapture Watchers all over the world.   5/18/17.      
I am reposting a message that I feel the Lord Jesus is asking me to do the third time.  On the 19th of March, 2017 around 4 or so midnite I was shown a vision /dream.  I was shown several white envelopes floating in the air with the word "PENTECOST" on them...the vision interpretation was that since envelopes are used to communicate to one another He wanted people to know about this Message and to be watching for the Feast of Pentecost...I am not saying the rapture is going to happen on Pentecost but it was given to us as a timeline to be watching.There  are so many people receiving messages indicating that anywhere from Ascension to Pentecost looks very hopeful for those who are ready to fly..if people are looking for the Sept 23rd day that day is a sign of The Lord and His second coming 42 months later...because before  that date the Tribulation would have started and the rapture also.  Stay ready and stay focused on Him. Also please try and listen to some of the videos that are posted on my wall and others. Many are on Pentecost or around that time. Pentecost on our calendar is shown June 4/5 and other calendars the dates are the 31 st of May  to June 1/2017.  Ascension on the 25th and also the 23rd.  Only He knows the Day and hour...We are to be always Watchful every day for He is surely coming soon. Maranatha
Author Unknown

by James Bailey 5/7/17

I saw three short visions last week, which I believe were showing future movements in the equities markets.

In the first one on May 2, I saw a stream of falling brown dirt almost like a waterfall of dirt falling straight down. It caused a big brown cloud in the air around it, so the falling dirt was only visible near the top. After that it was hidden by the cloud. Since brown is often associated with equities in dreams, I believe it was related to equities.

In the second vision on May 3, I saw a man in the standing position and facing me. He already had two or three brown bricks stacked on his head and was in the process of adding another one. I interpreted it to mean equities are going higher. Above the head could be above the recent highs.

In the third vision on May 4, I saw an insect flying horizontally from right to left until it got directly over a glass of water. It then dropped straight down into the water and continued straight down over half-way to the bottom. It reminded me of the way birds dive into the sea. The glass was green, but transparent. There was nothing in this to identify which market, but I believe it refers to equities because the insect’s steep drop confirms the falling dirt. I am interpreting the green color of the glass as an invitation to a profitable trade since green means “go” and is also the color of cash.

I was not shown any dates, so the challenge is putting them in correct chronological order. I can only speculate about that, but my guess is the horizontal movement is first, then the steep drop, then the markets bounce back up and continue up to new all-time highs. That sequence would also fulfill the large V-shape, which I saw in November 2016. I currently have a short position. Obviously, the markets never move in a straight line, so we can expect some volatility along the way.

Rachel Baxter saw a fall in the markets coming this fall, which would mean the pattern for the next six months could be a steep drop followed by a bounce back up to new all-time highs, then an even bigger drop in the fall.

Meanwhile, spot silver prices have continued dropping steadily. I currently have no position in that market because I am waiting to see a recognizable pattern, either the N-shape, or a rounded top at $17.10, or if it drops down close to $14.00 I will take a position with USLV.

My interpretations could be wrong, so this information is provided only as a starting point for prayerful consideration. This is not a recommendation for investing.

Are We In The Midst of a Cyber False Flag Attack?
by Paula Marie

Yesterday this thought dawned on me which I believe is very important and it may be a warning that we need to take heed to. What if the powers that be....are manufacturing, or creating this world wide cyber attack for the purpose of bringing in the NWO and bringing down the USA? 

My Spirit confirms that this could very likely be the scenario and I had always thought that just before the Antichrist would be revealed, would rise to power, something would have to happen to bring about chaos on a world wide scale. This cyber attack right now IS HAPPENING on a world wide scale.

If you think about it, it makes perfect sense that that Antichrist, just before he arrives on the scene, would choose to disrupt our internet because the internet is where most of the Christian meet and socialize on social networks such as facebook and Youtube. Without the internet, we cannot get the news as fast or pray collectively about the things that are happening.

A Cyber attack would allow the Antichrist to disrupt our communications with each other. If the attacks on the internet continue to get worse as they are saying it will, it could eventually knock out our individual operating systems and cause massive internet blackouts across the world. Just as one area is fixed, another could be affected. But if it isn't meant to be fixed it won't be!

If you think those things are bad, it can get much worse. Internet blackouts can also affect our banking, communications by phone and our power grids. 

The US has said that these attacks came from a hacking group demanding ransom, but now new reports are surfacing that it actually came from North Korea. But I believe that it is our own government doing this as an attempt to overthrow the system. The Purpose for blaming North Korea would no doubt give the United States the permission it needs to start WW3!

Just last year there was an internet hack on some US hospitals and banks. At the time they blamed it on North Korea, but even then many people believed that it was our own government behind it. Who could believe that North Korea has the technology to do this? North Korea had denied any involvement.

And immediately after the news broke saying North Korea was behind these recent attacks, the US called for an emergency meeting at the UN regarding North Korea! This is usually done just before a strike!

Today the stock market is down because of all the chaos taking place! We are on the verge of something big happening and this something I'm sure has to do with the Antichrist. 

They have created an opportunity this very moment to make all of their evil plans come to pass! So take this warning very seriously! I do believe we are now witnessing the rise of the Antichrist. So get prepared as Jesus is coming soon! Ask Him to save you if you hadn't done so yet. Prepare your heart for His coming! Prepare in any other way that He tells you. Whether it be with food or water or extra cash. Soon we could be without communication, money or electricity! Then comes martial law! But before that is the rapture of the church, which must be any second now! I really hope all this blows over, but this could very well be the time! SO WHATEVER HAPPENS BE READY! 

Transformation Dream by El laine
I had a very positive dream about the transformation. I could see a being in the room with me at first I thought it might be Jesus beginning to appear but since that didn't happen I'm assuming that I was shown what would be happening to my body here in the process of transformation.The being was about my height and it was like glittering atoms and neutrons all mixed up pulsating and turning into another being. I saw a lot of pinks and Blues and Greens is this swirling mass. God was showing me that the rapture is close!

Dream by Paula Marie
I think this dream has something to do with the rapture and marriage supper of the lamb.
I dreamed I was in this cafeteria where people go that have nothing to eat like a soup kitchen. So I take it by this dream that I had no food to eat so went looking for food, I was in a desperate situation and I felt broken and I had my head down. I was expecting some soup and some crackers, but what they brought out was truly amazing! To my surprise, it wasn't soup at all but food, all kinds of food and lots of it.
They were bringing out more and more food like what you would see on a Thanksgiving table. There was meat, gravy, mashed potatoes, pies and food as far as the eye could see on this table and it kept coming. The women were even giving me food to take home with me. And they just kept giving me more and more. 
When I got home and opened my refrigerator, it was full of food and I had no where to put all that they were giving me!
I think this dreams represents the marriage supper of the lamb and our rewards in heaven! It is soon!

Thank you for posting your insightful videos! Blessings and prayers for the work you do.

How difficult to find good fellowship nowadays. We have been leaving spiritual groups even in the new age sophisticated version of Christianity, as a test to leave false masters before we notice the real cornerstone of our temples is closer than we think.

We would like to share and request prayer and support in our spiritual warfare. We have been praying to be cleansed and purified to wash our robes activating the armor of God, and have had numerous encounters in dream with demonic forces, that have vanished while we pray in the name of JC....But this time it was different and far more sophisticated demonic entity, and our prayers just managed to keep distance until it forced us indoors:

‘We were both in a ground floor garden flat we were renting. We were noticing in the garden, a huge bird or something malign approaching from the air above us. We believe it was a huge principality trying to attack us and we started to pray towards it with our hands facing it, invoking asking in the name of JC to leave. It was a huge animal or rather a living being, because it was metallic like the sumerian images of wings but was metal somehow and had life; with a cross between a human-bird like face but even the face was in metal or stone. As something was preventing it from approaching closer, may be due to our prayers, trying to harm in any way it could, it moved rapidly and then appeared in our backs as it didn’t know how to attack us. And from behind we were forced to turn around, facing it while continuing praying with our hands extended facing it –in spiritual battle mode.  Noticing our protection and unable to reach us any closer but still trying to find a way to harm, it created black clouds to bring a storm that forced us indoors and kept us there.

Once inside, the doors were not really closing properly…but we were safe and didn’t see anymore the huge animal/man-bird like face –robotic angel extending wings and all sorts of agile movements while flying and moving fast in all sorts of ways until its last resource was the storm which forced us inside.’

It was very scary and powerful to be Face2face with what I believe was a principality, even though in the dream we were very strong and firm doing what we had to do. Our battle is truly not against flesh and blood…We understand why all the problems in all fronts have somehow isolated us, and represent the storm that is preventing us from leaving the cave to reach out.’

We have been facing the most horrible experience with our neighbours, partying 3-4 times a week until 3am, and addressing the issues has developed into bullying and harassment, a sort of persecution for addressing the children of the snake who are very active trying to implement hell on earth… an now even laws make us Christians outlaws. How incredible. But how importance to see the training they provide to wash our robes and notice it isa truly in adversity that we get closer to our lord of lords and king of kings!

We would appreciate your prayers & advice. The enemy is very active -But nothing is impossible for God.

May God continue blessing you and protecting you all always.

Very Best for now,

Sandra & Richard

Dream by Wendi
I had this dream and was shown a piece of paper real quick it had three items on it.Like they were round and looked like they had sticks on them(like a sucker)i dont know but below the words said three of these....

three of these what i dont know?I dont know what it means.3 days 3 weeks?

I was in a large elongated atrium-type room with high ceilings & clear glass windows. I was with other people who were sitting about, chatting, relaxing. Suddenly there was this hazy blue cloud that started rolling thru the room from the far end, & as it approached, we all got so excited! I was jumping around shouting, “It’s happening, it’s happening!!” Then the cloud engulfed us & we started lifting off the ground & floating up into the air!! We were actually hugging each other as we were floating up, & I could see that everyone had “changed” into a younger form of themselves. At one point, my best friend from high school said to me “Look at your hair!” & I shook my head down to see it. It was a golden blonde instead of the white blonde that it is now. I remember floating thru the ceiling rafters, but then suddenly we were in another room (so we didn’t go into the sky outside like I would have expected).

I can’t remember details about this new room except it was large with high ceilings, & there were comfortable chairs & lounging couches all around, pillows & blankets. Someone told us that we were allowed to explore the library & bring out books to read & study, but we weren’t to go anywhere else but the library. And I asked “Is this in heaven?” & I was told yes. So we all went off exploring, & there was a large long hallway, but I don’t remember details about it. I went into a small room that had aqua-colored walls (my favorite color!) & was skimming thru books on shelves & stacks to find something to read. I remember looking at a book on nutrition. Suddenly to my right I saw a basket of fruit, but I noticed 1 of the bananas was too ripe & the skin was discoloring, & another banana was missing the tip, like it had rotted off. I thought “How could there be rotten fruit in heaven?” so I prayed & commanded it to be restored, & right before my eyes, the missing tip reappeared & the blackened skin of the other banana became yellow & fresh again!! I was so excited I was moved to tears! I began showing others what happened too.

Then the scene changed & we were “shopping” for new clothing. I picked out a small white peasant-style top to try on (one of my favorite styles). The lady helping me pointed out that it was lined & had a built-in bra. She was “older” & I wondered about it because we had all changed to our younger selves. Also I saw that some of us still had glasses on, & I asked “shouldn’t our eyes be perfect vision?” & then “knew” it was a matter of faith, so I took my glasses off & my vision cleared on its own! I think there was a little more to the dream, but I don’t remember it now.

author unknown

Rapture Dream by Debby
Ben and I'd I moved to Hawaii  without telling anyone ...we shipped over a few light things like our fold up rockers and the lounge chairs that recline that or for inside or out  and cds dvds tabletsa and cell phones ...when we got there we were looking for a house the realtor said take the train to a part of town that he will not be going to so we went and met a lot of very nice fun loving people  that were very happy ..we did not find the house but we did not care we were having to much fun even the train was different it had decks on the outside with chairs I asked why the decks with chairs ..they all said silly it so we can have drinks outside I think Hawaii is paradise the people were in paradise having fun the train means things will be different in heaven and the realtor was a stiff shirt and was left behind 

An SQ Alert From
All the power outages have a common thread. That is the software the Gov is
forcing the utilities to use. ...SAP which is from Germany. I have worked
for Puget Sound Energy for almost a decade. Both snohomish county pud &
Seattle city light and many others use this software across the nation. Its
flawed.....hack into the software and the grids toast! Most utilities won't
admitt their being forced to go to this software per government mandate.
You wont hear this thru the media or from the utilities themselves. ....but
its true. My cousin works for So. Cal Edison, same story there! We have all
experienced outages with 1k to 3k people loosing power with no problem
found weekly? The grid has been probed for years off and on...been there
saw it & talked to the linemen. We all better prepare!

Hi i recently came across this channel spirit of blessings
And this is a response to your global auroras , im not sure what this is .
But sins it has anything to do with earthquake about the video. Here,s my short dream i had few days ago.
I live in Nebraska by the way. And we have no earthquakes here.
In my dream earth was not moving from side to side. Which in the past i experience a real earthquake before when i was in Alaska.
But this earthquake felt like up and down shaking trembling. It was scary and i remember everyone was shocked as no one expected an earthquake in such places.
I thought the house will break in half ones the ground shook.
And i heard a voice in my head like its been fulfilled one of the prophecy.  I felt urgent as Lord is coming extremely soon. Short but very vivid dream .God bless!
Ps: Peter

On Friday, April 28, I was seeking Yahushua for answers about prayer. A close friend contacted me, telling me his mother had died suddenly, and he didn't know if she was saved. As we all have done at some point in our lives, we question how effectual our prayers are, especially for those who don't know the Lord prior to their passing. Directly after receiving communion, Father gave me a vision and has led me to share it, as it brings great consolation to all who may question the power of prayer, especially the prayers of the righteous.


I was in Father's courtroom, standing in the back, watching how Father God sees an unsaved soul and determines his or her eternal destiny. I saw a man, a lost soul, standing directly in front of Father with his head hung very low and his eyes closed. I understood that he instinctively knew that he was guilty as charged and had no defense, as his life of sin was directly before him. Satan the adversary was on the left with many demons to testify of the man's guilt, and the saints who had gone before were on the right to present the testimony of all the prayers of the saints that have ever been recorded to intercede for the lost. Although the evidence from the enemy was more than sufficient to convict the man, the prayers of the saints outweighed anything the enemy could present. Father's love for His people is beyond measure and takes precedent over anything the enemy will ever be able to offer against us.

Yahushua was on the man's right side, a distance away observing. He did not speak, but waited to see if the man would invite Him into his heart, so that He could intercede as the man's advocate, covering the man with His robe of righteousness and His shed blood. Father then allowed me to understand that in His infinite mercy, and because the hearts of His chosen are One with Him, He would allow this man to chose at the last instant, His Son, Yahushua, although the man had not previously confessed Him as his Lord and Savior.

Vision ends.

Then Father speaks:

I wish My people to know daughter, tell them. There is no greater commandment than to love one another. As One heart in Me, you are charged to assist Me in saving souls, for I came to seek and save the lost. You are My priests and it is in your hands to walk in the fulness of all you were purposed for. There is no greater joy for My Father than to bring My lost sheep home. I have commanded you to pray for those who are hardened to Me. Pray for those in deception, and therefore despair. Pray for those the enemy steals, that their spiritual eyes and ears may be opened to the relationship I have for them. 

Come before Me in holiness and purity daily, confessing your sins and asking for forgiveness. Your temples, My vessels, must be free of willful sin for Me to answer your petitions. Intercede on behalf of all who walk in darkness, for I wish that not one would perish. Do not underestimate the power of your prayers when your hearts are in unity with Me. I have given you all power, authority and dominion over the enemy and you must exercise your authority. What you loose on earth is loosed in Heaven and what you bind here is bound also in My Kingdom. Boldly come before My Throne of grace and expect great things. Trust in the promises I have given you in My Word. Pray without ceasing. Fast and travail with great love and concern for the salvation of all who were created by Me. Plead My Blood constantly, for in this, the victory is already won. Proclaim verbally My truths and satan will flee. 

It is time for My church to walk in the fulness of the power and authority given to her by My life's sacrifice. So as you are seeing the manifestation of evil upon evil in the earth, allow this to be your war-cry, and passionately present your petitions to Me as each and every utterance, with My love in your heart and My glorification being the motive, has great value in My Kingdom.

I have spoken these words to you previously-- as the dark grows darker, My Bride rises higher.

Believe! Believe My power in and through you is a weapon of great destruction to the enemy's camp. Very soon you will see the importance of what I am speaking. 


John 13:34King James Version (KJV)

34 A new commandment I give unto you, That ye love one another; as I have loved you, that ye also love one another.

Luke 19:10

10 For the Son of man is come to seek and to save that which was lost.

1 Peter 2:5-9

5 Ye also, as lively stones, are built up a spiritual house, an holy priesthood, to offer up spiritual sacrifices, acceptable to God by Jesus Christ.
6 Wherefore also it is contained in the scripture, Behold, I lay in Sion a chief corner stone, elect, precious: and he that believeth on him shall not be confounded.
7 Unto you therefore which believe he is precious: but unto them which be disobedient, the stone which the builders disallowed, the same is made the head of the corner,
8 And a stone of stumbling, and a rock of offence, even to them which stumble at the word, being disobedient: whereunto also they were appointed.
9 But ye are a chosen generation, a royal priesthood, an holy nation, a peculiar people; that ye should shew forth the praises of him who hath called you out of darkness into his marvellous light;

Luke 15:3-7

3 And he spake this parable unto them, saying,
4 What man of you, having an hundred sheep, if he lose one of them, doth not leave the ninety and nine in the wilderness, and go after that which is lost, until he find it?
5 And when he hath found it, he layeth it on his shoulders, rejoicing.
6 And when he cometh home, he calleth together his friends and neighbours, saying unto them, Rejoice with me; for I have found my sheep which was lost.
7 I say unto you, that likewise joy shall be in heaven over one sinner that repenteth, more than over ninety and nine just persons, which need no repentance.

2 Corinthians 4:3-4

3 But if our gospel be hid, it is hid to them that are lost:
4 In whom the god of this world hath blinded the minds of them which believe not, lest the light of the glorious gospel of Christ, who is the image of God, should shine unto them.

Acts 26:18

18 To open their eyes, and to turn them from darkness to light, and from the power of Satan unto God, that they may receive forgiveness of sins, and inheritance among them which are sanctified by faith that is in me.

1 Timothy 2:1-6

1 I exhort therefore, that, first of all, supplications, prayers, intercessions, and giving of thanks, be made for all men;
2 For kings, and for all that are in authority; that we may lead a quiet and peaceable life in all godliness and honesty.
3 For this is good and acceptable in the sight of God our Saviour;
4 Who will have all men to be saved, and to come unto the knowledge of the truth.
5 For there is one God, and one mediator between God and men, the man Christ Jesus;
6 Who gave himself a ransom for all, to be testified in due time.

2 Peter 3:9

9 The Lord is not slack concerning his promise, as some men count slackness; but is longsuffering to us-ward, not willing that any should perish, but that all should come to repentance.

1 John 5:14

14 And this is the confidence that we have in him, that, if we ask any thing according to his will, he heareth us:

2 Timothy 2:25-26

25 In meekness instructing those that oppose themselves; if God peradventure will give them repentance to the acknowledging of the truth;
26 And that they may recover themselves out of the snare of the devil, who are taken captive by him at his will.

Luke 10:19

19 Behold, I give unto you power to tread on serpents and scorpions, and over all the power of the enemy: and nothing shall by any means hurt you.

Matthew 11:12

12 And from the days of John the Baptist until now the kingdom of heaven suffereth violence, and the violent take it by force.

Jude 23

23 And others save with fear, pulling them out of the fire; hating even the garment spotted by the flesh.

Hebrews 7:25

25 Wherefore he is able also to save them to the uttermost that come unto God by him, seeing he ever liveth to make intercession for them.

James 5:16b

The effectual fervent prayer of a righteous man availeth much.

Ephesians 6:18

18 Praying always with all prayer and supplication in the Spirit, and watching thereunto with all perseverance and supplication for all saints;

Psalm 66:18

18 If I regard iniquity in my heart, the Lord will not hear me:

Matthew 16:19

19 And I will give unto thee the keys of the kingdom of heaven: and whatsoever thou shalt bind on earth shall be bound in heaven: and whatsoever thou shalt loose on earth shall be loosed in heaven.

1 Thessalonians 5:17

17 Pray without ceasing.

Hebrews 4:16

16 Let us therefore come boldly unto the throne of grace, that we may obtain mercy, and find grace to help in time of need.

Joel 2:12-13

12 Therefore also now, saith the Lord, turn ye even to me with all your heart, and with fasting, and with weeping, and with mourning:
13 And rend your heart, and not your garments, and turn unto the Lord your God: for he is gracious and merciful, slow to anger, and of great kindness, and repenteth him of the evil.

James 4:7

7 Submit yourselves therefore to God. Resist the devil, and he will flee from you.

Proverbs 16:2

2 All the ways of a man are clean in his own eyes; but the Lord weigheth the spirits.

Psalm 86:12

12 I will praise thee, O Lord my God, with all my heart: and I will glorify thy name for evermore.

Hebrews 12:1

1 Wherefore seeing we also are compassed about with so great a cloud of witnesses, let us lay aside every weight, and the sin which doth so easily beset us, and let us run with patience the race that is set before us,

Author Unknown

Dream by Jessica
I was with my sister’s immediate family at a theme park. I believe it was Disney World. We were having fun when a theme park worker suddenly looked down at his watch announced the park would be closing soon. Like in 30 minutes at 8pm, which was weird; because there was plenty of sunlight (indicating it was in the summer months).

My family and I decided to make the best of it by getting in one last ride. I tried to give the last decision to my niece and nephew, but the ride they picked was closed. So, I decided to ride Big Thunder Mountain one last time. We hurried along, instead of using the streets to travel, we were using the underground tunnels in the Magic Kingdom as a shortcut.

While we were going down some stairs, President Trump appeared out of nowhere and followed us, only to tragically misstep. He tumbled down with a sickening crack and fell limp at the bottom of the staircase. Another theme park employee, this time a female, suddenly appeared and rushed to cradle the dying president. I remained at the scene and called for help on a phone. I first dialed 911 and then another number, I believe it was 611 for theme park emergency.

Then suddenly I wasn’t at Disney World anymore, but I was riding on a dark highway at dusk. Out of nowhere came a futuristic car shaped like a bullet. I felt an evil and ominous presence emanating from it. The car was going so fast that it began to overtake me. I could see the logo on its side as it passed. It was a picture of former President Obama flashing in blue and red like a siren. I ducked down hoping to avoid being seen. The car then picked up speed and flew down the road and out of sight.

Suddenly I was back in the tunnels of Disney World. It was late now. The park had closed and Trump was dead. No help had arrived to assist him. I then began to worry. I apologized to my sister and her family for involving them in this. They waved it off like it was okay, but I knew we were dead-men walking. We had seen the president die, and they would kill us too just to cover up the details.

We left the scene and walked down the tunnels. That’s when my family and I came across a workshop. The workers inside were preparing hairy orangutan bodysuits and putting them on. I admired the effort a particular seamstress was putting into her suit and complimented on it being so life-like. She then looked up at me and stated firmly, “That’s why you got to believe.”

I woke up after that.


There were 4 main crops in ancient Israel: barley, wheat, grapes and olives. Used for bread, wine and oil. The barley has already been harvested. These are the people resurrected on the feast of first fruits when Yeshua was resurrected. The next crop to be harvested are the wheat. This will take place on Shavuot. You can read about the 144,000 in the book of revelation, as well as the grapes which are thrown into the wine press of Elohims wrath (they don't go to heaven). Remember what Yeshua said, that he won't drink wine again until he drinks it new. The olives are the last to be harvested and that takes place on feast of trumpets and day of atonement, these are the brides of Yeshua, gentile and Jew. I hope this helps, shalom. 
martyr the shaman 

By Ken Roman

Two End time Open Visions

In the summer of 1956-57 I was walking along the sidewalk of my house and all of a sudden the entire atmosphere to my right became a blinding brilliant white. I was in New Jersey about 12 miles from NYC which was to my right. The intensity of this light was so all encompassing that it totally filled the entire eastern sky. Today I can say it was at least from the George Washington Bridge to the Statue of Liberty. I was young then and really did not know what I was seeing but I kept it to myself. Only several years later when I was participating in a US Navy NBC warfare class did I realize a brilliant white sky is what results after a hydrogen bomb.

In 1983 I was in a church service being held on the ORU campus and then while standing during the worship I saw a city like any major US City but it was such that there were no cars or any vehicles and there was no activity on the street or in the buildings that were there at all. What I saw was a line of people along the curb and they were missing legs, arms, eyes, feet, hands, and more. The next thing I saw was someone going down the line and praying for them and instantly there were now legs, arms, eyes, feet, hands, and other body deformities that were no more. What amazed me was the speed of this. I could not detect anything but a touch by the person and it was literally like Bing, Bing, Bing, that quickly! Then as the vision ended the Word of the Lord came to me and He said : "The Church started in the street and will end in the street"

To God Be the Glory.

Brother Ken Roman

Dream: WEST COAST INVASION - HEARTBREAK & SEPARATION (received September 27th, 1990 Thursday, having just moved from Tulsa, Oklahoma to Novato, California)
by Tom Heward

dream: I saw George Bush and he was standing in front of a white tent. I can't say he was doing anything.

In the next scene I was called up to this high-rise mansion or called up to this complex area and I was told that my mother had died. I was issued a rifle and I had to search around for ammunition. I was only given a limited amount of ammunition and I was given a rifle. Then it was impressed upon me that I needed to go out and defend the coast. I went out along the California Coast and there were enemy soldiers coming in "IN THE HORDES" to take over the country. On this same beach I saw a young boy in the distance who appeared to be my son and who was running frantically toward me thinking I was his dad. As we got closer together and could clearly recognize one another I realized that he was not my son and he saw that I was not his father. We were both grieved and heartbroken, in this instance, because we, like others, had experienced separation from our families and loved ones.

In the next scene there were very long trains with open box cars having blue rubberized vinyl covers. Inside one of these boxcars, with the blue rubberized vinyl covers, were my wife and two children. They were real cold, and they were being transported to some location like Siberia where they were to be given a place to live. The place where they were to live looked much like the large apartment complexes built all over Germany after World War II. They really weren't that bad, but it was not an individual home like you would find in the United States, rather, it was more like the living quarters found in a European Country.

In this dream, my wife, who in reality is quite slim, was very heavy set with freckles on her face and a scarf on her head. She looked very much like a Russian Woman. My wife actually appeared more than heavy set, she actually appeared to be pregnant.

Once again, at the end of the dream, there was much separation of families between the fathers and mothers and the children with much heartbreak and grief.

I just wanted to share a rapture dream that I had with you on January 31 of this year. I didn't feel lead to share it with anyone as I felt it was meant to be a personal encouragement. That was until this past Sunday morning. It's kind of long.

First the dream:

I was at work and there was a severe storm warning so we all had to go to the lowest part of our parking structure three floors below our building. Most people weren't worried at all and used the situation to party. They even had a bunch of beer in the back of truck as a makeshift tailgate party.

I wandered around a bit but eventually sat down next to the tailgaters. I looked up at what should have been the ceiling of solid concrete as it is in real life but instead there was a skylight and I could see the storm.

It was green, grey and yellow but the shape of the storm was like a fat round ball with a slight pointed bottom. I knew it was a really bad storm and if it touched the ground it would destroy everything in its path. But it just passed over us and we had to go back to work.

I was walking up the ramp to go upstairs and a security guard stopped us and said the storm turned around and was coming back and this time they felt it would land.

Everyone was happy to go back to the party. I just sat back down very sad. I looked up again to see if I could get a glimpse of the ball storm again but instead there was a super bright light and I was surprised at first and then started yelling, "glory! Glory!" The source of the light stayed above the building but it extended down and surrounded my body almost like a sausage casing. (I know but that's the best description I can come up with). It started to lift me and I was so happy but then of course I woke up.

So Sunday morning driving to work feeling a bit discouraged and down, I was revisiting the dream like I do when I need a bit of encouragement. I was recalling it as if I were telling it to another person.

When I got to the part where I was saying at first the storm "passed over" us but on the second "pass over" it was going to hit and I was removed.

The words "second pass over" screamed out and in my head I heard, "huh? huh? ...see what I did there?"

I am NOT saying anything is going to happen but it was too cool not to share.

YSIC, Launni.

God bless.

Dream by Wendi
My daughter Ally had a rapture dream last night!
this was special because she is the type that wont talk about the rapture as i guess it scares her,so i was in bad mood because my son was acting really crazy...and we went for a drive;
She said "mom, i don"t usually talk bout these things but this might make you happy"
She said last night she dreamt we were someplace like a park and this random guy comes up and exclaims to us "Hes coming"then she said there was a brilliant white light and she awoke and said she was still seeing this glorious light!

An SQ Alert from


Here in NC. a plant that makes bio suits and hoods, gas masks, etc.
are NOW as of Fri. the 28th has 60,000 bio- hoods to make A month, and this
is just the hoods for the suits, that I know of. This small plant is
working over time for this ,and other parts of bio safety parts for this
warfare. This is shaking up som people there who knows a little about
this warfare when it comes to hoods suits, masks etc. This was told to me
by one of the workers. I do not know if this is of any importance but it
sure shaking this person up, that has been there for MANY years.

Dream by Paula Marie
I had this strange dream last night that I believe is significant in some way. In the dream I was at this Roman Coliesum. It was like an arena where the gladiators did battles back in the Roman days, only this was more modern similar to what a baseball stadium would look like today. 

In the dream I was inside this arena, but I was in a hallway that was outside the area but it was an enclosed space that went around the area and faced out toward the exits. I noticed the hallway was set up like a school as there were lockers all along the walls. 

A lady spoke to me and this other person, I don't know who it was. She said you have to fight the battle in the arena. You will find your weapons in your locker.
I asked her which locker it was and she said its located in section 100 in locker 22, then I woke up. 

Dream by El laine
Well I'm reporting a dream that I had last night. I think that will be seeing some form of the Nephilim before we leave out of here or get transformed.

I don't know if you're a science-fiction fan or not but I am but I don't get into the real scary satanic movies period but I happen to like the movie Fantastic Four. In this particular series 
there was a guy sent to destroy the Earth. His body must have been made out some sort of metal and he used a surfboard to travel on and it was some sort of a magnetic board that was stuck to his feet.

In my dream I saw a man similar but he was much much taller about 30 feet tall, so you can imagine that a man around 6 feet would come up to his knees no higher. Anyways this big giant could run through a crowd of people without causing any harm and in my dream he was running or maybe he was trotting. He was trying to get somewhere fast! 

I'm telling you this because we might see them before we leave out of here.



North Korea is a distraction. (Putin said this).

Hawaii is made a giant False Flag in a massive nuclear or sizeable attack dwarfing Pearl Harbor. (I thought this possibility several years ago and now media is pushing this possibility...seems a set up , mind programming to believe it when happens).

Russia, North Korea or China are blamed. (already blame has been flying and distraction locally of Canadian lumber and American cheese bull$%^& is perhaps mind distraction as the false flag is set up?)

All know they are not guilty so they all launch an attack on the East and West Coasts of the United States. (logical reaction knowing that first strike based on false flag justification to public will be coming quickly. Only possible cure is to react first and hard).

United States is decimated and destroyed and like Netanyahu said in 2001, ".... thrown into the wind to be carried away".... (all sides have been set up and the trigger pulled. The game is now at the stage of warfare in every land, between citizens and migrants, governments as they fall apart and all. Pike and Mazzini said this would occur in the third conflict).

America has been used to fulfill the next stage of the Globalist order and it has been summarily shut down. (Third world war to just as written in Pike and Mazzini letter with economic chaos, fighting and chaos and desperation... soon the solution is offered after billions dead).

2025 population of America 70-80 Million much from complete shut down of infrastructure, illness and all that goes with it. (America may not wage the greater part of the large war on their mainland. Left to slowly die with lack of infrastructure, clean water, medicine and people who do now know how to survive. Only the strong and useful are left, survivors and clever people, the herd is made smaller and the useless removed by survival of fittest).

World economy thrown into freewill aside from those nations who already worked to separate themselves from it.

Same ones who caused the horrible revolution , first World War, Second World War and Third..... are left or another group.... who wanted even their demise are left.... either way..... OR those who caused all these conflicts are summarily removed by the angry citizens in the cataclysm and some other group having set up the first group steps forward with the solution. The only way the infiltrative enemy could be beat was to bring them to a point they thought they had the upper hand, and they end up...... turned upon along with all the rest.... a chess move unexpected and impossible to escape).

WHAT IF that is the plan? WHAT IF that is exactly what they do? Whats the worth of guessing it if it plays out that way?

Guess I just made less friends if thats their idiotic plan.

“My Word is accurate and on time, says the LORD.
~ June Sheltrown Reinke

For there will be a performance of all that I say. I will do it exactly as I said I would, for I will dot every “I” cross every “T” and forget any punctuation mark.

I AM precise. I AM thorough. You do not have to perform what I have said I will do. You do not have to complicate it by trying to make it happen.

It is not up to you to force My Word to Work, for I will do it by Myself for the honor and glory of My own name, and I need no help. This way I will receive all the glory, and get the credit for it that I will not share with another, says the LORD.

Will I promise something that I cannot do? Will I speak life and then allow death? Will I authorize and activate you just to shut you up, sit you down and lock you out?

I will not, says the LORD. For how can I nullify My own commands? How can I become an enemy to My own will and plan? I will not sabotage My own work and Will and Word.

Why would I encourage you just to nullify it and ultimately discourage you by not performing what I promised? This is not how I work. I will bring to birth in you what I have caused you to conceive.

I will carry out all My plans. There will be no miscarriage, no still births, no aborting what I have said. For you will embrace the promises that I have declared and you will laugh, even as Sarah of old laughed when Isaac was born.

She did not laugh when she conceived. She did not laugh when she carried him. She did not laugh as she was giving birth; she laughed when she held him in her arms.

Even though you have wept through the long night and waited for the dawning of a new day, the mourning light will come, the tears dried and the joy will come as you embrace the promises that I have given you, says the LORD.”

By Glynda Lomax
Monday, April 24, 2017

War is at Hand

My people, hole up in your homes, for war is at hand and you should not be on the highways and byways when it strikes, for you will be very regretful if you are.

You cannot stop this from transpiring, only pray you for mercy for those not yet saved, for I will save many by your prayers, and I will show you mercy as well, if you will spend your time thus.

Your life as you know it is about to change forever, and it will never be put back the same way again. This must be, and you must endure, and watch for My soon return.

Draw near to those you love and speak your words of love now, for many shall be taken from you. Plagues are about to be released as well, and you will not see them coming (the plagues). I have suffered very long with this adulterous nation, and I have grown weary of your abominations in my sight. A stiff-necked people walks its streets with no intention of ever repenting.

I warn My own in My great mercy, but the wicked shall perish in their sins. Only those being interceded for by My children shall be saved.

Occupy until I come by doing the works you know are of Me. Tell others of Me at every chance. Be about My Father’s business and do not deny Me before men, no matter the cost.

You are coming home.

Matthew 24:6
6 And ye shall hear of wars and rumours of wars: see that ye be not troubled: for all these things must come to pass, but the end is not yet.

Matthew 24:13
13 But he that shall endure unto the end, the same shall be saved.

Luke 19:13
13 And he called his ten servants, and delivered them ten pounds, and said unto them, Occupy till I come.

Birthday Break..No updates today :)

Dumitru Duduman: China & Russia Will Attack America Prophecy

I prayed, then went to bed. I was still awake, when suddenly I heard a trumpet sound. A voice cried out to me, “Stand!”

In my vision, I was in America. I walked out of my home, and began to look for the one who had spoken to me. As I looked, I saw three men dressed alike. Two of the men carried weapons. One of the armed men came to me. “I woke you to show you what is to come.” He said. “Come with me.”

I didn’t know where I was being taken, but when we reached a certain place he said, “stop here!”

A pair of binoculars was handed to me, and I was told to look through them.

“Stand there, don’t move, and look,” he continued. “You will see what they are saying, and what they are preparing for America.”

As I was looking, I saw a great light. A dark cloud appeared over it. I saw the president of Russia, a short, chubby man, who said he was the president of China, and two others. The last two also said where they were from, but I did not understand. However, I gathered they were part of Russian controlled territory. The men stepped out of the cloud.

The Russian president began to speak to the Chinese one. “I will give you the land with all the people, but you must free Taiwan of the Americans. Do not fear, we will attack them from behind.”

A voice said to me, “Watch where the Russians penetrate America.”

I saw these words being written: Alaska; Minnesota; Florida.

Then, the man spoke again, “When America goes to war with China, the Russians will strike without warning.”

The other two presidents spoke, “We, too, will fight for you.” Each had a place already planned as a point of attack.

All of them shook hands and hugged. Then they all signed a contract. One of them said, “We’re sure that Korea and Cuba will be on our side, too. Without a doubt, together, we can destroy America.”

The president of Russia began to speak insistently, “Why let ourselves be led by the Americans?  Why not rule the world ourselves? They have to be kicked out of Europe, too! Then I could do as I please with Europe!”

The man standing beside me asked, “This is what you saw: they act as friends, and say they respect the treaties made together. But everything I’ve shown you is how it will REALLY happen. You must tell them what is being planned against American. Then, when it comes to pass, the people will remember the words the Lord has spoken.”

Who are you?” I asked.

“I am the protector of America. America’s sin has reached God. He will allow this destruction, for He can no longer stand such wickedness. God however, still has people that worship Him with a clean heart as they do His work. He has prepared a heavenly army to save these people.”

As I looked, a great army, well armed and dressed in white, appeared before me.

“Do you see that?” the man asked. “This army will go to battle to save My chosen ones. Then, the difference between the Godly and the ungodly will be evident.”


How Bill Clinton Can Save America 
by James Miller

One night, Bill Clinton was awakened by George Washington’s ghost in the White House.
Clinton saw him and asked, “George, what is the best thing I could do to help the country?”
“Set an honest and honorable example, just as I did,” advised George.
The next night, the ghost of Thomas Jefferson moved through the dark bedroom.
“Tom, what is the best thing I could do to help the country?” Clinton asked.
“Cut taxes and reduce the size of government,” advised Tom.
Clinton didn’t sleep well the next night, and saw another figure moving in the shadows.
It was Abraham Lincoln’s ghost.
“Abe, what is the best thing I could do to help the country?” Clinton asked.
“Go to the theater.”


A Joint Operation, code named Gotham Shield is scheduled for Apr. 24 25. The premise of this simulated crisis will
be the detonation of a 10,000-ton nuclear device in the air over New Jersey.

The electromagnetic pulse (EMP) caused by the detonation of this device will cause the disabling of most telephone, internet, and other electronic
devices in a 20 kilometer radius around the detonation site.

Operation Gotham Shield is a joint exercise with the Amateur Radio Emergency Service (ARES), Military Auxiliary Radio Service (MARS), Department of
Defense (Dod), Federal Emergency Management Agency (FEMA) and the Red Cross in NY NJ. MARS is headquartered at Fort Huachuca, Arizona, and assigned
to the Headquarters, United States Army Network

Vision of Heaven part 6 by Paula Marie
This morning the Lord gave me this vision of heaven. In this vision I saw a zoo just like what you would see on the earth. There were many outdoor exhibits with animals in them and their habitats, the only difference is there were no bars or glass to hold them in their enclosure, it was all open.  But yet the animals stayed in their enclosure. Children were running around and playing where ever they pleased. People were going in the animal habitats playing with the animals. I saw children petting bears and tigers. Children were swimming with the otters in the otter exhibit and swimming with the whales and dolphins. There was a walkway that went high above the zoo so you could see all the exhibits down below. It seemed to go for miles and miles. As I was looking down, I noticed the colors in the water and grass was like what you would see in a cartoon and there were flowers and rainbows around many of the exhibits. I also noticed animals that were never seen before on the earth with unique habits, but the whole thing felt serene and peaceful. The animals and the people had love flowing out of them, it was like an electricity flowing through the air. The water the animals were swimming in, was an aqua blue color, cool and clear. A slight cool breeze was blowing and I knew it was God telling me He loved me. End of Vision. 

Dream by El laine
I had a dream last night or this morning. It was pretty informative to a certain extent that a war between Syria and Russia and the United States would take place very quickly. 

Of course the war included nuclear weapons and Warheads and things of that nature. However what was surprising that the imposters or Nephilim were helping the people. It came as though they were bearing good gifts. It seemed to me that the good gifts were the rifd chip. They were telling the world, the data chip or implant would make the nuclear fallout non effective on human beings. So there was a race for everyone to go get the chip with no time lost. Of course it was a lie but it was effective for maybe a few months. And by then you would have breathed enough air that would have killed you in a day. I wanted to say that the imposters resemble beautiful angels with transparent clothing.

DREAMS OF THE RAPTURE by Jessica Robertson

In the last few days, I've had series of dreams on the rapture.
I was shown an image of the entire earth and centers of activity and conflict and the underlying understanding that the Islamic radicals were at the root of the major world conflicts. Missiles with white smoke streaked from east to west across the skies all over the world at once. People were going nuts and running everywhere and screaming,
confused and having nowhere to hide.

Then an announcement came from the sky that Jesus had come and it was time to get in line. I ran
around to find my cat and grabbed him and when I got outside there were
lines miles long of people waiting to be taken up. I ran past them
because I didn't wanna wait to see Jesus LOL and I was drawn up into
the sky and landed at a kind of pit stop where angels were doing
various things and talking to people before they got to see Him. One
angel who addressed me was a black lady with lots of braids and she asked me if I'd seen
His face yet (because that's what i always think about!) I told her I
hadn't. She had very dark skin and bright yellow eyes.

She led me to some sort of a vehicle and told me to climb into the cab. In
the driver's seat there was a man with light blue eyes who was really
nice and he told me to climb up next to him. For whatever reason it was
a tight fit and I got stuck! He was laughing at me and I was
laughing at myself and I turned and told someone who was behind me to shove
me into the small space...

...then I woke up. Of course.

The next night I had another series of dreams like these but they were more
on a personal vs global level. I got to see the human effect of being chosen or left behind. Bruce Marchiano was there (he's the man who played Jesus in the Gospel of Matthew movie who I got to meet recently). There was something
terribly troubling that he was dealing with and he sought help in
the people around him but no one could offer comfort or advice. I don't
remember what it was he was struggling with. He came to me and we
talked about it but he was so troubled by whatever it was, I felt
that I couldn't help enough. I recall being really concerned about him.
Through all of the chaos of the rapture then taking place, he and I
managed to stay close to one another and helped others who were lost
understand what was happening and what they needed to do.

I don't know why I'm having these dreams. Maybe it's just been on my
mind. But I can tell you that I have never had a succession of dreams
on the same subject before in my lifetime, much less 3-7 of them 2
nights in a row. I guess we'll see. All I know is that the sense of urgency I've felt since I was a child has gone into overdrive recently.

All of the signs are falling perfectly into place. Preachers all over the world are preaching the end. Those who are lost are acting out their absence from God. He's coming very soon. Are you ready?

An SQ Alert


Steve, I was just told by one of my bosses ( I work for a local security
guard company) that Mexico has just received an offer from North Korea. If
Mexico allows North Korea to utilize their ports and bays that after the
United States is defeated that the SW US will return to Mexico. Could this
be part of Henry Gruver's prophecy?

This apparrently came from a diplomat in Mexico that he knows of. I can't
verify this beyond this information. Not sure if you can with your

God Bless.

Thank you for putting out the info as things develop.

Massive Build Up in the Far East   

US Sends Two More Aircraft Carriers to Korea      


from by Bob

While it is becoming more and more widely accepted or believed that the rapture will occur on the Feast of Trumpets, there is another possibility to consider. I must state here that I also have believed that the rapture could occur on the Feast of Trumpets; but I cannot (now) rule out the possibility of the rapture taking place on the Feast of Pentecost. I hope to show you here that there is sufficient evidence for this to be considered a real possibility as well.

We must start by considering Enoch and the fact that he is considered by many theologians and biblical scholars to represent, typify, or be a reflection of the church. Here is an excerpt related to this association (Enoch and the church) -

Quote: "Most scholars and Bible prophecy teachers alike, label Enoch, the seventh man born from Adam through Seth's lineage, as history's first actual prophet. Enoch is a type of those who will be caught up or translated at the rapture of the church, an event we believe could happen at any moment. Many in the church scoff at this teaching just as those living in Enoch's day scoffed at him.When the Bridegroom opens the door - we as believers will be caught up as Enoch was so long ago! We call this translation the doctrine of the Rapture of the Church! Enoch walked with God and God took him. The writer of Hebrews tells us a bit more about Enoch saying he "pleased God," and was not found because God TRANSLATED him! There is not much detailed information in the Bible about Enoch's earthly life, but we can collect important parallels about his earthly presence and translation, and how it reveals a wonderful picture of the future translation of the church to heaven!"

With this in mind I offer the following facts -
Enoch was born on Pentecost (date on calendar).
Enoch was translated (raptured) to heaven on Pentecost (again - the date on the calendar).
The church was officially born on the day of Pentecost - with the empowerment of the Holy Ghost.

The relationship of these facts is not difficult to see and understand in that Enoch was born and raptured on Pentecost and the church was born and could be raptured on Pentecost. I believe this is certainly worth considering.

There is one more item to mention that may or may not tie the church to Enoch - The church as a whole goes (mainly) by the gregorian calendar (modern day calendar) of 365 days. So it's interesting to note that Enoch's life on earth was exactly 365 years!!

Genesis 5:23...And all the days of Enoch were three hundred sixty and five years:

Was this to point us to the relationship between Enoch and the modern day church? In all honesty I can't say; but as always - I don't believe in coincidence. Only time will tell for sure!

As always, I went back to the Bible to see if there was any more information that might support this possibility. Surprisingly enough there are several items that seem to support this theory as follows -

The first item has to do with the layout of the chapters of Revelation. I am currently studying Revelation more in depth and will be writing about my findings soon. For now, I will give you a brief overview of the first six chapters and how they seem to relate to this particular subject.

The first chapter of Revelation (to me) is an explanation and basically sets the stage for what is to come; just as the time before Christ's first coming was a time of instruction, setting the stage, and preparing Israel for what was to come (Christ's first coming).

The next two chapters (Revelation 2 and 3) are all about the seven churches - which represents the church age. What I would like for you to notice is that there are 2 chapters just as the church age is 2 thousand years - a definite relationship in numbering.

Chapter four in Revelation is a perfect description of the rapture. What I would bring to your attention here is that we have chapter 4, Pentecost is feast number 4 (in order), and it is 4 months from this feast to the month when the last three feasts begin on Tishri 1. Again we have a definite relationship in numbering.

To take this one step further we go to Revelation, chapter 5 and we have the Lamb of God (Jesus Christ) taking the book/scroll with seven seals from the hand of God in preparation for the breaking of the seals and the start of the tribulation. Now consider this - it is exactly 4 months and 5 days from Pentecost to the Day of Atonement. So we have chapter 4 and chapter 5 covering the rapture and bringing out the scroll, and we have4 months and 5 days from Pentecost to the Day of Atonement. Another direct relationship in numbering.

For those who may be wondering about the count going from Pentecost to Atonement and bypassing The Feast of Trumpets I offer the following brief explanation (to understand this more fully I recommend studying the sabbatical year cycles). This goes back to the biblical traditions concerning the Jubilee year. First it is important to know that the 6,000 years will end with a Jubilee year. The Jubilee year is a year of restoration, just as the tribulation period will be the beginning of the restoration of the nations and kingdoms of the earth to being the kingdoms and nations of Christ. That understood - I have found that while the Jubilee year technically begins on the Feast of Trumpets - Tishri 1 - it does not officially begin until the Day of Atonement - with the blowing of trumpets. One other thing to know is that in biblical times any property or items sold during the first 49 years of the cycle were written on a scroll and the scroll was sealed with seven seals (seven seals indicating its importance). The scrolls were opened in the Jubilee year with (again) the restoration (of land etc.) officially beginning on the Day of Atonement. I hope you can see how that this directly parallels the opening of the seven sealed scroll by Christ to begin the tribulation (restoration). This is why the direct parallel of the chapter numbers with the number of months and days may be important.

You may be wondering, well what about the Feast of Trumpets? If what I have outlined above is correct then the Feast of Trumpets will be the deliverance of Israel from the hands of Gog, Magog and the beginning of the redemption of Israel as described in Joel, chapter two. This chapter (Joel 2) clearly shows the blowing of the trumpets to announce that the day of the Lord is at hand, calls the people of Israel to repentance, describes the invasion and defeat of Gog, Magog by Christ, and is followed by the outpouring of His spirit upon all flesh. Again, this chapter begins with the blowing of trumpets, and then calls Israel to repentance - just as the 9 days of awe between the Feast of Trumpets and the Day of Atonement - and ends with the sun being darkened and the moon turned into blood before the great and terrible day of the Lord. Basically this chapter describes the tribulation period following the blowing of the trumpets. The very next chapter (Joel 3) describes the battle of Armageddon upon Christ's return.

If things do happen as I have described here then it would not surprise me if the peace covenant entered into between the Antichrist and Israel would occur on the Day of Atonement - thereby making it exactly seven years (one week) from the signing until the second coming of Christ on the Day of Atonement seven years later.

In case you are wondering about chapter six in Revelation, here is the way I look at it. First we must understand that all year numbers are inclusive. By that I mean that when we reach the year 6,000 it means that 6,000 years are completed. The best example that comes to mind is the fact that we don't call a child one year old until they have lived for one year. In other wards, the number of a year is actually a measure of the amount of time that has already passed. With this in mind, Chapter six of Revelation is the breaking of the seals on the scroll/book that begins the tribulation. I believe that the chapter number 6 relates directly to the end of the 6 thousand years and the start of the tribulation and the 7th millennium. I do not believe it is a coincidence that the first seal is broken in chapter six.

There is much more to be said about the chapter numbering and the layout of the chapters in Revelation; but the rest will have to wait until one of my next articles - "Revelation - by the Numbers".

Another item that I find interesting enough to consider about the feasts and the timing of the rapture is that the first three feasts were fulfilled by Christ at His first coming, the last three feasts will be fulfilled by Christ in events surrounding His second coming, and the one feast left (in the middle - Pentecost) is mainly associated with the church. We should further note that Pentecost is a celebration of the wheat harvest and consider the parable of separating the wheat from the chaff. Could Pentecost be the time of that separation - taking the wheat (the believers/church) away and leaving the chaff (sinners/unbelievers)? All I can say is that only time will tell.


Dream by Porcha
Hi, Paula. I had a dream this morning. I, my aunt(my mom's sister), my uncle, and other people were in a room. I, my aunt, and my uncle were discussing how we were going to make the rapture. We decided that we would drive a car at 70 miles per hour off of a high street ramp and into the sky. We thought that we would be raptured up with the car after we drove the car off of the high street ramp and into the sky. The scene changed. I, my aunt, and my uncle were in a car. I was in the back seat, my aunt was in the passenger's seat, and my uncle was in the driver's seat. My uncle was driving the car. We were on our way to the high street ramp. Suddenly, the car started to run out of gas. I think my uncle said, "We have to go to a gas station to get more gas". My aunt sat back in her seat and said, "Hurry up, husband" in a pushy tone of voice. My uncle began to drive to a gas station. After a little time had passed, my aunt said, "Hurry up, husband" in a pushy tone of voice again.(My aunt is a pushy person in real life, too). The scene switched. I, my aunt, my uncle, and other people were in another room. I think I, my aunt, and my uncle thought that we weren't going to make the rapture because our original plan to make the rapture didn't work out. I, my aunt, my uncle, and the other people saw a large sign across the room. The sign had the number 80 on it. There was a long, straight, horizontal line that was at the side and middle sections of the 80 on the sign as well. I, my aunt, my uncle, and the other people thought that if we touched the 80 or the line next to the 80 on the sign then we might still have a chance to make the rapture. The song "Beauty And The Beast" by Celine Dion and Peabo Bryson began to play. We all headed over to the sign. We climbed on top of this thing.(I think it was a couch). Some older people were lifting young kids onto the couch thing. We all went up to the sign. We touched the 80 or the line next to the 80 on the sign. Then the dream ended.

Dream by Jenny
I had both theses dreams maybe 2 years ago. The first dream I was with a group of people in a room. Just talking and hanging out. The next scene I was outside with a family. They were dressed in white. We were looking at a river that looked like the current was moving in both directions and it looked muddy and reddish in color. I asked what are we looking at. The woman said "we are waiting on the San Andreas". The next scene I was in an elevator and my husband(unsaved) was on the outside and the elevator doors closed on his shorts and his butt was exposed. Then I shot up very quickly by myself. I believe this dream means that we are waiting on The Lord and we have made our robes white. Before an earthquake, river currents do go both directions. I researched this after the dream. I believe the elevator was the rapture. My husband getting his pants pulled down indicates that we are not to be shamefully exposed without oil. Rev 16:15 My next dream was I was with my 2 boys and we were in our car going up a hill. My husband was looking at us going uphill. We had his cellphone. We went into a house. I went into the bathroom. I tried to lift toilet seat and it was like it didn't fit passed counter but got it up. As soon as I shut the door, I was violently shaken from side to side in the bathroom. This dream means we are going to a safe location. We won't be able to communicate because I had his cellphone. The bathroom was me cleansing myself to be with Jesus. Still not sure why the toilet lid didn't fit past counter. Maybe that things will be difficult during this time.

Sorry no updates today

Nuclear Bomb Dream/Vision by Porcha

Hello, Paula. Something happened when I was in a state between being asleep and awake in my bed this morning. I had a vision or a dream or a vision-dream. I really don't know what you're supposed to call it. Anyway, I'll tell you the parts that I remember and that I think have relevance.

The vision, dream, or vision-dream started with me being at my grandma's(my mom's mother's) house in California. I was sitting on the couch and watching tv in the living room. I suddenly heard a plane flying over the house. I got up and went to the front door. I opened the front door. It looked foggy and dusty outside. It looked like the aftermath of a nuclear bomb going off. I closed the door. I went to sit down in a chair next to the front door. My stomach and a few of the fingers on one of my hands began to hurt. I was doubled over in pain. My grandma(my mom's mother) came into the living room. I told her that my stomach and a few of my fingers were hurting. The scene changed. I was standing up in the living room of my grandma's(my mom's mother's) house. My stomach and a few of the fingers on one of my hands weren't hurting anymore. I was rehearsing for a play. I was singing the song "I'm Through With Love". This song was sung by Alfalfa in one of the black-and-white "Little Rascals" specials in real life. There was a rooster in the room with me. The rooster crowed during the song at exactly the same times the rooster did when Alfalfa sung the song. The scene changed again. I was in the living room of my grandma's(my mom's mother's) house. The plane that had been flying over her house flew down to a window. The plane then turned into a creature, like an octopus. It was windy outside so the legs of the creature were beating against the window. My grandma(my mom's mother) came into the living room to see what the noise was about. Suddenly, the legs of the creature crashed through the window. The wind was blowing in the house. My grandma and I went to another room, got in a closet, and closed the door. And that's where I'll stop with this vision, dream, or vision-dream.

High Rapture Watch Time by Ruben

1 Thessalonians 4: IF Chapter 4 represents the 4th month (APRIL), then ….

Assuming Chapter 4 represents the 4th month in the Gregorian Calendar (APRIL) and verses 13-17 represent the 13th-17th days of that month:

1 Thessalonians 4:13-17

The Coming of the Lord (RAPTURE)

DAY 13 But we do not want you to be uninformed, brothers, about those who are asleep, that you may not grieve as others do who have no hope. 

DAY 14 For since we believe that Jesus died and rose again, even so, through Jesus, God will bring with him those who have fallen asleep. 

DAY 15 For this we declare to you by a word from the Lord, that we who are alive, who are left until the coming of the Lord, will not precede those who have fallen asleep. 

DAY 16 For the Lord himself will descend from heaven with a cry of command, with the voice of an archangel, and with the sound of the trump of God. And the dead in Christ will rise first. 

DAY 17 Then we who are alive, who are left, will be caught up together with them in the clouds to meet the Lord in the air, and so we will always be with the Lord.


That promise will be fulfilled in one SINGLE day.. somewhere between TODAY and the last day of PASSOVER, April 18-19 ??? (just HOPING!!!)

No one KNOWS the DAY or the HOUR, BUT we (who are not "uninformed" and have not fallen asleep) should KNOW the .... SEASON?

"And what I say to you, I say to all: WATCH!" Mark 13:37


Hey Paula, Lauren again with what could possibly be the last and final time! The urgency is extremely strong right now. Not only because of the 59 or so cruise missiles that were sent to Syria over night but because of the visions I was given on Wednesday night and then again on Thursday night and last night my glorious dream of the Lord coming!  
Wednesday night while praying the Lord showed me a vision. It looked like I was under a pergola or an over hang of some kind and I was focusing on this column. It was a large white column that had twisting design all the way to the top of it and at the very top there were real grapes hanging there from a vine. Ripe grapes. I looked it up online to see if a twisted column even exists and lo and behold it sure does. This is what I found:"The Solomonic column, also called Barley-sugar column, is a helical column, characterized by a spiraling twisting shaft like a corkscrew." ( The wedding in the Song of Solomon took place in spring. And the barley is the first to be harvested and the easiest to be harvested!) 
Then last night (Thursday) whilst being nervous after hearing about the missiles that hit Syria, I tried to get some sleep and as soon as I closed my eyes, (not dreaming, but a vision) I saw what looked to be a foyer of a nice house and then in the middle of the foyer it looked like two strings on dna twisting around each other then formed the Solomonic Column again! The vision focused all the way up the column up into the next floor of the house which was a room that had presents sitting on the floor. Not going to say Easter presents but they were wrapped in spring colors! Okay now what I am most excited about! Okay I have been watching Steve Fletcher's videos about the Triumphal Entry that occurred on the Hebrew calendar Nisan 10/ April 7/8 and last night I had a wonderful, amazing dream. 
I was standing outside and I was near a road, it looked like I was watching a parade with floats. The next float that was coming and heading my way looked like a white gazebo/ wedding altar for the outdoors. As it was moving down the street and getting closer to me I realized standing inside the gazebo was Jesus! I got so excited and ran to Him. He got out and hugged me for a couple minutes (but wasn't long enough) lol and then He said "I'll be right back." I said okay but was devastated, I melted to the ground. But He did what He said, He came right back and picked me up off the ground! Sister, I don't know about you but I think He might even come today! I'm leaving the link to Steve Fletcher's video about Nisan 10/ Burden of Damascus. And a link to what the column looked like. Sister please post this to your blog, it feels urgent! 
Thanks Sis, can't wait to see you in the clouds!

An SQ Alert 



Once or twice a month I stock up on prepping supplies and noticed the

shelves in Walmart were rather empty. Additionally, there are fewer and

fewer "Great Value" - Walmart's generic brand - options on the shelf. 

So I asked one of the cashiers I frequent what was the reason. 

She said, and I am quoting as close as I can remember:

"something happened to our supply line around Christmas and we have not

been able to get anything since.."

I pushed her a little harder...

"You mean anything?" I asked?

She said:

"Just about". "We haven't been able to get our own products since and

don't get regular deliveries of other stuff like we used to..."

I asked why and what the management is telling them about it...

She said:

"They are not telling us anything... not a word"

Take that for what it means but given your recent cautions of late it gives

me pause. It used to be that there was always a "Walmart" semi in the

parking lot parked in proximity to the rv's and such. I can't remember the

last time I saw one. Not painted "Walmart" anyway.

I accept that this is a rural area but it is only about an hour from

Portland, OR as the crow flies. In any case the I-5 corridor is within 30

miles. Whatever the problem, it isn't one of demand or of


Three months without their own brand being shelved is telling... Your


Thanking you for your tireless advocacy,


An SQ Alert 



I have been to two Walmart's in my area of Greenville SC over the last week

looking for Walmart aspirin.There has been none. The last trip there was

no aspirin of any brand.!

NEW UPDATE--In the Crawfordsville in Walmart Wednesday. The wife wanted some material

to sew. Had to get an Asst. Manager to cut one yard of cloth. I asked where

the help and inventory were, he said Berkshire Hathaway, under Warren

Buffet sold a couple of billion in Walmart stock, so the company was

regrouping. He implied that this has caused some credit issues. They had

cut help, and inventory. This is just to support todays alert.
This morning April 5, 2017, I had a dream that I saw myself in what I knew in my dream to be my apartment home. It's different than where I live now. I saw white smoke. Coming from the outside patio and I knew that there was fire. I watch from my kitchen to the living room, where the glass sliding door was, and saw more smoke. The smoke was white and it was daytime. I saw the smoke move away from me as I walked through to the living room. I could see outside to the patio. I saw fire next to a bush with something siting on the ground next to the bush. It turned and looked at me. Next to the Bush was a full-size male lion and he was on fire and looked upset. I thought to myself "oh no the lion is on fire!" Then the lion stood up and turned away then walked away. I thought to myself "I need to go help the lion." I looked down on the floor and saw lots of cats all different colors, and stripes and even their kittens lots of them. I thought I have to get the cats out of the house I have to save the cats. And I first thought I would just grab them and run but then I said no they will be lost. I looked for a carrier and I knew in my heart each cat had a cat carrier and the kittens went with the mothers. So I search the house for cat carriers and found them. I knew even my roommates had carriers for their cats too and collected them all. Then I thought "I need to just pile them up outside and get them out of the house ", but I was worried they would be stolen. So I place the cats in there carriers inside my silver car where I knew that they would be safe. 

That was the end of the dream. 


This dream was very clear to me that our time is running short in this world and we need to gather as many souls to come to Christ before it's too late. We have to save as many as we can because time is running out and the fire is coming. The lion in my dream I believe is almighty God, and the cats and kittens were the children of God who were created in his image, so, all of mankind. And even though I saw the lion on fire I knew that I was supposed to be aware of the fire on the lion as a marker of the end of times or expediency of time. My job was to save the cats and kittens and get them out way before the fire came.


I'll share of moment with you. I was watching a pastor on YouTube and he always says "time is running out". My husband look to me and says "why does it always say time is running out does he mean right now five minutes?" And I said no what he saying is we don't know when the Lord is coming so we know when Lord Jesus Christ is returning so we need to repent and be ready for when he does come. My husband didn't say anything more we just had that conversation last night, the night before my "Lion on fire dream". 

I think it's all happening now we need to be ready we need to repent we need to humble ourselves and say even though we are sinners we're not perfect please forgive us of what we are because we want to become more we want to be A part of the kingdom of God and the only way we can do that is the shed or worldly ways fall to my knees and pray that Jesus Christ finds this worthy to join him in the kingdom of heaven. Brothers and sisters that time is now. I pray I meet you all in the sky on our way to our heavenly father's arms. See you soon and heaven I pray 


Take Care,


Aloha sister, I've been thinking about the dream I had with the lion on fire and I wanted to clear up one point. When I saw fire next to the Bush and then I saw something next to the Bush and it turned to face me, then I saw it was a lion. 

I saw that the lion was on fire, but he wasn't burning, No ambers were around him. I just saw a flame around him. He wasn't in pain from the look on his face, his expression was that he was upset and then he stood up and turned to his right a bit and walked away out of my sight from right to left. I just wanted to let you know that he was almost radiating this flame, or maybe it was around him but he wasn't being affected by the flame. 

I'd love to know what you think of all this. Please. πŸ™πŸΌπŸ˜Š

Can you feel it? 

We're going home soon, amen and amen

Take Care,


Dream by Paula Marie
A few nights ago I had this dream. In this dream my daughter had received this brand new candy apple red convertible. I remember how angry I was about this because it was all she cared about. And for some reason I was getting in the car to leave with Larry. While he was driving, I reached over to grab his hand and then I heard a woman's voice say....hold my arm honey and not my hand. I looked over and realized that now it was a woman driving which I came to believe was an angel and she was driving me to the airport. She handed me 4 airplane tickets as I got out of the car. And that was the end of the dream. 

Hey Sister, It's Lauren again with some dreams and visions that I had last year but didn't have a platform to get them out to the public, and now with your blog which has been such a blessing to me and so many others, I would love to share this with you and your blog. 


I was first shown a couple of UFO "alien invasion" deception dreams where people were beamed up and taken but I wasn't then I figured out the ones who were taken were not saved so it wasn't the rapture. But the dreams I am most excited to share with you have to do with the actual catching away of the church! The first dream I was shown a pastor who I watch on Youtube and he told me very clearly that "They will say they are earthquakes, but know they are God's footsteps." About a week or so later I came across some videos about how the pre-trib rapture is a "very dangerous idea to have", so I got kind of upset and asked the Lord one night before bed if it was true that we would have to go through the whole tribulation before the church will be raptured, and I asked Him for a dream of what will really happen. So that night the Lord answered my prayer and gave me a full night of pre-trib confirmation dreams! So the dream started with me and my family working in our restaurant as usual. It was a very normal looking sunny day. It seemed to be around lunch time. Then all of a sudden I look out the window and it is pitch black outside as if it were midnight on a moonless night! I knew right away it was the Lord! I said to my mother "He's here!" We ran outside and start praying and repenting and putting our hands up. Then all the blackness faded then the whole sky turned a bright orange color. Then I don't know why but we went back inside. lol Then it turned pitch black again! So we went back outside and lifted our arms to the sky. I also noticed that when I took a breath in, it was cool air as if autumn but the leaves were still green and on the trees. Not setting a date but because of the coolness of the air maybe September? I don't know. Then I woke up it was around 5am. I thanked the Lord then went back to sleep to a dream of me putting on a beautiful gown and a thick large golden crown and my hair was a golden color and in a long braid like Repunzel running down my left shoulder, and I was trying on different wedding veils! The "veil" I was given to wear was not the lace one that I planned on, it was thick, solid white and wool. I believe that now to have been the wedding garment. The next thing I know I was at a party in a room with people who I have never seen before, I remember a lady with an infant and everyone was so happy. It seemed we were up high as if in a penthouse on a sky scraper, but not too high because when I looked out the window I could still see trees. And behind the trees I saw many explosions and bombs going off and I heard something about the air force, but nobody at the party seemed to care at all. I had been given a choice whether to drink red wine or white, I chose white. Not sure what that symbolizes. Then after that scene I was following this girl who seemed to be in her twenties with a back-pack and wearing a hoodie and was trying to survive the tribulation. I don't believe she could see me but I was following her everywhere, and I'm wondering if that might be our job after the rapture to help the ones that were left behind somehow? So I had these two dreams concerning tribulation and the rapture on the morning of June 28, 2016 exactly 49 years, to the day, since the decree Israel made on June 28 1967, a decree that implied the restoring and rebuilding of Jerusalem as the Capital of Israel! Which relates to the 49 weeks of Daniel. The Lord Jesus is coming for His bride really soon, and I pray everyone is ready. I also have been given many visions and words of knowledge concerning these times. While praying about a month later, I was given a vision. I saw a large object falling into a large body of water and heard extremely clear,"Missiles for Cuba." I was distraught about this so I prayed and nothing else came up, until later when praying I saw a vision of the statue of Liberty sinking into water and another large object falling into water. I also have had many waking visions of a tsunami type event. Then when I was asking the Holy Spirit what He was trying to tell me, the Christmas song "Do You Hear What I Hear" popped into my head and got stuck in my head I kept humming it and thought there would be some meaning in the lyrics so I looked up the song and this is what I found on Google…("Do You Hear What I Hear?" is a song written in October 1962, with lyrics by NoΓ«l Regney and music by Gloria Shayne Baker. The pair, married at the time, wrote it as a plea for peace during the Cuban Missile Crisis.) WHAT!?!?! I honestly had NO idea that that was written due to the Cuban Missile Crisis! It seems very clear what Holy Spirit has been trying to convey to me. The Lord is close as is war/ tribulation. 

I thank you Paula and your hubby for all you do . :) Can't wait to see you guys in Glory with Jesus! Soon and very soon! 

Love your Sister in Christ, Lauren

taken from Steve Quayle's website


Good Morning. I will like to fill you in on a disturbing situation that has transpired within the past 24 hours. Let me explain, on Saturday I went to my local Save A Lot, I picked up a few things not much really and told the cashier I would see her Tuesday to stock up on some canned goods and pick up some of the meat specials. There were people stocking shelves, doing there daily routine. Well needless to say I received a phone call from a neighbor on Monday telling me that Save A Lot is closed and they were emptying the store. Just like that, the workers were not informed until Sunday morning about the closing on Monday morning and the shoppers were left high and dry no warning no chance to pick up last minute items that they carried or to wish the workers good luck and say good bye. Then I thought of the warnings you both have given throughout there years Steve I heard your voice, buy food, food, food! Hawk you saying just one more can of chunky soup and how you and Steve said that food preparation is so important. Well, you Guys are right, boy are you right ! . What are we going to do if overnight, just as it happened at this one store, a huge truck comes empties out the store or stores and the next day you go there to find the doors locked and everything gone, just like that, in a blink of an eye "IT'S ALL GONE." Could you imagine the chaos fear, rioting and hunger that will happen and then home invasions by desperate people looking for food will become common place, what a nightmare I felt in my spirit that this was a warning and alert for those with eyes to see and this scene will be one of many to come. May GOD have mercy on us. 

A Christian Laugh Break
A new pastor was visiting in the homes of his parishioners. 
At one house it seemed obvious that someone was at home, but no answer came to his repeated knocks at the door.
He took out a business card, wrote ‘Revelation 3:20’ on the back of it and stuck it in the door.
When the offering was processed the following Sunday, he found that his card had been returned. 
Added to it was this cryptic message, ‘Genesis 3:10..’
Reaching for his Bible to check out the citation, he broke up in gales of laughter.
Revelation 3:20 begins “Behold, I stand at the door and knock.”
Genesis 3:10 reads, “I heard your voice in the garden and I was afraid for I was naked.”

By Bonnie Mauldin-Flory:

I was spending time with The Lord today and while worshiping He started talking. This is what He said;

Prepare for My Son's return. He is coming. He is coming. He is coming. Are you ready to stand before Me on My throne? If there is a question in your mind then you are not. If the answer is not an immediate "Yes", not an I hope so or pray so, then you are not ready. This is not the time for uncertainty. You are taking a very big chance of being left behind. I AM separating the wheat from the chaff, right now. You are all being tried and tested right now and most of you are failing because you are too attached to the cares of this world. That tells Me you are not ready for My Son and My Kingdom. Why do you call Me Lord but you disobey Me and My commandments everyday? My Son is only coming for a bride that is faithful to Him, not cheating on Him with this world. You can only be presented to Me without spot or blemish. Sin and fornication with worldly things are your spots and blemishes. You can not stand in My presence. Be ye holy for I AM holy. Do you not know that without holiness no one will see God? Choose this day whom you will serve. You can not serve two masters. Do not be deceived I will NOT be mocked. Whatsoever you sow you will reap. I will judge My church first. If you are not fully surrendered to Me, you will be left behind. You will know My true children and servants by their fruits. How they talk, live everyday, dress and act. My servants that are fully surrendered to Me do not cuss, fight, backbite, get drunk, sleep around, and go to bars. If you will not do it in front of Me, then do not do it or say it at all. I show no partiality. You are on borrowed time. Time is up! Prepare NOW! Seek Me! Seek My face! Come and humble yourself before Me. Now is the time! Tomorrow will be too late for many! I AM has spoken this day. Those that have ears let them hear what The Spirit is saying to the church. Come to Me now while you still can. Destruction is COMING! Prepare NOW! Store up!

1 Peter 1:15-17 

15But just as He who called you is holy, so be holy in all you do, 16for it is written: “Be holy, because I am holy.” 17Since you call on a Father who judges each man’s work impartially, live your lives in reverent fear during your temporary stay on earth.

Luke 6:46

“Why do you call me ‘Lord, Lord,’ and not do what I tell you?

James 1:22

Be doers of the word, and not hearers only. Otherwise, you are deceiving yourselves.

Matthew 7:15-17

15Beware of false prophets. They come to you in sheep’s clothing, but inwardly they are ravenous wolves. 16By their fruit you will recognize them. Are grapes gathered from thornbushes, or figs from thistles? 17Likewise, every good tree bears good fruit, but a bad tree bears bad fruit.

Galatians 5:22

But the fruit of the Spirit is love, joy, peace, patience, kindness, goodness, faithfulness,

1 Peter 4:16-18

16But if you suffer as a Christian, do not be ashamed, but glorify God that you bear this name. 17For it is time for judgment to begin with the family of God; and if it begins with us, what will the outcome be for those who disobey the gospel of God? 18And, “If it is hard for the righteous to be saved, what will become of the ungodly and the sinner?”

Galatians 6:7

Do not be deceived: God is not mocked, for whatever one sows, that will he also reap.

Matthew 3:12

His winnowing fork is in his hand, and he will clear his threshing floor and gather his wheat into the barn, but the chaff he will burn with unquenchable fire.”

1 Corinthians 6:9

8Instead, you yourselves cheat and do wrong, even against your own brothers! 9Do you not know that the wicked will not inherit the kingdom of God? Do not be deceived: Neither the sexually immoral, nor idolaters, nor adulterers, nor men who submit to or perform homosexual acts, 10nor thieves, nor the greedy, nor drunkards, nor verbal abusers, nor swindlers, will inherit the kingdom of God.

Matthew 6:24

“No one can serve two masters, for either he will hate the one and love the other, or he will be devoted to the one and despise the other. You cannot serve God and money.

Philippians 2:12

Therefore, my beloved, as you have always obeyed, so now, not only as in my presence but much more in my absence, work out your own salvation with fear and trembling

Warning: ISIS Invasion Dream by Paula Marie

I had 2 dreams last the first dream I saw these people that were visiting my area where I lived. They were a husband and wife on vacation. I went into this public shower room to take a shower and entered the shower stall just after the woman on vacation left the shower room. It was obvious that I was in the shower stall that she used because I noticed she had left some things behind. There was a bottle of shampoo and some soap. I picked up the shampoo bottle and looked at it. It was some kind of shampoo that gets bugs off your body and it had a picture of a bug on it....(not sure of the meaning of that dream so you will have to ask the Lord about it).

The next dream I had was straight forward and somewhat disturbing. In this dream I was in the apartment complex where I used to live when these men in pick up trucks wearing camouflage clothes and black scarves around their faces and huge machine guns to their sides entered the complex. It was bright and sunny outside like as if it were summer. Every one of these men had one of these machine guns, so there was nothing that could be done to resist or defend yourself. No gun you could own would defend you. ISIS was going door to door in small groups of about 3 men, knocking. I wasn't sure what they were doing until they came to our door...

In my apartment there was a young man and young woman whom I didn't recognize, me and my mother. They knocked on our door and the young man answered it. There were three guys at the door, wearing masks and had guns ready to fire. The man said who is the owners of these cars. The young man and young lady said they owned the two cars sitting outside. So the man in charge said give me your keys. So they each gave them their keys.

Then the leader of the group, opened up the young man's truck and told him to get inside. The man was frightened and didn't want to get in but he did and then they closed the lid. Then he opened up the young ladies trunk and told her to get in (interesting to note she was wearing shorts and a short sleeved shirt) she was screaming and fighting but the pushed her in and closed the trunk. Then they drove the cars off with them in the trunk. 

After that happened, I looked at my mother and said, aren't you glad you had your car at the shop for repairs today? She just looked at me in shock. Then I was wondering if we were going to see those people again that were put in the trunks of their cars. Then it was revealed to me what they planned to do with them. 

ISIS was going to drive their cars out to an open field and set them on fire with them in the trunks.

This is a disturbing dream, a warning and just a glimpse from God that this will take place after the rapture for those who are left behind. 

So please ask Jesus to be your Lord and Savior and get your heart right with him today. The rapture is going to take place soon and all who believe in him and repented shall be saved from the horrors that are to come. Please call on Jesus, repent of your sins and ask him to save you today because tomorrow may be too late!

Aloha Sister
My daughter had a dream this morning I'd like to share it with you.

March 29,2017-Her dream-

The road will split, one side had all the people on it and the other side had no people just buildings and trees and it was a very rainy day on both sides of the street. When the people were walking on the sidewalk we saw lightning bolts on the other other side of the street. It was loud and we had to cover our ears. There was fire jumping from house to house. The lighting bolts zapped the trees and some buildings but not the building where we live. The biggest lighting bolt had just a mouth and said "I am a lighting bolt!" There was one tree that could make ice but the big lighting bolt didn't know this. The ice tree froze the big lightning bolt said "I am frozen. " The ice tree stopped the lighting bolt.

This is my interpretation of her dream.
I believe the Lord showed her that satan and the antichrist are going to destroy this world with lightning strikes that will set everything on fire. Until our Lord Jesus Christ whom is represented as a tree made of ice defeats the big lightning bolt and freezes it and stops it. I believe the tree represents the tree of knowledge that was in Eden that is God or Jesus Christ and the lightning bolt represents satan and the antichrist because he was Lucifer in heaven which mean the light Bearer and when he was sent down to heaven he came down in the flash like a lightning bolt. I think this dream represents the destruction and defeat satan and the antichrist by our Lord God and His son Jesus The Christ.
Amen and amen

Take Care,

"My Dream of the Rapture"
Don't Miss the Bus

Hello all. I hope all is going well with everyone today. Last night (9/12/2011) I had a dream of the rapture that I must share. I didn't know the meaning of the dream until I prayed and asked God for its meaning this morning. While I was having the dream I kind of sensed what it meant but was not sure; God confirmed it to me this morning.

For those of you who don't know what the rapture is, this is an event that is prophesied throughout the Bible that has not happened and will happen shortly before the horrific events that are in the Book of Revelation commence and/or unfold. 

This event (the rapture) has not yet happened, and in accordance with the signs to look for as told by Jesus in the gospels, this event will happen very soon, in fact in a quickness! It could happen in the next minute, the next year or the next couple of years, but time is almost up.

If you want proof of this event called the rapture happening, check out 1st Thessalonians 4:15-18 and 1st Corinthians 15:50-58. Now please allow me to share my dream of the rapture with you, and the interpretation that God gave me:

I dreamt that I was waiting for a bus at a bus stop. The bus seemed to be late and behind schedule and I kept wondering whether it would ever come, but I kept watching for it. 

There were people waiting with me at the bus stop, some inside a building and a few outside. At first there weren't many people waiting with me, but as time went on, the number of people waiting on the bus increased and I began to wonder whether I would even be able to get on the bus and get a seat with so many people waiting.

After some time had passed, the bus finally pulled up at the bus stop. I wondered, with all the people waiting inside and outside, whether there would be a horde of people that would push me out of the way in order for them to be first. The number of people that began to get on the bus, were not the number of people that I thought would try and get on. 

The people hurried yes to get on the bus, but, to my surprise, very few got on the bus, to my surprise, it was not very crowded at all.

I got my dollar out of my pocket, and took my seat, and began to sit down when I looked out of the back window of the bus, and crowds of people were attacking this man, and it appeared that the people became riotous, yelling, screaming, running around in the streets like mad men and what have you.

God also sent me a similar second part of this dream of the rapture that was just like the first, but I don't have to share all of that part of the dream with you as the second dream was basically similar to the first.

It had the same message, except it appeared that I got off the first bus, was looking to get back on, was afraid I would miss it, but the bus driver picked me up and I got on the bus in safety and without harm.

During the dream, I felt I knew what the dream meant but was not sure. After I awoke this morning I asked God for confirmation, and he told me that I was right in my assessment of what the dream meant; he even told me what it meant. This is the meaning of the dream:

The People waiting on the bus, are the world, at this moment. Some waiting on the bus are intently watching for it in earnest expectation of its arrival, while yes, others are waiting, but are so into the things of this world. They are not really watching or paying attention to when the bus might arrive so that they won't miss it.

The bus is symbolic of Jesus Christ. He (Jesus) is on the way and some are watching for Him, looking to get on the bus and be whisked away. Others are waiting, but are either hoping that He won't come, or that he comes later, or are so preoccupied with the cares of this life, and are really not concerned about when he comes. 

Those who are watching for the bus (Jesus) will be able to get on the bus and be whisked away to safety; those who miss the bus, regardless of whether they believe or not. They are not really watching for the bus, and will be left behind to fend for themselves in a much changed world, that will be filled with horror, terror, darkness, sadness, pain, sorrow and much anguish. Happiness will no longer abound in any way, shape or form.

The fact that the people were taking to the streets in hordes, bands, etc. after I got on the bus are indicative of the mentality and the way the world will be after the rapture occurs or happens. 

Much war, terrorism, and hatred will abound, because the holy spirit, which was in every man and woman who believed in Jesus Christ before the rapture, will be gone from the Earth. 

The holy spirit is what is restraining rampant evil and sin, much much worse than it is now, to abound freely and without any type of restraint whatsoever.

The majority of the world now does not put God or his Son Jesus first, but family, money, riches, fame, fortune, cars, houses, music, entertainment, sex, drugs, and whatever else we deem more important, or that we worship, are first in their lives and take the place of God.

Many do not care when Jesus will return; others know that he is soon to return but love the things of this life so much more than him that they are willing to take that risk. Others know, and even believe that he is returning, but feel that they will deal with the situation when he returns and/or when the rapture happens.

All of these types of thinking are foolish, to say the least, and many who think this way will admit with their own hearts and lips that they were fools to be left behind after the rapture occurs.

THINGS WILL BE MUCH, MUCH, MUCH, MUCH X 1 million trillion quadrillon times worse than what it now is!!!!!!!!! You say I am making all of this up? Then continue on making the things of this world first and get left behind; you will then see, feel, hear and taste evil of a degree that you will probably seek death and hell rather than experience it.

I am not saying all of this or informing you of my dream of the rapture or of all of this other, simply because I am a Bible thumping, God fearing, Christ loving lunatic (which I am and proud of it). I am WARNING ALL OF YOU because I love you, and I don't want ANY OF YOU to be here for what is to come. 


God used to tell me that he was coming, or returning he is telling me that he will be here quickly, which means at any moment.

Seek Him (God/Christ) now when he can be found. When darkness comes (rampant and unprecedented evil, sin, wars, terrorist attacks, natural disasters, etc.), He (God/Jesus) will not be found, or, it will be very hard to pray or find him like you can now. 

We are now being warned by God, allowing little previews and tastes of what is to come; but multiply what the world now experiences a quadrillion fold and that is what is just ahead for those left behind. 

Seek and believe on him as Lord and Savior now while he can still be found. He loves all of us more than we could ever know or imagine.

Why doesn't he just come down now to make things right? We'd all still have something to say if he were on the Earth right now; we all would challenge him and even refute that he is who he is...WE WOULD STILL HAVE SOMETHING TO SAY ABOUT HIM MAKING THINGS RIGHT! 

Remember, Jesus, who was God in the flesh, was here on Earth, and provided proof that he was God in the flesh, by miracles, prophecies, healings and other things which were tangible proof that he was from God, and was God, and we still crucified and killed him. 

The Bible had predicted (which is the word of God) that he would sacrifice himself, and give his life for all of mankind from Adam until the last soul is born towards the end.

It's up to us to choose if we believe in him as Lord, God and Savior. He is not going to coerce us, force us, or mandate that we choose him as our Lord. 

All of us want charge and command over our lives, our destinies, our future, even our souls, but let's face it, it always ends up in disaster without God. Take the current situation the world is now in with the economies and the finances; we've tried everything worldwide, and we're still in this mess, and it is getting worse. 

Man does not have all of the answers, but God is love, peace, salvation, protection, safety and security, and if we would all trust him, or even acknowledge that he is God, he would keep us safe and no harm would come to us.



by Garry


One night in the winter of 1981, I had a vivid prophetic dream of what it will be like in the last of the “last days”. I believe it is prudent to take heed.

It was more like a vision, sort of an “out of body experience”. I was in the spirit, moving from place to place, unobserved (most of the time). The setting was a time of catastrophe here in the United States, a total “grid down” situation. No one had electricity, natural gas, or any other means of heating or illuminating their homes–and it was a very cold winter. I went from house to house only to observe. I sensed immediately that I was visualizing an event in the future in this country.

The first home I visited was dark and cold; there was a bone chilling feeling there of complete and utter despair. I saw the family of the house huddled in a corner of the dining room with seemingly every piece of clothing, including coats, on themselves and still they were shivering. The most revealing of their plight was the expressions on their faces, one of utter hopelessness. There wasn’t any food in the house, and it looked like they hadn’t eaten in days. Their facial features were sunken-in and almost colorless. They did not know Jesus as their Lord and Savior.

The second home I visited was the exact same situation, and so was the third, and fourth, and so on down the block, total and complete despair, house after house, even entire neighborhoods. Then suddenly I came to a house that was dimly lit, as with a single candle. As I entered, I felt an overwhelming peace; a real presence of the Lord there, saturating every cubic foot of space in the entire house. I knew this place to be home of a Christian family. There was an air of intense joy and peace. Everyone in the home was bubbling with exuberance, even though there was no food to offer the children or themselves, and no heat in the house, the parents gave thanks to God anyway.

It was very difficult to see anything, however, the mother preceded to place a fine table cloth on the table and set it with plates, bowls, silverware, and glasses. The rest of the family gathered at the table, seating themselves as always–even though there was no food. The father of the home gave thanks for the meal as everybody bowed their heads in reverence. Then suddenly, light appeared in the room–one could not tell where the light was coming from. The entire family opened their eyes, and to their delight (but not to their surprise), piping hot food of quite an assortment was there on their plates and in their bowls. They all gave thanks to God all the more. As they did the room became radiant with heat; and for that matter the entire house. The light illuminating the room was also becoming brighter and brighter. The more they praised God, the warmer and brighter it became.

God miraculously blessed the people of this Christian home that exercised great faith in God’s ability, so they would not be cold and hungry. I saw other homes like this one, but they were few in number. One thing that was so blatantly obvious was the vast distinction between the God fearing Christian people and the unbelievers. There were no gray areas; no lukewarmness. The Bible believing Christians greatly exemplified their faith by their daily lives, and the ungodly were living in total hopelessness and despair.

The last house I entered was a home of indescribable despicable evil. A cold sinking and sickening feeling enveloped me as I entered. This place was the coldest and darkest of them all, and for good reason. This was a dwelling of demons.

There was a single individual sitting in a darkened room, seemingly a middle aged woman. I was in an adjacent room, but I immediately felt a very wicked presence emanating from the other room even before I turned to look inside. This person was different from all the others in many respects. First, she was looking right at me the whole time and was totally aware of my presence as soon as I entered the house. Second, the expression on her face was one of utter hate, anger, and resentment. She wanted nothing but my death. In fact, she made many attempts at causing me great harm; each time failing miserably and becoming more frustrated. She never got up from her chair. Instead, she used demonic powers to manipulate objects in various rooms–blunt objects and mechanical devices. Recognizing the power I had in me (the Holy Spirit) was far greater, she eventually gave up. At that point I left the house.

At the very end, I found myself in an undisclosed and unrecognizable location, but the location was inconsequential and totally irrelevant. The important things were the characteristics of this place. I saw round smooth stones lying neatly on the ground evenly spaced. What appeared to be very sharp, jagged stones were suspended in midair above the smooth stones. All of a sudden, what seemed to be concrete poured from above, filling in all the gaps of the smooth stones until they were all cemented together. None of the jagged stones were even touched by the concrete or bothered in any way. The cemented smooth stones formed a solid floor–completely immovable.

At this point I woke up, finding myself sweating and winded, as though I actually experienced this whole ordeal. As I sat up in bed, I contemplated the meaning of the smooth and jagged stones. Also, “what exactly did the cement symbolize”, I thought to myself. It could not have been two seconds before I had the interpretation. The smooth stones represented the unbelieving world that rejected Christ; the jagged stones represented the true believers and followers of Jesus. The cement represented God’s divine judgment that will be poured out on the whole earth in the future. Just as the cement that filled in the gaps making a solid floor, the ungodly will not be able to escape God’s judgment. They reach the point of no return where they can no longer be saved. They are condemned for eternity. However, the righteous, godly people will not be harmed in any way by God’s wrath.

8 But since we belong to the day, let us be self-controlled, putting on faith and love as a breastplate, and the hope of salvation as a helmet.

9 For God did not appoint us to suffer wrath but to receive salvation through our Lord Jesus Christ.

10 He died for us so that, whether we are awake or asleep, we may live together with him”. (1 Thessalonians 5:8-10)

The main thrust of what God was showing me through this dream was God’s love, mercy, and provision for the believer, and the utter hopelessness of those who have rejected Christ and have delighted in wickedness. Another point He was making in this “last days” scenario was the vast “distinction between the righteous and the wicked, between those who serve God and those who do not”.

17 “On the day when I act,” says the Lord Almighty, “they will be my treasured possession. I will spare them, just as a father has compassion and spares his son who serves him.

18 And you will again see the distinction between the righteous and the wicked, between those who serve God and those who do not”. (Malachi 3:17-18)

Vision and Dream by Nina
I don't have pictures I have dreams. I can't really explain except that I was standing on my porch around 2ish pm and cloudy all of a sudden I saw a huge bear with vicious attacking teeth and out of the clouds I saw the American flag waving. I saw the red and white stripes and all the stars on blue. That bear was attacking the flag with great force. Then I saw a mans face.To me it was Jesus. He was smiling and coming toward me and my hair blew across my eyes and it was gone.

Then was a vision. About a month or so ago I was taking a mid morning nap. I had a dream that my youngest  daughter and  her Husband and I were in some kind of open coliseum and I looked up and I saw two of my other daughters in the air with two Angels. Then all of a sudden I saw hundreds of Angels, no wings, dressed in white robes laced in gold . They were flying around everywhere singing beautifully. I looked at my daughter and said 'Do you see all the beautiful Angels?' She said 'yes Mom' I looked over at my son in law and he was so happy. He was grinning from ear to ear. I was extremely happy in this dream .
God Bless You

Angel Dream by Yvan Jaccard

I just had a vision (dream) during the night of March 24th to 25th 2017, it is 3am.
I am in a great hall of a meeting of a Christian assembly, I am in the 2nd row before standing all to the right of the row. In front of me I recognize a brother, Thomas who is also at the very end of the first row to the right.

We are praising the Lord, many have their eyes closed by worshiping the Lord Jesus. I feel that angels may arrive and I open my eyes while praising the Lord standing, and now I see an angel passing just to my right along the aisle (oh!), And he passes Thomas and faded, we no longer see him. I say to myself, I will still look, maybe there will be others, or that this one will come back.

And this time, two angels also appear and they remain in the sense that I do not see them disappear quickly as the first, moreover these two angels, one I recognize in the vision, thinking to have already seen it. I am excited to see what happens ... then many or at least several angels arrive all over the hall in the aisles, I see them, it is glorious, and we are several to abandon the meeting and we leave because we have to follow them . At that moment, I see an angel coming to fetch me, I say oh but you are Gabriel, he said yes, I came purposely to seek you (last night in prayer, I brought a request to the Lord in this Sense), he said yes, I came purposely to seek you. I am so, and we take a path that descends a little underground, as if we were going to take a subway (to illustrate), and I am alone with the angel and some other people follow, but I do not know who they are. We arrive in front of a large door (in wood surely, I recognize the vertical blades of the door) and I look around me, and see suspended in the rock, like a big stove, and I hear and see people who make Noise and seem to work hard to feed this big stove ... and I say to the angel who accompanies me, here is the abode of the dead? He said yes, that's it. At this moment the big door opens in the middle like the elevator doors, and we go inside, it's like a large elevator cage, and the door closes. At this moment, I hear him say (the angel) that this passage is and will be delicate. I feel we are going up to heaven. I feel in my mind that certainly the enemy, the devil wants to put sticks in the wheels and try to prevent the departure. But I remain calm and confident that Gabriel (the angel) knows where we are going.

At that moment it is as if I come out of this vision, and I find myself in a room (where the meeting of adoration where I was at the beginning) and some people (including officials) take stock after The meeting has ended and they are discussing together. At that moment I speak and try to explain to them what I have seen, that angels have arrived during the moment of worship, but I am not well understood and begins to lose my breath, to lose my breath. After a while, the person in charge looks at another person who is present, and even begins to divert the sharing, and these people do not listen to me, take me seriously, and are not interested in knowing what is going on, Is passed, and it is as if the sky had descended, or at least angels had come to seek us.

At that moment I am frustrated and breathless and my voice is really out of breath and I wake up from this vision. It's 3 o'clock in the morning.
Be blessed.

An SQ Alert...from Steve


I shop Wally World as a Convenience Store for what is needed NOW (I do cruise the "Clearance Isle" for something I can get at a Deep Discount ie Exterior gallon paint for $6 bucks a gallon).
What I have notice this year is that prior to VT Day, SP Day in the past, they clear out sections of the store and stock 30 gal totes for the "Holiday" Display. Currently, and in past months, there is still lots of shelf space filled with "30 Gal Totes". Canned goods and Frozen; the normal "Facings", 3 or 4 Items has been extended to what ever they have in stock to facings of 6 to 8. End Caps; they are still Clearing out Christmas Toys at deep discounts. Also, 4 to 6 boxes of larger Items are prevalent on the End Caps. Facings through out the stores are widened. This tells me they are not able to stock what they normally stock. This translates to "Shortage".
After not being able to find the sleeping bags I wanted for the Memorial Day week end locally, I went on line and ordered them from Wally World. What I ordered were better than what I am replacing @ a 30% discount, and rival the price of the puny bags they stock in the stores. Mailed to my home at no cost...

Dream by El laine
Hi Paula I did not have this dream last night as a matter of fact I had this dream about maybe 6 or 7 months ago.

 In the dream I knew that I had been transformed and I was standing with a group of people something like at a bus stop. I don't know what type of Transportation I was expecting but I was standing there with these people awaiting something that would take me to another destination. As I mentioned before I knew that I had been transformed I was not aware if the other people around me have been transformed or not but I knew that I had been.

As we were waiting for the real bus to pick us up to take us to our destination I was looking at the landscape there  were houses on the street well manicured lawn and nice trees. I was standing with three or four people waiting for the vehicle to pick us up. Further down the street we heard a commotion and saw a person running from a house and slamming the door to the house towards where we were standing. When this person got up to us he passed two or three people that was in my group and by the time he got to me to pass me he burst into flames. It was something like the spontaneous combustion stories we used to hear about people bursting into flames on the bus or in a car or on the bed or whatever. Well I just thought I'd let you know that I had that dream and I knew that I was in my transformed body and I think the person was a demon that passed me and the power of God was so strong that he burst into flames

Children Being Rescued- Rapture Dream
Aloha sister I did have another dream that I haven't recorded yet because I didn't understand it and I don't know if I still do.

About a week ago so March 17, 2017 I saw myself in a room with a friend of mine that I've known since high school. We were sitting in a concaved disc with our legs crossed, that were floating above the ground, or should I say hovering above the ground. It looks like a control panel that was all lit up was nearby me and near him were small children of different ages. I believe it was nighttime or just super dark in the space we were in. I felt a strong haste to move as quickly as I could to help retrieve all these children from either a terrible event or a terrible person, I'm not sure which. At one point I stopped and looked at my friend and asked if he could Watch and entertain the children while I drove the vehicle we were in and he agreed. I could see myself turned to the control panel and push buttons quickly to get us out of harms way. I could see him laughing and playing with these children and keeping them occupied and content. I felt The vehicle that we were in moving quickly up and I awoke.

I'm not sure where these children came from I know that they all looked different but they were all young and seemed happy to be with us. I felt anxious to keep us moving quickly but it all felt like we were doing something good for the children, helping them escape. As you know I am a mother so it was hard for me to understand this dream. I couldn't imagine being separated from my child these were my little ones, but I felt that whatever we were doing was for the betterment of the children and to help them. 

Thank you for all that you do.  

Take care, 
See you in the sky🌹♥🌹

I think I have an idea on the interpretation of that dream. I believe God showed me the meaning yesterday but wanted me to explain it today. 

It could be in Revaluation 12. I think the woman will give birth soon and the child will be caught up and taken to God while the woman fled to the wilderness. 

My dream was of the children being taken up to be rescued. 

In the tv show, the First Lady and her children were taken up in a helicopter to be removed from harm to camp David (the wilderness). 

It's a stretch, yes, but it's my best guess is that my dream was of Revelation 12:1-6?

Please let me know what you think. I value you option and interpretations. 

Thanks and please take care. 


Revelation 12King James Version (KJV)

12 And there appeared a great wonder in heaven; a woman clothed with the sun, and the moon under her feet, and upon her head a crown of twelve stars:

And she being with child cried, travailing in birth, and pained to be delivered.

And there appeared another wonder in heaven; and behold a great red dragon, having seven heads and ten horns, and seven crowns upon his heads.

And his tail drew the third part of the stars of heaven, and did cast them to the earth: and the dragon stood before the woman which was ready to be delivered, for to devour her child as soon as it was born.

And she brought forth a man child, who was to rule all nations with a rod of iron: and her child was caught up unto God, and to his throne.

And the woman fled into the wilderness, where she hath a place prepared of God, that they should feed her there a thousand two hundred and threescore days.


Revelation 12New International Version (NIV)

The Woman and the Dragon

12 A great sign appeared in heaven: a woman clothed with the sun, with the moon under her feet and a crown of twelve stars on her head. She was pregnant and cried out in pain as she was about to give birth. Then another sign appeared in heaven: an enormous red dragonwith seven heads and ten horns and seven crowns on its heads. Its tail swept a third of the stars out of the sky and flung them to the earth. The dragon stood in front of the woman who was about to give birth, so that it might devour her child the moment he was born. She gave birth to a son, a male child, who “will rule all the nations with an iron scepter.”[a] And her child was snatched up to God and to his throne. The woman fled into the wilderness to a place prepared for her by God, where she might be taken care of for 1,260 days.

Exposing Demons Dream by Paula Marie
I had this dream last night where I was working in this restaurantand I sensed that there was someone else there with me as a spiritual support and maybe not visable to the people who were there. I had the knowledge that I had only been there for a couple of weeks. Everyone went to the back for a meeting I guess. The manager said someone had stolen some things and she started pointing me out and putting the blame on me. But I knew instinctively in the Spirit that she was the one, the manager was the one stealing the things and blaming it on me. So the Holy Spirit gave me all this knowledge and proof that she was the one that did it so I called her out on it with facts in front of everyone that worked there. So she started mocking me and had everyone else who worked there mocking me. And they didn't care what was the truth. The bottom line was I knew she had a demon in her and I exposed it and I felt like I was battling this demon. And as this was going on, I looked around and saw that my spiritual partner had left and so my concern shifted to where he went. I went down the hall to the exit looking for him and thinking he had left and got on a bike to leave. I was sad but not upset about it. I felt like he was sad that they were treating me that way. Then he comes around the corner on his bike and I was so relieved to see him. He said I will never leave you. And I felt peace flood over me and I knew that he was telling the truth. End of dream.

I think the spiritual partner may have been Jesus and I was sent to the restaurant as an assignment to expose the demon and do battle with it, hidden in that woman. This could possibly be a joy I will have in the future after we are raptured. I just thought it was very revealing as to what is soon to come! Also I think it means the rapture is very close!

An Amazing Dream of Heaven!
Yes I have had a dream recently possibly on the 13th of  March, it was so strange I didn't record it but I should make note of it because it was amazing.

 I could see myself. I was wearing white clothing. The reason I think I remember my clothing was because everything else was dark but not evil just dark. The walls on the left side were brown brick, aged and really tall with wires, signs and cables attached to them, on the right side there was a green metal wall with Huge green metal doors that look like they were on sliders possibly because of there tremendous weight. There was a short staircase to walk up to the green door. The ground was a dark gray possible concrete which look like a path that went around to the right at an angle as if the space was a cylinder. I've been to soundstages before. When I lived in California I had visited a few and this is what it reminded me of and strangely, as far as I could see I was the only one there. I was sitting in a golf cart which only makes me think the place I was in was huge and traveling on foot will take too long. I made many stops to each staircase then walking up to the large green doors. What was on the other side was simply amazing. Behind each door was a world. Civilizations, people, places, thriving, each different some hot, some cold, some mountainous, some jungle. I was amazed every time I went through the door how real it was. Then I would leave these civilizations either because I was discovered, or it was just time to go. I found myself walking back through a rectangle door when leaving, but once I passed through and looking back, it was that huge green door I was sliding shut. At one point I stopped and thought this must be a portal of some sort where I'm traveling through two different dimensions. I looked around and realized I was behind the scenes in heaven and no longer on earth. 

I think this was the best way that God could explain the space between heaven and earth to me was using my past experiences so it would be more familiar to me. It was amazing to be able to see and visit different worlds and how people lived. 

It was a blessing and a gift. I have always been curious of this. Our God is a living God and He loves us very much. It's all about how much He loves us. 

Take Care,
🌺Aloha~❤️ Steph

An SQ Alert
from Steve Quayle's Website


Great observation—this will be how they will eventually implement the mark here in the US. Eventually in order to buy (amazon) as this and other online places will have the needed items that one needs as there are already shortages of stuff everywhere for example it is very hard to find storable food (mountain house) at the local Wal-mart or Bass Pro. So you are right as more and more brick and mortar stores go out of business getting what is needed will be harder and harder to find. I needed to get something from Northern Tool and they have a local physical location here in Charlotte however they did not carry it in the store so I had to order it online and I was able to have it delivered to the local store for free to pick-up. I am finding this also to be the case at Wal-mart. They are having “shortages” that no one seems to notice because they will fill the “empty holes” on the shelves with items so that there are no gaping holes. The last thing they want the sheep to do is to start thinking.

Once the right circumstances hit whether it is the boogy man of NK or Russia, or simply an economic collapse they will “pull” the plug and then when the “solution” (problem, reaction, solution) is provided after all of the people suffer they will flock to take the mark! When I read the Bible and think about how Esau sold his birthright for food- (imagine how hungry he must have been!) something most people here in the US have never experienced (me included) or how the prodigal son was so hungry that he ate the slop that was given to the pigs, it will not take much for people to kill one another in the streets (literally) for food. Then when the “system” comes back up in order to do business (buy and sell -get food) you will have to take the mark—this is why last year it was leaked out that the big banks are all working on some type of block-chain (crypto currency) technology. This will eventually replace the physical currency. So as you have said in the past this is where the physical gold and silver will come into play for bartering the black market!

Remember the new census is to take place in 2020- it will take about a year or so to get completed. Why is this interesting? This is interesting due to the fact that by 2025 according to which you have reviewed before the population of the US is supposed to be about 50 million or so down from the 330 million. So this means that by 2020-there will be some form of census being conducted. This would mean that by 2020 or so the “grid” or some form of it or the stabilization of everything should be back which would mean that something will happen in the next 12 months as those who know have said that it will take about 18-24 months to restore the grid after it is taken down and as Hawk has said many times on his show that 90% of those living within the US will be dead in 12 months. 330 million times 90% leaves 33 million left!

Just some thoughts!

Dr. Jack


Some of you have noticed a super sensitivity lately to things that are happening around you but you don't understand why. You may have even wondered why there are places where you go that you sense extraordinary peace, and other places seem as if there is intense warfare when you walk into a room. The Holy Spirit is showing me even now that there is someone who said "It seems like trouble follows me everywhere that I go". That is not so. This is happening because you are now walking in a higher level of discernment, and you are beginning to discern spiritual things in the atmosphere. There are new levels available to those who are mature in their walk with Jesus, and some of you are being promoted to a new level of sensitivity.

The Holy Spirit will begin to show you the motives and intentions of people's hearts. This is not a gift of judgement or accusation, but it is part of the gift of discerning of spirits. (1 Corinthians 12:10). Your heart has to be pure to receive this gift because God will not share such secrets with someone who gossips or is judgmental. Don't allow the enemy to plant seeds of bitterness or create thorny areas in your heart. A defiled heart will not perceive things in the light of God but will misconstrue the truth about others. Be careful what you hear. If you constantly listen to the deception of talebearers and gossipers, you will also get distorted images about other people. The word of God says that if you judge others, you will be judged. The Holy Spirit cannot go against His word, and He cannot trust a meddler with such precious information.

Some of you have been experiencing dreams that you don't understand. Keep a journal. The Holy Spirit is releasing prophetic dreams as well as visions. He is giving you warning dreams as well as directional dreams. He will show you when to move and when to be still, when to speak and when to be silent. Ask the Lord to reveal these dreams to you and search them out in the scriptures. Jesus is inviting you to come to another level as in Revelation 4:1. The Holy Spirit wants to sensitize you to His voice and lead you by His word. This is your inheritance as a child of God and His covenant promise to you.

Job 33: 14 -16
For God may speak in one way, or in another, yet man does not perceive it. In a dream, in a vision of the night, when deep sleep falls upon men, while slumbering on their beds, then He opens the ears of men, and seals their instruction.

1 Corinthians 12: 7 -11
But the manifestation of the Spirit is given to each one for the profit of all: for to one is given the word of wisdom through the Spirit, to another the word of knowledge through the same Spirit, to another faith by the same Spirit, to another gifts of healings by the same Spirit, to another the working of miracles, to another prophecy, to another discerning of spirits, to another different kinds of tongues, to another the interpretation of tongues. But one and the same Spirit works all these things, distributing to each one individually as He wills.

Revelation 4:1
After these things I looked, and behold, a door standing open in heaven. And the first voice which I heard was like a trumpet speaking with me, saying, "Come up here, and I will show you things which must take place after this."
Please continue to pray for me against re-occurrence of lymphoma,
auto immune diseases and and for my ministry. Jesus is our healer
and will perfect the work that He has began in us.
Prayer ministries and intercessors are welcome to share.
Thank you so much for all your love, support and prayers.

"I see people standing in the hallway and wondering what they are going to do next. It is not where you have been and not where you are going to be. As you wait, it is uncomfortable, for you do not want to go back to where you were, because it has become uncomfortable and no longer fits you. But the place ahead is unknown and new territory that causes you questions and concern. You are antsy and waiting. Do not despair and do not give up. This time is short, soon you will see the open door that I AM not only standing in, but will speak clearly to you, saying, 'This is the way; walk in it.' I will clarify My voice on the inside of you so that you will hear and recognize it is MY voice leading and not something of your own imagination. You will know the difference between what I am saying and what others are speaking. Do not be concerned about the process and what you deem as lack of progress in this season, for I am downloading into you. I am shaping you, molding you, renewing your mind and equipping you to be able to fulfill what I have for you in the next season. I will provision you in every step that I ordain for you, says the LORD, and you will have peace. I am preparing the place for you, so that when you step out of the hallway, the preparation that is personal will make you ready for the place that I am preparing for you to be. Others will align with you, and they are also being prepared. Give yourself grace, as I have given you to overflowing, during the process of waiting. Know that you have NEVER failed me. It was never up to you to put all the pieces of your destiny in place. I love you and want only the best for you, and the best sometimes requires waiting for everything to be in place. Trust that I will lead you into your full destiny in me and you will be well able to conquer the land that I equip you to possess once the soles of your feet step into your land of promise. Wait on Me to do this, for pushing to make it happen will not bring it about. Rather, press into My presence now in this place of waiting, and I will fill you with MY presence and glory and prepare you for every good work in Me!" says the LORD.

Charlie Stamp
In the early morning hours of December 31, 2016, I had a profound visitation from the Lord regarding President Trump and the affairs of nations. In this dream I was brought to a country fair. As I walked in there was a sign that read The Country’s Fair. The sign then changed to say, The Country’s Affairs. The scene was set with different tents representing various nations around the world. It felt as if I was brought to a secret gathering where the leaders of the world were discussing different affairs of the nations.

There seemed to be great turmoil and destruction happening in every tent then suddenly I saw President Trump emerge from one of the tents. As I looked at him he began to change into a dove, then a goose and began to fly. I saw many other leaders emerge from various tents around the fair and change into doves then into geese as well. Then an individual walked over to me; I knew him to be the Holy Spirit because of his unique appearance.

I’ve encountered him over the years in my dreams so when he approached me I recognized him immediately. I asked, “What is happening?” He said, “Look up! This is what your President has done. He’s chasing the wild goose, everything is about to change!” When I looked up, I saw thousands of geese flying in perfect V formations. It was a sight to behold. I immediately understood what the Holy Spirit was telling me.

In the month of November, the day of the election, the Lord led Brynn and I along with our ten-year-old son and five-year-old daughter to take a prayer journey to the Isle of Iona and pray for the elections. The isle of Iona had been a very significant location for the spreading of Christianity into the United Kingdom and Europe in the early centuries and was founded by an Apostolic leader named Saint Columba. God had given Saint Columba a governmental anointing over nations and there are many accounts and stories of Columba meeting with Angels on the island.

In fact, there is a hill on the island that is called “the Hill of Angels” and it is said that angels would ascend and descend to council with Columba over the affairs of the nations as he and his disciples went out from there across the land to spread the Gospel. Another significant location on the island is a spot that is said to have had the Stone of Destiny brought to it so Columba could anoint the Kings that God had chosen to rule different nations. They would sit on the Stone of Destiny and Columba would pray and anoint them, this was primarily done for the kings of Scotland through the years, but other Kings came as well.

The Isle is so significant in history that sixty kings are buried on this island, forty- eight Scottish Kings rest there as a testament to the power that this place once held. We were led by the Lord to travel and pray there after discovering that President Trump had Scottish heritage through his Mother. She had been born and raised on the famous Scottish Isle of Lewis, which is well known because of the powerful revival that came in 1949 with Evangelist Duncan Campbell. Our whole family prayed and prophesied by the direction of the Lord from the very spot where Columba had prayed for the Kings centuries before.

We prayed that Trump would be anointed to take the position as the next president of the United States. Despite the downpour of rain, we powered through that day decreeing what the Lord had shown us, even our children joined in and spontaneously prayed during the day. We left with a promise from the Lord, a new king would be crowned, one that He had chosen. His will would be done! Into the early morning hours, we watched as God fulfilled the prophetic word.

In the dream when the Holy Spirit spoke to me and said; “Look up, this is what your President has done. He’s chasing the wild goose!” I understand it because the Celtic Saints referred to the Holy Spirit as the Wild Goose. It was a well known symbol to them of the Holy Spirit and His nature. They would talk about the Holy Spirit as chasing the wild goose. A goose also represents great wealth, prosperity and blessing.

The Lord is speaking a clear word to America and the nations right now. I believe that we are about to see one of the greatest transformations of nations that any generation has ever seen. I believe the Lord is going to get ahold of President Donald Trump that he will chase the Holy Spirit with great passion and cause other nations to follow the United States. He will lead other leaders to fly above the turmoil and chaos to a place of unity and victory in the earth, a massive shift is coming. A global transformation!

I began to look again into the sky and I saw what looked to be a pillar of wings going up into the heavens. I asked the Holy Spirit, “Are the geese flying into heaven?” The Holy Spirit said, “Look again, these are not geese these are angels and what you are looking at is Jacob’s ladder.” I looked again and it came into perfect focus and I saw thousands of angels ascending and descending on a crystal staircase. The Holy Spirit said, “Follow me, I will take you there.” Instantly I found myself in the midst of the staircase.

Angels were moving past me at the speed of light. I could hear their voices and feel the wind of their wings upon my face, it was breathtaking. They were moving at lightning speed taking assignments throughout the whole earth. We climbed the staircase until it shifted into what seemed to be a crystal looking bridge with angels and people interlocking arms across it. I said, “What is this Holy Spirit?” He said, “This is the bridge from heaven to earth. Come, I want you to meet someone.” He brought me to a man who was on his knees praying. He looked weary like he had been in a great battle. He had his arms interlocking with angels on both sides. The Holy Spirit said, “This is an everyday believer, “The Intercessor”, his name is Urijah. He is a warrior for the Kingdom!”

The Holy Spirit continued to speak saying, “Prophet, you must prophesy to him. He is weary in well doing, but the joy of the Lord is his strength. We need him in the fight. Without the Intercessor locking arms with the angels, God can’t release Heaven on Earth. It’s the great exchange, the partnership of the celestial and the terrestrial. It is the Intercessor who helps bridge the gap and create the arc from Heaven to Earth with the angelic realm, you must prophesy!”

I started to prophesy and suddenly an overwhelming joy came into my heart and I began to laugh uncontrollably as I decreed the word of the Lord for this man. The Holy Spirit said, “That’s it, the joy of the Lord is his strength!” I saw the joy return to the face of this man and strength come back into his body. He gripped tightly to the angels on both sides of him and began to pray for the nations again. I then awoke at 3:00 am.

The name Urijah holds great significance because it means, Yahweh is my light. This is what all believers are to be; a light to the world. We must let that light shine through our lives and one of the most important places for that light to shine is in prayer.

I believe that many Intercessors have become weary over the past several months praying over the affairs of the nations, but God is releasing great joy in the coming hour. Many have become weary in well doing, but the Lord is about to bring great encouragement and strength back by the Prophets decreeing the Word of the Lord over them.

I want to encourage all believers that God is bringing a refreshing joy to your intercession and where the last several months you have felt a great amount of burden to the point of weariness, God is bringing your joy back. You will stand and see all that you have prayed in this last season come to pass and your joy will be overwhelming and full of Glory. God Bless you all in this New Year!
 I believe that this Pentecost rapture is the wheat rapture period the first fruits is our rapture Alert!!! I received a dream sometime in the early morning hours between 5-6 am (today 3/19/17). In my dream I was shown many white legal size envelopes with the word Pentecost written on them...the dream lasted a few minutes as I was looking at them...I woke up after the dream ended and my interpretation was that the envelopes were like an announcement to be made to people...about Pentecost. Pentecost this year is June 4th Sunday. First fruits is fifty days earlier on Sunday on April 16 the...the omer count starts on April 16 for 49 days to Saturday June 3 rd and Pentecost is the 50th day Pentecost. I believe He may possibly be giving us a high watch time..although He wants us to be always watching. We are to be warning others for I believe that was why I was shown the envelopes. To share the news..only the Father knows the day or the hour but we are getting many messages that He is at the door. 
 God bless..Maranatha..
Virginia Arnke...3/19/17...

Pentecost Dream by Paula Marie
Last year I had this dream that I walked into this old time shop. I saw the wooden floor planks and a long counter that took up the whole width of the room with shelves behind it from floor to ceiling holding items for sale. I approached the counter and there was a man standing there with glasses and wearing an apron. He had his back turned to me and appeared to be busy doing something to the shelves as I approached. I don't remember if I said anything to him or not, but he turned around swiftly with this alarm clock in his hand. It was the wind up kind with 2 bells on top. He set it down hard on the counter, looked at me and said, "He is coming at Pentecost". The time on the clock said 3 O'clock. ...End of dream!

Hey Paula!
 Last night I had a short yet very encouraging dream that I just want to share real quick.There was a teenage girl I was praying for in the dream who had a drug addiction. As I started to pray for her, she began manifesting and her legs were twisting and slithering around and as I went to rebuke the manifesting she said, "This sucks doesn't it?" (pointing to her legs) And it looked like her hips and both her legs have been attached backwards. I continued to pray for her and for some reason I told her that if she takes an old flip flop and boils it, it will relieve all drug cravings. What I get from that is the term flip-flop I guess meaning going back and forth on views of things and actions. Lately I have been in the process of asking the Lord to heal all of my soul wounds and to burn up everything inside of me that is not of God with the fire of God. I feel that could mean kind of the same thing? The next part of my dream, my Mother and I were sitting in a waiting room and I noticed on the wall was a wooden plague with a cross and a crucified Jesus attached to it. I continued talking to my Mom and I glanced back at the plague and Jesus and cross have completely disappeared, leaving a light colored spot where the cross was! I yelled "He is on His way!" And I ran out of the waiting room! I woke up this morning with real urgency in my spirit! There is no doubt it is soon! I have been watching Steve Fletcher's videos on YouTube about a possible Nissan 10 (April 6-8) rapture window and it is very interesting, I will leave a link below. As usual you have my permission to post this on the blog and I hope all is well  Paula and blessings to you and yours.
Love your Sister in Christ,

A Christian Laugh Break

Arguing with children can be risky.
In a grade school lesson, a teacher was explaining a little bit about whales. 
A little girl in class piped up and said: “I just learned that Jonah in the bible was swallowed by a whale.” 
The teacher said it was physically impossible for a whale to swallow a human because even though it was a very large mammal its throat was relatively small. 
The girl said: "I am sure Jonah was swallowed by a whale." 
The teacher reiterated that a whale could not swallow a human; that it was physically impossible. 
The little girl replied: "My Sunday school teacher told me Jonah was swallowed and she would not lie to me.” 
A bit perturbed by this, the teacher proclaimed: "That is a “story” from the bible, it is not factual, and I will not argue with you." 
After a little thought, the girl responded: "Well, when I get to heaven, I will ask Jonah". 
Now challenged, the teacher spouted: "What if Jonah didn’t go to heaven?" 
Not at all daunted, the girl quipped, " . . . . . ok then you ask him." 
- - “Out of the mouth of babes . . . “
Transformation dream by El laine
I had these dreams quite a while ago so I don't remember all the details as to why I had it but I just remembered the most important parts.

It was as if I was actually transforming day-by-day it wasn't an immediate experience. it was like it took a whole week to transform now that just might mean that it was years to transformation rolled up into one or becoming a Christian and serving the lord like I do now.

Anyways I remember waking up one of these mornings in the dream and I notice it my hand has white blotches on it in my face did too and these blotches covered my entire body. I remember feeling a little embarrassed to go outside with this blotchy skin. It reminded me of calamine lotion that you put it on for rashes and stuff I guess . I remember wearing calamine lotion as a kid but I don't remember what it was for but anyway that's what it looked like certain spots like polka dot and the spots got bigger and bigger until they covered my whole arm and I thought maybe it was leprosy or something and I was covered with these blotches but the thing was I wasn't afraid to go out in public anymore because I saw a lot of other people with these white blotches too. The world did not look down on us and we were rather a happy group because we knew we were going to be completely transformed go in the barley rapture

This is not my dream Paula it belongs to someone else but all I think this is the dream that shows what's going to happen after we get transformed.  The dream is important for those that get left behind. I sense that there's too much stress and too much uncertainty at least for the bride 

~A friend of mine had this dream last night.  This is it:
Shook me to the core of my spirit I have been asking the LORD FOR a dream of what is to come an He has been showing me more and more!
My Dream,
I was with a Friend of mine and we were in a store grabbing snacks to eat and we were talking then suddenly a huge blackout occured and all the lights went off in the store as well as the street lights there was no light anywhere. People were in fear and screaming trying to find their love ones and trying to use their phones but they did not work NO ELETRONICS WORKED it was so powerful our phones would not turn on. THEN I HEARD A LARGE BOOM it was so loud I felt my eardrums bust and I could barely hear people were screaming were gonna die!!!! were gonna die!!! My friend spoke to me and said we have to get out of here & go back to my house I have flashlights and water and food stocked up I said okay and we prayed & asked the LORD to provide a safe space so we can get out of the darkness. The Lord said Because we were faithful trust me I will make a way. Moments later we saw ARMY TRUCKS  shined their lights into the windows of the store and they came in the store with flashlights and guns speaking to us in a panic telling us WE MUST COME WITH THEM QUICKLY they have a ''SAFE'' camp for surviors to go get food, water, medical care. They were pushing people out the door and trying to load people into the trucks some people went willingly and others they forced into the trucks. When a soilder was approaching the  back to grab people and load them into the truck he heard me and my friend praying He grabbed me by the hair and my friend by the neck & yelled to the soilder in the front I am gonna have to kill these two they are ''danger to society'' he said hurry up we almost done loading people in the trucks we will throw their bodies into the fire later. He was dragging us farther in the back toward the door in the darkness so no one can see us or him and then he let us go and said to me listen to me very carefully  DONT TALK!  wait until you hear the trucks take off and when its clear run to your home and stay there and pray to the LORD that He gives you the strength to endure this and go preach everywhere you can & to anyone who has not been caught yet. My friend asked what is happening? why are you letting us go? He showed us his arm and he had the mark of the beast in his arm and it said activated  ''He said many died from a NECULAR ATTACK  and many died because the US Betrayed their own people and planned this to happen thats how they are gonna impliment the chip through FEAR they will control the people.  The ANTICHRIST IS HERE EVERYONE THAT WENT IN THE TRUCKS ARE GONNA GET THE CHIPS and he showed us the chip  and ''said  I just got this today and now I am damned for eternal life its too late for me I am going to eternal fire but you still have a chance GO NOW you know what your supposed to do and please pray for my family and took off in the direction toward the light and trucks and we waited until the trucks left and WE and ran WEST. THEN I WOKE UP!

 From another friend of mine
Wow! I have heard of several dreams, visions and words of knowledge similar to this. I van confirm the first part in reality. Last Wednesday 911 went down for 4 hours in Florida, Georgia, Kentucky, Tennessee and Kansas. Of course no news reported on it. Last Saturday, telephone and computer system went down in Fruitland Park, Florida. Debit and credit cards were useless. Only cash worked. No news reported on it. A month ago, the power went ouy at my worksite in Umatilla, Florida. It hasn't been restored. If it wasn't for my power pal and the fact I can charge my laptop at home and my phone in my car...I'd be hosed! So...your friend's dream is not only prophetic, it is accurate. No one will listen or prepare...until it's tok late. I never leave my house without my gun, knife, money and a light source....because you never know.

Dream by El laine 
I just woke up a little while ago from a little nap and I had a dream and I mean it was a dream about the transformation / rapture period

This was so amazing Paula, every child under the age of accountability we're the first ones to go. It seemed that everyone was in some sort of a building they had a big wide door and you would go up to the door and in the darkness of space you jumped into it and you began to fly.

The children change first. There were so happy there would giggling and laughing and just about screaming with joy because they can fly. There were covered like with this white mist comma after she was like a little as she missed but the definitely was white

They were stretched out with their hands and feet to hands in the air and two feet legs stretched out and they looked like a five pointed star.  The head help shape the form of the style with their to outstretched arms.  the children were turning somersaults in the style form.  

The adult for transformed next. I saw mostly senior citizens people in their eighties and nineties come up to the door and we assisted them period they didn't quite know what was going on with the news that it was good. They came in their pajamas robes nightgowns like that just got out of bed. When they got to the door they begin to ask a lot of questions I didn't see any canes,or wheelchairs there oh, that was  the children were flying in the air all kinds of ways. The seniors walked up to this window, and we told them that they were going to change so that they could fly to. Those of us that were under the age of 80 we're helping them.

 it had happened in the middle of the night just before Dawn but we had to hurry because it was a great event something like a big EMP, that was going to happen to the Earth

 03/11/17 - The "Jolt" Vision

Lisa sent me a text today as she had a vision.  She said she saw "busyness" everywhere, bombs going off.  She also saw a huge "jolt"...a big shaking and she asked if that is in the physical realm or is it financial and God says both.  The Jolt is so sharp that about everybody falls over from it and she could not tell if it's from an impact but it's almost like something hit the planet and there was a sharp huge jolt.  Then all of the sudden she felt this peace and it poured over her and she felt was euphoric as she was lifting up.  It was crazy to her because it seemed like one thing starts and then it's chaos everywhere.. in my dream that I sent you I felt that this was why we were trying to get everyone out of the window because of this coming jolt.  This is another word that I want to use but I don't know how to spell it or pronounce it it starts with the letter C and Inns in three letters mic

Black Horse Dream by Paula Marie
I had a dream last night about a black horse. But before I went to bed I asked the Lord to give me a Word a Vision or a dream to let us know if the economy was going to collapse soon because there is so much talk about it happening even within this next week and then He gave me this dream.
In this dream I was sitting at a table in this house with a friend. I don't know if I was visiting or if I lived there. As we were sitting there talking this woman riding on a black horse came through the wall and went riding past us real fast and out the other wall. She was dressed in riding clothes, the type of clothes you would see the Royals wear to a croquet game. Long sleeved red shirt, black pants, a black helmet, long black boots and all. I said to my friend, did you see that? She said she saw a black horse ride past us and out the wall. So I said to her, well it must be something spiritual because horses cannot go through walls. So we both looked at the window in the direction it had gone but nothing was there. 
We sat back down and started talking again and the horse and rider came back through the wall and went galloping past us again and went through the other wall that went to a den or living room that was in the house. 
So I got up and went into the room where they went and saw the woman standing there. There was no horse. I felt comfortable and wasn't scared at all being near her and decided to ask her some questions. 
I asked her why a black horse was riding through our house. She said because the economy is about to collapse. 
Then I asked her when it will collapse. And she said "IMMEDIATELY, IT IS IMMINENT!" 
Then I asked her where the horse went and she said it is making its rounds but will be back shortly. 
That was the end of the dream. But I believe it means that the economy is going to collapse soon and the horse is right now making its rounds, to get things in place. And when it gets back to the rider it will all collapse. The time is soon!

Hey Paula,
   It's Lauren again with some visions and some "revelations" that I have compiled together from the last month or so. It seems as though I have been dealing with some serious spiritual warfare lately. Particularly at night when I am trying to sleep. I have been getting this high pitched ringing in my ears, my dog has been keeping me up all night whining, growling and barking for no reason. When I wake up in the morning, my whole body is sore and yesterday I had this intense migraine. I know without a doubt that I have been under spiritual attack because I have also seen black orb like balls floating around my house in the corner of my eye. I have been watching this woman on Youtube who used to practice witchcraft and is now born again. Her channel is called "The Other Side of Darkness". She mentioned in one video that she keeps a list of satanic ritual dates, so that she can make sure that she is prayed up and has her armor on, on those days. She mentioned that February 28th (Mardi Gras) was one of those dates as well as the next day March 1 (Ash Wednesday). Both of those nights proved to be especially restless for me, and have since just kind of persisted on through March so far. My neck, shoulder, chest are all sore and even at times I feel dizzy and nauseated. I know other saints must be going through similar attacks right now, so I just want to share with you how important it is right now to keep our armor on at ALL times. There is no doubt things are coming to a head.
   On another note, the Lord has shown me a few visions a couple weeks apart that, in true Holy Spirit fashion, relate to one another. The first set of visions I received from the Lord on the  late night of February 21/ early morning of February 22nd. I was in my prayer closet praying before bed and with my eyes closed I was shown a scene of the interior of a large museum type building. It was very spacious with grand high ceilings. I was shown what looked like a sort of lobby and all of a sudden it was consumed with rushing water. It looked as though a raging river was let loose into the building and the water began to rise. Then the walls of the building started to disappear, one by one. They didn't fall or disintegrate but they simply just vanished making a pathway for the rushing water to go. One by one each wall would disappear and the water would rush passed until the last wall opened up to a completely desert landscape. The water was free, and then a complete scene change. I was shown a line of people who appeared to be waiting in line at an airport ticket counter. A variety of different people were waiting in line but one man stood out. He was bound to a hand-truck upside-down. I underlined upside down because that was actually shown to me again in a dream the other night. The only thing I remember from the dream the other night was just a group of people casually standing on their heads just hanging out like it was normal. I attempted to do some research on the "upside-down" thing and of course we know the apostle Peter was crucified upside-down, but do to the elements of the rest of the visions the Lord gave me, I think it may represent a perversion or a backwardness. So back to the vision; I also observed another man behind the bound man pushing him along on the hand-truck behind him. The man didn't seem to be struggling at all, rather he seemed to be quite comfortable being bound upside-down. Now what I saw next standing on the line is going to take some skill to describe. Okay try to picture a two and a half foot tall, sapphire blue, see-through pyramid, standing on two brown furry, clawed "beast like" feet. I remember that the color blue can represent revelation and the symbol of the pyramid usually represents the body of Christ. So naturally there would be a duality in that I believe this to represent the Body of the Anti-Christ of Revelation, due to the beast looking feet. As if the vision couldn't get more abstract, it does. At the very front of the line was the ticket counter, and when I looked at the middle aged looking woman behind the counter, I found myself asking the woman for something. I thought/said three very odd words to her; "Blue Ellen please". After thinking those words I obviously was confused as to what I had communicated to her. Again knowing the color blue could represent revelation, I looked into what the name Ellen means. The name means light, torch, and bright. I could have been saying revelation light please. lol I don't know (open to interpretation) The next scene I was shown appeared to be the interior of what seemed to be an old historic looking boarding school. I saw children in school uniforms there and the reason I think it was a boarding school is because I saw out the windows and it was night time. The children were crowded around a man who was reading to them from a big book and then sitting next to the man was a small red dragon. What I felt from that vision was that, what they were teaching children was false and straight from the enemy. Or that the enemy is behind the lessons. The next scene that I was shown was a golden throne and a woman was standing in front of the throne. She had a crown and a royal blue velvet looking cloak/cape. She started to walk away from the thrown and the Lord had me sort of focus in on the backrest of the throne. I could tell that the carvings in it were ornate and beautiful but it was too blurry for me to see what He wanted me to focus on so, I thought "I can't see!" And I heard the word in my spirit "Lion." When looking back on that scene I thought of the Leo and Virgo constellations in the heavens because Leo is directly behind the woman. Next the woman walked toward a fenced off maze of wheat. I noticed the top of the wheat was full and looked to be ready to harvest! I think we know what that means.
     Also I don't remember the exact date that I saw this but, I was shown in my spiritual eyes the numbers 40 and 71, I have heard some people talking about 40 days of purifying the temple before Passover. I'm not really sure about it. I am open to interpretation on that.
    The next vision was shown to me on the night of February 25th while praising the Lord getting ready to pray in my prayer closet. With my eyes closed I saw the Lord!  Dark shoulder length hair, beautiful dark eyes, dark beard, white robe and He was bathed in light. He came toward me from the right and started to walk in front of me. When this was happening I was so elated and it felt almost surreal to have my hands up praising the Lord whilst actually looking at Him. I remember thinking "Wow, how many people have experienced this in life. I am so blessed, thank you Lord!" Then He walked towards my left and into a shadow and it was too dark I couldn't see Him. I thought it was odd because I always thought He would light up from the inside out. As He came back into the light, the famous animated Disney image of The Beauty and the Beast dancing together popped up out of nowhere! That's when I knew it wasn't the Lord! I was deceived! He looked just like Him and I was worshipping Him! I felt sick to my stomach. I started to repent and ask for forgiveness. As I am writing this I am just cringing. That was the beast! I realize now that he was at eye level with me and walked passed me, and we know that the real Lord will be calling us up from the clouds. I know that the Lord was showing me just how convincing this  Anti-Christ will be and to not be deceived no matter how he looks. (Matthew 24:23-27) 23 "Then if anyone says to you, ‘Look, here is the Christ!’ or ‘There he is!’ do not believe it. 24 For false christs and false prophets will arise and perform great signs and wonders, so as to lead astray, if possible, even the elect. 25 See, I have told you beforehand. 26 So, if they say to you, ‘Look, he is in the wilderness,’ do not go out. If they say, ‘Look, he is in the inner rooms,’ do not believe it. 27 For as the lightning comes from the east and shines as far as the west, so will be the coming of the Son of Man."  Needless to say I have been repenting and asking for forgiveness since then!
  I was shown a couple more visions, one on the night of March 6th and one on the night of March 7th, again while praying with my eyes closed. Late Monday night March 6th I was shown three of the four horses of the Apocalypse. I saw the black horse, the white horse and the red horse racing through a large expanse. Before I could realize what I was seeing, I was shown an close up image of the three horses' faces. They were standing extremely close to on another and they were drinking out of a river of blood! Their faces were absolutely covered in deep red and the blood was rapidly absorbing into the fur on their faces. The red blood on the white horse was especially visually disturbing.  The fourth pale/greenish horse was not there, I'm guessing not time yet?
  And the final vision to wrap up this confusing and disturbing vision update. On the night of March 7th, I was talking to the Lord vey casually. I don't remember what I was saying really, I was getting ready to do my nightly prayers. I quickly closed my eyes and I saw a hand and the hand was cupped and inside of it was this fine light colored grain."He will separate chaff from grain, and burn up the chaff with eternal fire and store away the grain.” (Luke 3:17) I believe that the Lord is communicating that all of these trials and attacks and tests and lessons are all necessary grinding of the good grain. The Lord is readying us Saints and just to hold on, keep faithful and always watch for our redemption draweth nigh! 
   Thank you Sister for taking the time to read this, I know it was kind of long and very confusing but I feel that this needs to be shared. As always you have my permission to share this on your blog and I just thank you again for providing this platform for me to share what the Lord shows me. May God bless you and yours and I pray you have a blessed day!
 Love and Blessings- Lauren <3

A Christian Laugh Break

Old Man Pulls One Over On City Slicker

A little old man answered a knock on the door one day, only to be confronted by a very well-dressed young man in a navy blue pinstriped suit, red silk tie, white shirt, shoes polished like black mirrors, and carrying a vacuum cleaner.
“Good morning,” said the young man. “If I could take a couple minutes of your time, I would like to demonstrate the very latest in high-powered vacuum cleaners.”
“Get lost, Mister fancy suit!” said the old man. “I haven’t got any money.” He proceeded to close the door.
Quick as a flash, the young man wedged his polished shoe in the door and pushed it wide open.
“Don’t be too hasty!” he said. “Not until you have at least seen my demonstration.”
The old man again told him to get lost. And with that, the young man emptied a bucket of mud all over his hallway carpet.
“If this vacuum cleaner does not remove all traces of this mess from your carpet, Sir, I will personally eat the remainder.”
“I got a better idea” said the old man, looking the young man up and down, “If you don’t clean it all up, I’ll swap those fancy clothes of yours fer my overalls.”
“Fine, sir!” said the young man confidently.
“That fancy suit and tie are gonna look good on me!” said the old man.”But take them shoes off first!”
“But sir! I haven’t demonstrated the vacuum yet!”
“Yes, you have. The electricity ain’t workin’…”
I bet he’s going to regret that move!

Author Unknown

An SQ Alert


I work IT at one of the highest technical positions in a major telecommunications firm .The only position higher than the one my colleagues or myself holds, is the CIO position.

We usually get info way before implementation. There is now a project going on in banks to implement block chain technology. This is very different from past reports as the previous reports were banks testing it out.

The testing is complete. Contractual discussions between banks and a big three letter company (helped to create the serial number generators for the Nazis) are underway. The details are more or less related to a typical service. But, still blockchain technology will be used to track people, their payments and enforce much higher taxes.

Personally, almost all of my assets are outside of the banking system. I work with banks daily and have hundreds of clients. So, obviously I have some experience to back up my decision.-----------A second note about bank warnings.

1. ECB has put out recent warnings about the volatility in the forex and
bond markets. I believe this is a face saving move, so when big losses
come, they will say "we told you so".

2. Working with Federal Reserve on a technical project. They are clueless,
have no plans, and make decisions that make no sense. Typically
organizations run from the top down, so, I wouldn't be surprised if the
heads of the Fed are the same. Hard to say if they are malicious or just
1 - Know that all your transactions can be tracked and are shared between governments.
2 - Gold & Silver are a must. I have used it to pay friends when I didn't want transactions showing up on my bank account.
3 - I like bitcoin. I know some people think this was created by "the elite", but why create bitcoin and leave it there while creating your own independent blockchain tech to back up fiat currency transactions? This tells me it is not elite controlled, at least, not completely. And, there is some anonymity there for privacy concerned people.
4 - Hold cash in small bills. Banks are moving towards a cashless society, no doubt. But, there is a major opinion that they do not want to do away with smaller denominations, at least anytime soon. The ECB has new banknote issuance into 2018 and they have the project teams to back up the news. I keep stacks of 5s, 10s, and 20s. From what we have seen in the recent past, it is always the large denominations that are banned overnight.

The rest of the methods I know about are either, illegal or make you look like a criminal. Some are legal, depending on where you set them up and where the moves are made. So, I'd suggest people look into:

1 - Foreign family trusts in nations that do not have a FATCA treaty but also have a stable legal and economic system. This must be done by a lawyer to be done legally and varies from person to person. But, you can use your trust as an intermediary for payments legally.
2 - Hold more assets outside of the banking system. Things that have lasted throughout history and are not always considered financial investments:
- Food & Farmland
- Fine wine (the kind of stuff that is less that 1% of the world's supply and is rare), very illiquid but in most cases, not regulated by FIN law and not always subject to capital gains tax. Also, very speculative.
- Having a trade network on your own. Learning how to trade goods you can produce. This is how families survived the Soviet Union and the famines.

That is all I have, but, the only way to beat the blockchain technology is to not use it. That means both being outside of it's system and doing low tech stuff from the past.

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Word Received by Doug Hatcher

Transcript: Tell my people this is the year of my coming. Don't doubt just believe. 
I have told many this but they fail to believe what I Am saying.
My son, when the trumpet sounds, the unbelief in many will turn to belief.
Many I have chosen to tell this to about my coming, are the very elect and they still don't believe.
My son. I am very proud of your obedience to my message. 
Many are worried about what men thinks of them so they are being silent. Shame on them. 
My sheep hear My voice. Many chose to hear what they want to hear from me. My son the time is now for many to give their lives to me and to be born again.


Last week  I got the world Trainwreck and I remember reading it on Call of the bride and the following is the message that she wrote and the interpretation of it

The Trumpet Soun Words for the Last Days
A Prophetic Vision: America’s Destruction is at Hand!
For the past weeks my burden to pray more fervently and constantly for America has increased as I have not heard and seen anything but the “Fallen Obama and the Fall of America.” (This is a vision I received months ago which keeps coming to me recently. I will be posting the article in a few days as the Lord wills.) Meanwhile, my dear American friends also sent me messages that made my heart heavy with apprehension as to what’s really coming to the nation in the very near future. The overwhelming revelations have led me deeper into prayer and intercession that I could not get to answer those emails as I didn’t know how to answer then, and what exactly to say to them. In prayer I brought all my questions to the Lord, foremost of them is whether there is really no hope for the Lord to spare America even for the sake of the elect. I wasn’t really hopeful to hear a different answer than He has already given me when I asked Him if there is yet hope for America to repent as a nation, to which He answered me with one word, “Nahum.”

I am pouring out my heart everyday unto the Lord, and the other day was no different when I received a fresh vision of America’s destruction after a fervent prayer before going to bed. Realizing that the vision which came twice is highly significant, I got up immediately,  not minding it was past midnight here in the Philippines, to email my dear friend Carlos;  for I believe he could interpret the vision better than I could.

Here’s the vision as I related to Brother Carlos which he also published in his blog here:

Urgent Prophetic Word for a Sleeping America

I was already asleep when I heard “God Bless America.” I didn’t mind it but it kept coming so I asked the Lord if He wanted to bless America again. Then I saw a horrible scene of a train hitting a man who was oblivious to the surroundings. The man was walking, approaching the railroad track while the train had been honking, trying to get the man’s attention, but he didn’t seem to hear anything and so he met his horrible death. I gasped at what I saw and tried to shake it off my mind because it was so terrible. I prayed/interceded for the man whoever he is and wherever that (situation) is.

As I tried to get back to sleep (I didn’t open my eyes), I heard again the American song (“God Bless America”), then the horrible scene of a train and the man again struck me, and it came with this message; “Such is America’s fate, sudden destruction comes to those who are oblivious.”

Very quickly after the 2nd vision of the train and the man, I saw Obama and heard “Obamacare”.

(I wonder) why does God use the train as an illustration? I understand the honking to call the man’s attention to stop/keep him from crossing the railroad; but he simply was either totally oblivious and absent-minded, or just wanting to commit suicide.

I didn’t imagine this answer from the Lord. I prayed before going to bed, to show me if there’s yet any hope for America to be spared even for the sake of the elect. I know I asked a similar question about hope of national repentance which He answered me with one word, “Nahum,” so I wasn’t really convinced with my question this time. So I asked Him if destruction is imminent, then how soon and bad that would be?

There’s a detail in the vision . . . which I believe is very significant. The train was really close by and speeding when I saw it that it seemed impossible for the man to turn around to avoid it. Could this mean that America’s judgment is really close at hand?

Even as I am typing this email to you, I feel such pain in my heart. I can’t understand why the Lord has given me this burden when it seems that there’s really nothing I can do about what’s coming to your nation. I believe I’d be weeping when that day comes.

Here is his answer:

Within the framework of a dream, a train is the most powerful ministry of all, even more powerful than a large airplane.  A train is “on track” and is considered “Heaven-bound”.  The train was God’s judgment (on track), the man is America, and the song is what Americans wrongly still believe, i.e. that God will bless this nation despite our grave sins.  The man was oblivious, as is the average American.  Essentially, America’s spiritual blindness is indeed leading her to suicide!  The train horn was the voice of the prophets and watchmen whom God is using to sound the alarm!  You are one of His prophetesses who has been called to warn.

You saw this twice, so God has confirmed His word.  Nahum is also a powerful word, for this shows us that America’s judgment is certain this time.  Recall that Nahum prophesied to Nineveh about 150 years after Jonah’s successful journey during which Nineveh repented.  No such repentance in Nahum’s time; the deal is done, sealed.  Likewise, America’s fate is sealed.  Cynthia, you have been the recipient of a powerful prophetic vision which has dire implications for this nation.

The train came from the North and as Brother Carlos said, “This is the direction from which God’s judgment originates, and especially we read in Jeremiah that His judgment of Babylon will be from the North. ”

Jeremiah 50:3; 8-9 (CJB)

For from the north a nation is marching against her that will desolate her land. No one will live there–

Flee from Bavel! Leave the land of the Kasdim! Be like male goats leading the flock; for I will stir up and bring against Bavel an alliance of great nations from the country to the north. They will array themselves against her; from there she will be captured. Their arrows are like those of a death-dealing warrior; none will return in vain.

This morning we had a brief chat about the vision. After the chat I decided to pray before writing this article to seek the Lord’s guidance and confirmation. What I opened to immediately in my Bible brought chills to my body as there lay before me Jeremiah 51, and highlighted is verse 6 which says:

Flee from Bavel, let each one save his life! Don’t perish because of her guilt. For the time has come for the vengeance of Adonai; He will repay her what she deserves.

What a confirmation from the Lord, I believe, of what Carlos and I saw and discussed about the vision. It should be noted that along with Jeremiah 50, Jeremiah 51 is among several chapters in the Bible that refers to America as Babylon of which Brother Carlos also wrote and summarized in his new post here:

My dear friends, brothers and sisters, please consider the message of the Lord in this vision. Do not be like the “oblivious man” who didn’t hear the warning of the speeding train which ended his life in a horrible manner. Check your spiritual condition. Know and receive Jesus Christ as your Savior and Lord. Hear His call in Isaiah 55:6-7 which says:

Seek Adonai while He is available.

Call on Him while He is still nearby.

Let the wicked person abandon His way

and the evil person his thoughts;

let him return to Adonai,

and He will have mercy on him;

let him return to God,

for He will freely forgive.

Love in Yeshua,

God bless you Paula,
I hope that you are well. Sorry it's been so long. I wanted to share something with you I thought was a beautiful sign of God. 

I was looking at one of my apps on my phone and it said a new version 3.16 was available. I thought that was interesting and remembered John 3:16 in the bible has the same number. Then I thought, what does John 3:16 say? I went to find my bible and thought I'll look in my old bible not the new one because I hadn't used it in awhile. When I found it it had a pen inside marking one of the pages. I was curious what page it was holding (but I was still focused on John 3:16). I looked at the top of the page, found St. John and opened it to find that that was the page the pen was holding. And John 3:16 was marked.

Also as an added note. My birthday is 3/15.

Just as in
John 3:15===
That whoever believeth in Him should not perish but have eternal life.

This bible was a gift from my Grand mother Wila Mae who has already gone to be with the Lord. And my grandfather Harold as well. Together again I pray.
I do not believe in coincidence. I believe in God. 

Take Care,

🌺Aloha~Much love πŸ’–
Hello sister. I'm so excited to share this YouTube video with you. It's out of Pastor Paul speaking about weather changes and claimant events. And earthquakes I believe. He also held up a huge banner someone made and mailed to him and he reads the verse from John 316. It's confirmation! Glory be to God we're on our way home sister. I can't wait to wrap my arms around you and our heavenly home. I'll see you in the air much love. 
Take Care,


Dream on March 1, 2017 by Paula Marie
This dream may be implying a specific person or it can be pertaining to the state that many Christians are in right now in the body of Christ.

In this dream, we were all outside of this army camp getting ready to enter when the gate opened. We were all dressed in army uniforms with black boats camouflage pants and all. As soon as the gate opened, everyone ran to wherever they were going. It was like a stampede of people. I guess they were going to their barracks. I had the impression the we were being trained for something, maybe to go to a battle of some sort. I saw this mobile building up on blocks and there was a door, I knew it was a men’s shower room and I thought I would use it as a shortcut to get to where I needed to go. So I headed to the door. And just as I did I saw this woman standing near the door with a baby in her hands. She was holding this baby but the way she was holding it was kind of odd. Sort of like how you would hold a football when you are about to pass it and she was holding it out from her as if she wanted to give it to someone. Everyone was running with their uniforms on but she was the only one dressed in regular clothes holding this baby that didn’t have any clothes on or even a blanket. She seemed lost and out of place. She said to me, what am I going to do with this baby? And she was holding it out from her as if she was confused. I noticed it was naked and very small. I asked her how old it was. She said it was a month old but looked much smaller than that. I told her she could take a shortcut with me through this men’s shower room. The lights were off and no one was in there. But she said she couldn’t take the baby in there. So I left her standing there and went inside. Off to the right was a hallway with an open door and there she was standing in this hallway with the baby. So she found another way inside. She was still standing there clueless on what to do. And she looked at me and said. I think I need to give this baby some milk....End of Dream

A Christian Laugh Break

A man arrives at the gates of heaven. St. Peter asks, "Denomination?" The man says, "Methodist." St. Peter looks down his list, and says, "Go to room 24, but be very quiet as you pass room 8."
Another man arrives at the gates of heaven. "Denomination?"
"Go to room 18, but be very quiet as you pass room 8."
A third man arrives at the gates. "Denomination?"
"Go to room 11, but be very quiet as you pass room 8."
The man says, "I can understand there being different rooms for different denominations, but why must I be quiet when I pass room 8?"
St. Peter tells him, "Well the Baptists are in room 8, and they think they're the only ones here.

Hello sister Paula.
 It's been awhile since I wrote you. I've never received anything like I did last night after praying to our Lord Jesus Christ to show me anything he wants me to see/know about the events about to take place as well as the rapture of the bride of Christ. A little background on me , I've been a born again Christian since October 2013 and I'm 37 years old. I was raised Catholic and was never taught about salvation and a personal relationship with Jesus until one day the lord got a hold of me and my life had never been the same. I feel as though I am not worthy to hear from god or enter his kingdom but I pray daily to be accounted worthy to escape everything that is about to come to pass and to stand before the son of man. Jesus has my whole heart and I have surrendered completely to him and pick up my cross daily. I'm watching and waiting to be caught up with him in the clouds and to forever be with him. I have a you tube account but I have never made videos myself. I decided to contact you and tell you about my dream last night 3/2/17. This is not thus saith the Lord , I still consider myself a babe in Christ. I'm just very shook up. 

Getting on to the first thing I heard around midnight while sleeping. I heard "Death is coming", "NEWPORT". Then around 2 am I had a dream of me hovering over New York and my eyes fixated on the Statue of Liberty. While looking at the Statue of Liberty I heard "Fire and Brimstone shall fall on New York within 7 days". 

Then I woke and asked for scripture immediately and heard Luke 21 verse 6. I share this with you sister in Christ humbly, I ask that you pray over this with me. 
Sister in Christ 

Wow wow guys last night February 21 2017, I had a vision and when I came out of it I had a headache and painful throat. I lied on the bed for a good 5 mins just thinking and in shock about what God had shown me. We have not got much time. Grace period is about to be ended. When the grace period has ended and the mercy seat of God is closed  you will pay for your salvation with your lives.

In this vision I was in a room with a lot of brothers and sisters we all had an angel beside us. My angel told me that the time is now 11:45pm and in 15 mins exactly at midnight the revelation 12  sign will be completed in the sky , and that grace and mercy period will be finished that God has given to us.  He told me to look up in the sky at the constellations.

As I looked into the night sky the moon was golden and crescent shape, the sun was sitting in the middle of the moon and there was a golden crown on top of the moon. 

As we were waiting for midnight to come the angels said that when we see the change in the moon and everyone in this room will be taken to safety. 

Midnight came and the moon turned into a golden cross like a --t shape. The angel then said that's the sign the fake antichrist will be revealed shortly we must go. 

I notice everyone then disappeared and I was left standing with the angel. We then saw what looks to human men but totally demonic in nature came into the room wanting to kill us.

We escape and went into another room where I saw some of my family and some friends. The angel then told them that the antichrist will appear as Jesus Christ EMMANUEL GOD but that they should not fall for the lie and deception.

We then went into the another room where I saw some more friends and family and the angel told them not to believe the antichrist is Jesus. 

Immediately the lights went off and it appears the whole world was plunged into total darkness.  As I stood with the angel the antichrist was finally here. I could feel the presence of the fake holy and righteousness of the antichrist the deception was so strong that he almost felt like the real Jesus. 

The angel then told me that Katy Perry is with the antichrist and that her god has arrived.. The antichrist had to come down a corridor with rooms on each side. I could hear the screams and excitement from each room as the antichrist pass by. People begun to rejoice and shout JESUS CHRIST is here Jesus is here.

Has the antichrist came closer and closer to the room I was in his presence of fake holiness and righteousness was becoming real. The angel read my mind and told me that when the antichrist pass our door that I should lift up a standard in my heart so that I do not fall for the fake Jesus. 

The antichrist then reach my door and he was with Katy Perry. She begun to tell my family and some other people in the room that the King has arrive it's Jesus Christ...  

Some people started to shout for joy and was overwhelmed that Jesus was with Katy Perry. I begun to noticed how the antichrist mimic every single attributes of Jesus.  The antichrist was wearing a long white robe with a golden belt and a crown oh his head. The feeling of his fake holy and righteousness was so strong as he gentle pass the door.

I then become to plea the blood of Jesus loudly and the people who were excited to see the fake Jesus said to me why am I rebuking God?
I kept rebuking the antichrist and he got very upset and came into the room

He then changed straight away and was up in my face. I started to tell him that I knew who he was "satan " and he said yes I am. The person that he changed into was Barack Obama. Barack features was extremely demonic I was shocked to see Obama in satan form. I wanted the vision to end even though I was still rebuking him. 

God then pulled me out of the vision and it ended and that's when I woke up with a headache and painful throat. #TeamJesus #Prophetess

no updates due to technical difficulties

An SQ Alert

Over a thousand Sv/ minute, kills rad hardened robots in minutes – I know a thing or 2 about that - all my space stuff was hardened, and I was the dept expert. That is an insane melt down!!! DO NOT eat ANY sea foods from the pacific – from Ak to southern SA. 1 Sv is a lethal dose for a human – U die in less than a month form that –so they cant send any human beenz in there at all. They would die in seconds at those levels.

Here is that nuke in Ukraine – go to about 14 min and Watch that fireballk and rising white column of ‘smoke’…

There were 2 small tac nukes that went off in Ukraine area last week. That is likely where the I-131 is coming from over yooroop. Israeli news live covered it, at about 14 min the second one goes off.Fireball with WHITE cloud rising very high. TNT is black smoke, and does not have enough heat to rise that high. Not a weapons cache as there were no secondary explosions. This was about 2 miles away from the camera from the delay of the BOOM. Given the foreground things, it was BIG.Much bigger than a 750 lber. Which would have been BLACK, too.



Radiation Cloud Dream by Paula Marie (2/12/17)
I had a what I feel could be a very prophetic dream last night on what is to come. In my dream I was standing in this lobby of a theater where people perform plays. Larry and I were taking this Christian youth group to see this play. I remember having 9 tickets for all who were in the group and I checked to see that they were still tucked away safely in my purse. After that, I heard a woman's voice come over the loud speaker. She said a radiation cloud is coming our way and we have to leave the area immediately, but I had a strange thought about the tickets and was thinking that if we didn't go to see the play there would be 9 empty seats in the theater. 

So Larry and I decided to take a peak inside. Every seat was empty, no one was around, everyone was gone, even the kids that were supposed to be with us. So we headed out the exit. I looked up at the sky and saw a huge red sun setting and another small sun in line with it and was about to set. So I was looking at two red suns in the sky, one big one and one small one and the sky was a strange red color. 

Then in my dream, I saw a notebook and a pen and I heard a voice say write these things down and warn the people. When you hear of the radiation cloud and see the two suns in the sky that it will be time to go. I also heard the voice say you won't be able to go back for 30 days. Then I woke up. 

Now Look at these videos that were uploaded today!

Rapture confirmations from a sister in Christ!
This all started when I was casually speaking with my mother about the grace of God and how mankind is squandering it. A thought came to me and I spoke it out loud, "Perhaps that's why those demons hate us because if they had the grace of Jesus' sacrifice on the cross, they would not hesitate to repent ad be redeemed."

Later that night I felt uneasy in my spirit, but eventually, I fell asleep. I would later come under spiritual attack twice in one night. The first incidence was a dream of me in my bedroom, unable to say the name of Jesus at the moment, but then a poster was shown to me on the wall. It clearly depicted the fate of the fallen angels.

"And they shall be cast into the lake of fire." -- I heard this before waking up at 4:47 AM.

Eventually, I fell back asleep. During the second attack, I was in a house not my own. It was full of darkness and evil lurked there, that wanted to strangle and kill me when I went to turn on the light. In Jesus' name, I managed to escape.

"You think I am playing? You have very little time left!" -- I heard this before waking up at 6:30 AM.

The demons are fully aware of their encroaching doom and are pretty sore about it. Being the sore losers they are, Satan and his minions will stop at nothing to separate us from the LORD by means of doubt, deception, hardship and persecution. They want to distract us in hopes of squandering the time we have left on earth. So that when we take our final breath it will be too late to repent, and we would share in their eternal damnation. 

Do not let that happen, stay on the narrow path. Stay close to Jesus, our redemption draws near.

- Jessica



In the name, authority and power of the LORD Jesus Christ of Nazareth, we agree with and send this prayer throughout the earth and the heavens to stand together against this mass witchcraft attack directed over the next few days against President Trump, his family and friends, his advisors and his cabinet, and us, whether the effects are intended to be immediate or delayed.

We are seated in the heavenlies with God, are saved by Jesus Christ, and have the Holy Ghost indwelling us. We have power and the victory against satan and his minions, agents, allies, and servants because of the victory of the cross of Jesus Christ. It is finished. They are defeated. We are victors. We come in His power, not ours.

We cover ourselves and every person coming in prayer against this mass witchcraft attack with the blood of the Lamb of God. We loose warrior angels to protect and guard us. We armor ourselves with the whole armor of God, and ask the Holy Ghost to turn our swords of the Spirit into flaming swords of power, might and swiftness. We lock our shields of faith into a collective shield wall that will cover every man, woman and child coming in prayer and intercession against this mass witchcraft attack that may be directed against us at any time or from any place. We are more than conquerors in this battle. 

We rebuke and bind the intentions, efforts and works of every participant in this mass witchcraft attack to automatic and total failure. We loose angels of God's choice to mar every letter, marking, drawing, sigil and symbol, confuse every syllable, vowel, and word muttered, spoken, chanted or prophesied, and block and disrupt every bodily gesture, movement and stance of every one of these practitioners that are participating in this mass spell, whether they are solitary or joined in a group or coven.

We cover every instrument of witchcraft with the blood of Jesus Christ to discharge its power and disconnect it from its satanic power source. God, please destroy every instrument of witchcraft being used for this attack. We ask you to crush their stones and crystals, splinter and break their wands and rods, shatter their mirrors and crystal balls, rend and tear their clothing and regalia, render powerless any doll, image or effigy being utilized, and otherwise make all these instruments of evil useless forever and ever.

We cover with the blood of the Lamb of God to discharge the power of every magical hex mark, pentagram, hexagram, septagram, octogram, circle, triangle, square, pyramid, cube, platonic solid or matrix used to gather and concentrate their magical power.

We cover every participant in this mass witchcraft attack with the blood of the Lamb of God, to nullify their personal power, and disconnect them from their satanic power source.

We also loose escape and evasion into every animal and human that would be used in this mass witchcraft attack as a blood sacrifice, and ask that warrior angels be loosed to protect these intended sacrifices from capture, and release them if they are already being held.

We bind to utter failure and fruitlessness every single charm, chant, incantation, spell, curse and ritual that is coming from any source (be it human, demonic, or fallen angel) against President Trump, his family, friends, and his cabinet. By no means shall any weapon formed against them succeed.

LORD, we loose legions of armored and armed warrior angels of sufficient authority, power, rank and number to go attack immediately every demon, devil, or fallen angel sent forth from these witches, or that are aiding and/or being commanded by them.

We loose singing angels singing praises and songs unto God and Jesus Christ to fill the houses, buildings, groves, convocations, conference calls, chat rooms, websites, social media sites, and every gathering place where these witches are coming together for their evil work.

We loose civil war between every member in every coven, so that they will attack each other with rage and fury. We bind every thread and stream of their magick to unravel like a rotting cloth. We hereby cancel and nullify every demonic assignment against President Trump, his family and friends, his advisors and cabinet, and us also.

We loose 1,000 shekinah light missiles at every single participant in this mass witchcraft attack, ground zero being their hearts, minds and souls. LORD, blind them as you did Saul on the road to Damascus. Break their concentration. Distract their mind. Turn off their electricity. Put out their fires. Storm on their procession. Bring fire down on their groves. Impede, hinder and hamper them in every way, shape, form or fashion pleasing to You, O LORD of Hosts.

We pray for the salvation of every participant in this mass witchcraft attack (be they small or great), that in Your mercy, LORD, you will convict them of their sins, and break every heart with Godly sorrow which works repentance unto their salvation.

To GOD ALONE be the glory!!!

A Christian Laugh Break
Polish Divorce

A Polish man moved to the USA and married an American girl. Although his English was far from perfect, they got along very well until one day he rushed into a lawyer's office and asked him if he could arrange a divorce for him - "very quick."
The lawyer said that the speed for getting a divorce would depend on the circumstances, and asked him the following questions:
LAWYER: "Have you any grounds?"
POLE: "JA, JA, acre and half and nice little home."
LAWYER: "No," I mean what is the foundation of this case?"
POLE: "It made of concrete."
LAWYER: "Does either of you have a real grudge?"
POLE: "No, we have carport, and not need one."
LAWYER: "I mean, what are your relations like?"
POLE: "All my relations still in Poland."
LAWYER: "Is there any infidelity in your marriage?"
POLE: "Ja, we have hi- fidelity stereo set and good DVD player."
LAWYER: Does your wife beat you up?"
POLE: "No, I always up before her."
LAWYER: "Is your wife a nagger?"
POLE: "No, she white."
LAWYER: "WHY do you want this divorce?"
POLE: "She going to kill me."
LAWYER: "What makes you think that?"
POLE: "I got proof.
LAWYER: "What kind of proof?"
POLE: "She going to poison me. She buy a bottle at drugstore and put on ! shelf in bathroom. I can read, and it say, 'Polish Remover'."

My ex husband had not worked for a good 15 years since his dad died. His mom and him lived on the farm, he had a mobile home she had the farmhouse. She was way ahead of her time being filled with the spirit 45 years ago and full understanding of the Bible, she studied 18 hours a day when I met Mark, at 16. Mark was filled with all she knew, what God gave him and what he studied.  He loved the book of Deuteronomy and studied the rules of engagement and the proper protocol of judgement with the angels. He was called to help with judgement, to appeal on the people's behalf.

My daughter, 22 and I were born again in 2005. We both have the same phenomenon everyone has, the 11:11. For years, I bet there were tens of thousands texts back and forth, 11:11. We knew it was judgement. My daughter was from my second marriage, my son was from my first. Mark, the one who died Thursday night. I talked to him on the phone daily for some time until he met another girl, she became his wife, 3 years ago.. We were divorced 32 years ago.

The Lord was giving me vivid dreams, Paula, of him and I boating, he was driving and he kept falling down. The passengers were saying, "he's drunk" and I yelled back at them, "he's not drunk, he's my husband and he's sick!! This was after he was married! Kept getting the dreams about him being sick. My son goes to his dad's to meet his new wife, he said Mark petitioned the court to be able to Mary her in the Spirit realm. According to the word you can't remarry unless the ex spouse is dead. My son told me the second time he went out there, dad's lost alot of weight. Then because the Lord gave me the dreams, I was praying for him. I decided to tell my son about the dreams. He didn't take it too serious. Then he kept going out to the farm, seeing him lose alot of weight. I said pray for him, I am. He finally went to the doctor and the doctor said it was diabetes. My son has type 1 so he was sure insulin would cure him so to say. After him dropping 100 lbs, from 250 to 150, sleeping all day and night and weird pains, he went to the doctor again. I tried keeping quiet this whole time, and I did. I said great, it's just diabetes! That he can deal with. I knew in my Spirit what he had was deadly from the dreams. I googled his symptoms and kept it to myself. He went to the ER and found out it was pancreatic cancer, metastasized. He had less than 3 months. 

I was telling my son about the last reprieve a week and a half ago. I said have have his new wife call you if she sees him alert, awake for more than an half hour and take off of work and spend that time with him. Three days later, Friday night it started. He was awake and alert. My son flew out there.

My daughter was spending time at her grandma's farm just lost her husband Jan 16th. She was 4 hours away. I had the whole weekend to cry and pray for my ex. I cared for him deeply. I said, "Lord, why are you taking him?" I need confirmation?  You took me this far Lord, preparing me. Please tell me why?? 

My son reported his dad was awake, talking and walking around and that they were watching movies and eating and loving each other.

Back home, I'm knowing he will die within days. I didn't get an answer from God as to if he needed Mark or if it was an attack.

I tried texting my daughter who was out of town, to see what time she was coming home. It was dinner time and didn't make anything. I needed to pull myself together. Then I decided to text her and let her know right away, the truth, what was happening, that her brother's dad was about to die. If she was going to bring friends over, I wanted to stop her I wasn't up for it. I never received a response, strange, I kept greiving and begging, God why are you taking him ? My son adored him.
She walked in a couple hours later, looked at me and said, 'what wrong ma?' 

I said, didn't you get my text? Just as those words were spoken, her phone went... Beep - beep -beep. She said you know I don't get reception there. I bet these are the texts you sent right now tho!   It is dark, about 8:45 pm. She takes out her phone and read, then said oh my!! 

Mom, you have to see this!
So here is my text, the first one I actually sent after the second text. I wasn't even awake at 11:11. I rec'd my answer!  

On my phone, it shows 7:10 pm I sent that text. And that is accurate.  Our jaws dropped, my daughter not knowing the full story, I told her Blair I've been begging God as to why he was taken and if it WAS Him or an attack. He's telling us that it was Him, that Marks desire to Judge with the angels has come. He needs him now to prepare him because Judgement is about to fall on the world! The message sent to her at 7:10 was ABOUT Mark. The message wasn't delivered until the second she came to me after quite a few days in person so I could be with her to witness the message first hand. He proved it was Him because it wasn't in a delayed status, He actually had the time BEFORE it was sent, he had 11:11 and I didn't send it until 7:10 that day! I have it locked on my phone but I don't know how to screen capture on this new phone. He needed him and it is truly exciting because Jesus showed me from the beginning what he was doing and He followed thru til the end. I am now at peace and honestly, a little jealous, but I do know I will be used down the road too.

11:11 Amen

by Samantha Nicole:.
I received this message from the Lord late last night. It's a little long, but please don't be discouraged. I believe it's important. 

 There are many of my bride who still have one foot in me and one foot in the world. There are many who have been blinded by the enemy, who have "secret" sins buried deep within them that they are oblivious to. My children, NOW is the time to come to Me and ask for Me to shut doors where the enemy has a foothold in your life. Humble yourselves and ask Me to open your eyes and reveal to you if there is any part of you that is not pleasing to Me. You might be surprised. Children, I want you to quit listening to man and come to me. Ask me to give you total understanding to know what are truths, and what are the lies of your adversary. My desire is for you all to have such a vast amount of divine wisdom that Satan's lies can no longer penetrate your minds. My loves, humble yourselves before me NOW, seek MY face above all else. The enemy's attacks are ramping up viciously. I tell you now, unless you abide within me constantly, you will not stand these attacks. He will use everything he can against you, to cause you to stumble and fall off of my straight and narrow path. He is keeping many of my children from spending intimate time with me daily because he knows what I am capable of doing here. This is how you will keep your lamps (your temples) full. I fill you to overflowing with oil (Me) whenever you come and rest in My presence (Matthew 25:1-13). Here is where I change your heart, your mind and your will. If you do not take the time to come to Me in humbleness, prayer and worship, I cannot mold and make you into who I need you to be for this late hour. May I remind you that my first commandment is to love ME with ALL of your heart, with ALL of your soul, and with ALL of your mind? (Matthew 22:37). Children, how can you say you love Me if you do not put Me first in your life? Is there anything in your life that is more important than ME? You should know that if you truly love someone, you would do everything in your will to take the time out of your day to sit down with them and spend quality time with them. In fact, your heart would leap at the thought of this! It saddens me that many neglect me especially after all that I do for them on a daily bases. But fear not, My beautiful children. Do not feel condemned. I Am here, waiting with open arms ready to forgive you, ready to partner with you in making things right. Simply ask Me to change your heart, ask Me to be your one and only desire above all else. My children, the more you love Me, the more you will feel My love towards you and the stronger you will feel My presence. Is there anything that you struggle with in your walk towards righteousness, My child? Then I'm calling you to come to me daily and lay this burden at My feet. Put your trust in Me, know that it is My desire and My absolute pleasure to gift you with all you need to overcome every obstacle that stands between you and I. Do not give up, do not lose hope, My dear ones. If you have trusted in Me to bring you through this life into the next, than be at peace, no matter where you are in life and know that MY WILL WILL BE DONE IN YOUR LIFE. I WILL SURLY BRING YOU THROUGH. 

I love you immensely, My precious bride. Oh, how I truly cannot wait to hold you all in My arms! Soon, My children. Very soon.

 Papa Yahweh.


Matthew 25:1-13 NKJV, “Then the kingdom of heaven shall be likened to ten virgins who took their lamps and went out to meet the bridegroom. Now five of them were wise, and five were foolish. Those who were foolish took their lamps and took no oil with them, but the wise took oil in their vessels with their lamps. But while the bridegroom was delayed, they all slumbered and slept. And at midnight a cry was heard: ‘Behold, the bridegroom is coming; go out to meet him!’ Then all those virgins arose and trimmed their lamps. And the foolish said to the wise, ‘Give us some of your oil, for our lamps are going out.’ But the wise answered, saying, ‘ No, lest there should not be enough for us and you; but go rather to those who sell, and buy for yourselves.’ And while they went to buy, the bridegroom came, and those who were ready went in with him to the wedding; and the door was shut. “Afterward the other virgins came also, saying, ‘Lord, Lord, open to us!’ But he answered and said, ‘Assuredly, I say to you, I do not know you.’ “Watch therefore, for you know neither the day nor the hour in which the Son of Man is coming.”
The understanding I believe the Lord has given me is that the lamps are our bodies, the temple of God (1 Corinthians 6:19) and the oil is God, the Holy Spirit. Those who were wise loved the Lord with all of their hearts, and their one desire was for Him to be first in their lives. This is how they kept their lamps (temples) full. They stayed vigilant and kept watch for the Lord, even when it didn't seem like He would ever come for them. Those who were unwise believed He wasn't coming for them any time soon. They believed they had plenty of time to get in right standing with God. So, they didn't have a relationship with Him. And because of this, their temples (lamps) were never filled with God (oil).

Vision of Heaven Part 5 by Paula Marie
In this vision I was in heaven and I was looking at the outside of this enormous building. It was a castle like a Cinderella type castle with two huge double doors. When the doors opened I entered and realized that this was a museum with many exhibits in it. The exhibits were all the creative projects that the children of God had created while on the earth. New stuff was being added to the exhibits as even more stuff was being created in heaven. The museum appeared to go on and on as if it had no end. Some of the exhibits were small and had things in them like craft things on display that a child would make, some had clothing made from yarn, while others had flowers. Paintings and drawings lined the halls of this museum from art work people created on the earth. I saw live exhibits too of people acting in shows and people singing. I realized that God loves everything we create and cherishes them. He puts everything we ever made or created in a museum for all to see, even things that were lost or destroyed from years ago. More things are added to our exhibit and they continue to grow, even people who grow plants, they never die and will always be on display! What an amazing God we serve!

Concentration Camp Dream by Paula Marie
Last night I had this very disturbing dream about being in a concentration camp and I believe it was a warning from the Lord that the tribulation is about to begin. In the dream, I was in this school. I knew it was a school because of the long hallways, many rooms and lockers lined up on the walls. Outside the building was surrounded with a very high bob wire chain linked fence. The ones that held us captive were young American or UN troops and they seemed fair enough to us. Not too harsh as long as we did what they asked. But then things changed. we were in the hallway of this school going to a room to do some task they assigned for us when the phone rang. A young black military officer dressed in blue and gray camouflage who was in charge of us went to answer the phone. I was watching him from the hallway and could hear his conversation. Someone on the phone, obviously a higher ranking officer was telling him it was time to exterminate us and I could tell he was to do it through a firing squad. The officer had no emotion on his face and treated the task as if it were part of his job. As he was still talking about this, I ran for the exit all the time thinking that in just a few moments from now I would have a bullet in my brain. I was panicking trying to find a way to get out of the yard, but with the high bob wired fence, there was no way to escape. Then I woke up!

At the tail end of the month of June, I shared a vivid dream I had regarding Obama with the sentence "Chaos is coming" written on his forehead. In the dream, I talk about a man named "Kevin" that Obama was addressing when he said, "I'm gonna give them what they deserve!" I also noted that Donald Trump was in the meeting with them.

Tonight, I just learned that Obama has appointed a post-president spokesman by the name of Kevin Lewis.
Three Things...

1. This will be an usually hot year. It will get warm fast, and last longer than normal.

2. We will see "wicked" storms (i.e. tornados, severe thunderstorms, lighting storms, wind gusts, flash flooding etc.) come across various places. I saw entire neighborhoods leveled by tornados.  

3. A war is coming against the Christians. Persecution will rise within our walls. There will be blood on the streets. Stay sober. Keep your armor on; for we wrestle NOT against flesh and blood. 

Mena Lee Grebin 
Faithful Walk Healing Ministries

DREAM...(author unknown)  - I was driving in my car with other cars on the road.  We all drove into this very large carwash and the garage doors shut both in front and behind.  Before the wash started, men started to clean windshields and for some reason I didn't like this and I started to say Jesus Jesus over and over and over.  I could see out my driver's side window for the moment but no one was there.

Someone started to clean my back windshield but it stayed very dirty and I could not see through it.  I felt it was not important anyway.  I looked through the front windshield and it too stayed unclear and hard to see through.  I turned to my (left) side window again and the entire side of the car was gone!  It was clear to see of course, because there was no longer a window, in fact I could leave the car and see everything.  End of dream.

INTEPRETATION - There have been some subjects that I have been hesitant about posting...editorials and false teachings that I would like to comment on.  However I believe this dream tells me that what is the past (back window) and what is in the future (front window) is not important and is meant to be unclear.  The past is the past and should not be visited...the future is in God's hands and He will not allow us to see ahead of time what we want to.  However, we will be changed in an instant and be able to step out (side of car) into what He wants for everything is going according to His plan.  He is with us at all times and we are waiting on His timing but it WILL happen.

Update on Laticia
Hi dear sis!!!
Yes she was born on the 15th of february.
I spent 3 days at the hospital but i am home now.
Attached are some pictures of her.

The night i got home (17/18) i dreamed of the rapture. My family and babies disappeared...i looked for them outside and then i heard a car passing by speaking loud: The rapture has just happened and many christians are now desperate because they lost their family and stayed. I was one of them in the dream. i got on my knees and cried and said: now i am alone. It was in the dawn when the rapture happened. After this dream i dreamed of a terrible earthquake and i saw all buildings in Rio de Janeiro falling down. Simultaneously i saw a tsunami. Everyone was running but there was no salvation. Could it mean we are closer now?! 

God bless!


A Christian Laugh Break
Can Cold Water CleanDdishes
1 day ago
Few folks like eating off dirty dishes. That’s why man invented the dishwasher. But it turns out you don’t need a dishwasher to get your dishes totally clean. Read on.
Can Cold Water Wash Dishes?
John went to visit his 90 year old grandfather in a very secluded, rural area of Georgia.
After spending a great evening chatting the night away, John’s grandfather prepared a breakfast of bacon, eggs, and toast. However, John noticed a film like substance on his plate, and questioned his grandfather asking, “Are these plates clean?”
His grandfather replied, “They’re as clean as cold water can get them. Just you go ahead and finish your meal, Sonny!”
For lunch the old man made hamburgers. Again, John was concerned about the plates as his appeared to have tiny specks around the edge that looked like dried egg and asked, “Are you sure these plates are clean?”
Without looking up the old man said, “I told you before, Sonny, those dishes are as clean as cold water can get them. Now don’t you fret, I don’t want to hear another word about it!”
Later that afternoon, John was on his way to a nearby town and as he was leaving, his grandfather’s dog started to growl, and wouldn’t let him pass. John yelled and said, “Grandfather, your dog won’t let me get to my car”.
Without diverting his attention from the football game he was watching on TV, the old man shouted…

Well, I wouldn’t eat with him again! Yuck!

Received on 2/15/17- I had a vision this morning of the sun and a black object revolving around it. The black object was not round, but looked like a jagged rock, and was traveling from east to west...or from my right to my left as I looked at the sun. This was NOT PlanetX as it was not round. Also you can put your thumb between your eyes and the sun and it covers up the sun so I do think this object is HUGE. 
Author Unknown


A Word Received from Wendi
Listen Sister I was up in my bath and the Holy Spirit told me to come right down here and give you a message....
I dont get things like this often...
He said that he was so pleased with you and Larry and to keep doing what you are doing until I come to get you....
He showed me a quick vision for you of a heart coming down in the clouds for you.Also....also....He said He loves that you look for him everyday..and watch for Him.
I felt He had an immense love for you and Larry. 
Thats all Sis,hope this encourages you....
maybe this was his Valentine for you

An SQ Alert from Steve Quayle's website
Hi Steve,
Me and my family stayed when most of the people were evacuated from Oroville due to the spillway eroding. We stayed because we are on high ground. I've been listening in on my scanner, and it's starting to get wild at night. stores are getting looted. Homes are also getting looted. The National Guard is on stand by. People are starting to get mad that they can't return to their homes to get things they need. Most left in a panic and only left with little more than the clothes on their backs. John


A Tidal Wave of My Glory!
Posted on 11 February 2017 by Priscilla Van Sutphin

There is coming to this nation a tidal wave of My glory!!!
My Church will be changed in the twinkling of an eye.  Unless I do this, you will not be able to withstand the spiritual war that is at hand.
Eye has not seen nor mind imagined the wonderful things I have planned for you.  But I must cleanse My threshing floor.
The syncretism in the Church with control and freemasonry must be eradicated and the perversion will be annihilated.  There have been many in the Church bowing to Baal in sexual immorality, even with children.
If you think I will allow this to continue, you are mistaken.  I know the roots of every form of perversion.  I assure you, I will destroy this enemy in your lives and midst.
There are generational spirits still active in the lives of My beloveds.  They’ve not been addressed properly, bringing the sins of the fathers to the cross for the blood to be appropriated.  There are many still walking in delusion.
This brings much confusion to My Church.  But I’m not a God of confusion!  I will part the waters that surround you!  I will break every chain that the enemy has ensnared you with !!
I will change the face of My Church which is the heart attitudes of the people!  My Church will have a new face and a new mouth to speak with.  I will transform the puppet prophets who work not for Me, but for themselves and for the enemy.
My Word is for comfort to give you hope.  My word is also a sword to pierce your heart when it needs piercing to move you to action!
Do not give in to the delusion, so that you will never have to suffer through anything!  Such teaching is antithesis to My Word and My example.
I came to die for your sins, but I also came to show you an example of dying to self and obedience to God, My Father!
I didn’t just give you a get out-of-jail card!  I set an example of laying down My life for My friends, and for My enemies.  I stood before magistrates and a king, mocked and humiliated, spit upon, whipped and brutalized, that you could be free.
But I ask My Bride to lay down beside Me and share in My sufferings that others around you may be freed through her example of humility and sufferings as well.
Did I not say through Paul, that if you share in My suffering, that you will share in My glory?
Mercy triumphs over judgement, I said.  My mercy endures forever, I said!  I AM making a decision on behalf of My Bride.  I AM changing the “game” so to speak.  I AM going to make you My holy habitation!  Ask and do not run from the spirit of burning!
I AM faithful and true, and My Word stands forever!  Great darkness fills the people, but I AM arising over you!  And I will be seen upon you!  You will shine like the stars in the heavens!
Do not shrink back into self condemnation the enemy has brought to try and pummel you into thinking that you are disqualified and unfit for service!
Yes, many are in need of deliverance and healing, and I AM coming to do it!  So hang on to the hem of my garment, and trust what I’ve told you!  I will do it!  I AM not a man that I should lie, nor a son of man, that I should change my mind.
Shakings are coming in the world and in the Church.  These will open up doors of opportunities to help other and lead to awakening hearts to my life.”
God bless you!
~ Priscilla

Radiation Cloud Dream by Paula Marie
I had a what I feel could be a very prophetic dream last night on what is to come. In my dream I was standing in this lobby of a theater where people perform plays. Larry and I were taking this Christian youth group to see this play. I remember having 9 tickets for all who were in the group and I checked to see that they were still tucked away safely in my purse. After that, I heard a woman's voice come over the loud speaker. She said a radiation cloud is coming our way and we have to leave the area immediately, but I had a strange thought about the tickets and was thinking that if we didn't go to see the play there would be 9 empty seats in the theater. 

So Larry and I decided to take a peak inside. Every seat was empty, no one was around, everyone was gone, even the kids that were supposed to be with us. So we headed out the exit. I looked up at the sky and saw a huge red sun setting and another small sun in line with it and was about to set. So I was looking at two red suns in the sky, one big one and one small one and the sky was a strange red color. 

Then in my dream,  I saw a notebook and a pen and I heard a voice say write these things down and warn the people. When you hear of the radiation cloud and see the two suns in the sky that it will be time to go. I also heard the voice say you won't be able to go back for 30 days. Then I woke up. 

I also had a vision some time ago about a dark cloud coming and another vision about an explosion taking place. I'm thinking the people that were gone from the theater represents the rapture. 

I also asked the Lord this morning for a vision of what is to happen next and I saw my body transforming

Jeffrey Stewart  - 02/09/17  
Our Heavenly Father says:"It is impossible for you to grasp how much I love you. Even after you get your new bodies, you will not be able to comprehend even a small fraction of its depth. For millions of years, you will wonder at the depth of My Love for you. My care for you is infinite. When you hurt, I hurt. When you rejoice, I rejoice. The mention of your name causes such overwhelming love that I would die for you again if you needed it. The vastness of the universe can fit inside my heart, yet that vastness is nothing compared to the Love I have for EACH of my children. Creation was My Gift to you. Every good thing you see is My Gift to you. My Son is my Gift to you. You are that pearl of great price, that I would give everything to possess. My only thoughts of you are thoughts of your good. The smallest details of your life have been planned with infinite care. Every single flower, every single sunset, every single day, is My Gift to you. You believe Heaven will be a place of great joy, but you being with Me in Heaven brings me joy that is beyond what you can comprehend. You make Heaven, Heaven for Me. So never doubt My Love for you. Though the enemy come against you, and things look dark, the Sun always shines -- and My Love always shines for you."


Dream by Paula Marie
I had this very strange dream last night that I would like to share. In this dream I was in this movie. It was an adventure movie where I was carefree and enjoying life, doing all kinds of fun things like jet skiing and stuff like that. I was jet skiing down the streets of this city because they were filled with very deep water in between all these sky scrapers, but for some reason it didn't seem to bother me as I was having fun. Bombs were going off all around me but I was still laughing, riding my jet ski and enjoying myself. But I knew I was in a movie....
Then the dream changed and I was going to get in my car to go to this video store to buy the movie that I was in...the one I had the dream about. My car was in this public garage and it was dark, and raining very hard outside. But at the entrance of the garage was this lady I knew from Youtube. She was telling me that there was this letter and she said it was a bad latter for me. I asked her how bad it was and she said it was very, very bad that someone was angry with me. I think she was referring to the man at the video store for some reason. She was very concerned, but I didn't take her seriously. 
Next...I got in my car and went to the video store. I looked and looked all over for that particular movie but could not find it. So I asked the clerk at the desk and he said he had never heard of such a movie. And he kept telling me that it didn't exist over and over and over again. Suddenly it appeared on the counter right next to him and I said well there it is. He looked at it and apologized and was shocked to see it laying there. Then he rang it up for me and placed it in a bag. He said he had something else for me and he started giving me all these gold colored party favors.... like long streaming ribbon type things and things that make noises and stuff like that. I was putting them in my pockets. But he kept giving them to  me. I was shocked because he was laughing and handing me this stuff and I thought I won a prize or something. There were so many gold party favors they wouldn't fit in my pockets anymore, they kept falling out. But I remember how happy I was. And then I woke up.

Dream by Wendi
I had a dream that i didnt share with you because i want the Lord to come now but I had this dream and all these buses were lined up ready to go(like greyhound buses)as i was walking there,i looked down and saw a card on the ground and it had a pic of Jesus with Easter lillies on it.Then i woke up.

Good morning sis,

I am from Brazil and want to tell you the dream/alert the Lord gave me. It's very important...

We can't know the date of the rapture, but the Lord showed me in a dream in the beginning of 2016 that i would get pregnant, have a baby girl, and then the rapture would the dream an angel named Adriel reached his hand to me, and i woke up speaking his name. It was very real. Months passed and in may my 2 y.o son held my belly and said: Mom, baby. He did that twice.  In June i did an exam and found out i was really pregnant. In November i found out the baby sex: Girl. She will be born next week on the 15th. In my dream she was about one month young...not older. So i believe the dream was an alert from the Lord to me. I am from Brazil. The rapture is close.


In 2015 the Lord gave me this dream about a bomb attack: 

I believe it is a nuclear bomb attack.

I was at an apartment with my parents. It was night. I looked at the sky and saw a canon ready to light a blue fire... and from inside of it fell a black bomb... it fell in the ocean. Before it touched the ocean, i saw the rapture. I saw many flashes of light going through the sky...and suddenly my mom disappeared. My father and i stayed. I could see that after this bomb attack the ocean waves got huge huge huge... they were coming to the land destroying everything. In the next scene i was in a high building (i survived), i was with a group and a man was feeding us. Then this man said: I need to find a way for you to pay me back. There was no money in that time. Then i realized he was the antichrist and i escaped from there. 

So first i believe there will be a bomb attack (probably a nuke attack close or in the ocean), but before it kills people the Lord will rapture his people. And the antichrist will come after this disaster occurs. 

Second the Lord gave me a sign of when this would be close to happen... right after my baby girl is born. So i believe it is very very close. 

God bless you!

Update: A brother in Christ Named Ross looked up the name of the angel and found out it had a profound meaning, giving further evidence that the dream was from God and what must soon come to pass! The name Adriel actually means Death and Destruction!

Astronomer Predicts Piece of Planet X to Hit Earth in February by Paul Seaburn 
NASA astronomers reported earlier this year that a large mysterious object, which they named 2016 WF9, that has both the characteristics of an asteroid and a comet is heading towards Earth but will pass our planet harmlessly sometime in late February.

NASA is lying through its teeth. It is not conceivable that they do not know the truth. We have seen the data! The object they call WF9 left the Nibiru system in October when Nibiru began spinning counter clockwise around the sun. Since then, NASA has known it will hit Earth. But they are only telling people now.

That dire revelation and prediction comes from Russian-born astronomer Dr. Dyomin Damir Zakharovich, whose “data” indicates that 2016 WF9 was once a part of Planet X, or Nibiru as he calls it, that became an asteroid orbiting the yet-unproven planet, which Zakharovich agrees with others is actually orbiting not our Sun but its binary brown dwarf twin, which is swinging Planet X rapidly towards our solar system and Earth in particular, with a collision expected in October 2017.

To see the rest of the article go to the link below

The Crucifixion of Trump by Paula Marie
I received this Revelation from the Lord this morning and it was concerning this spirit of delusion I had spoken about earlier that is now going out among the people. God is sending out this spirit of delusion in order to given them over to their reprobate minds. This will help to fulfill Bible prophecy and bring about the rapture of the church. 

There is more proof that this MUST happen now before the rapture takes place as history repeats itself and that which happens in the Bible will happen again in order to make things come to pass. God is the same yesterday, today and forever. His way of doing things never changes and prophecy must come to pass the way it is written. So God had showed me where this had happened before in the Bible. People were given over to their reprobate minds in order to make prophecy come to pass. Since it happened that way before, it must happen the same way again now, in order to fulfill prophecy, to bring in the end of the age and the rapture of the church. What is happening now, happened before when Jesus died on the cross. 

At the time when Jesus was about to be crucified, the people were asked by Pilate who he should crucify. Jesus who was innocent and did no wrong, or a killer named Barabbas. The people (His people)overwhelmingly chose to crucify Jesus, even though he had done no wrong, because they were deceived. God allowed this deception so that Jesus would crucified. 

Since history must repeat itself, fast forward to this date in time. That same spirit is here today, right now influencing people to fulfill prophecy. The people are the people of the world and the person on trial is Trump. Trump here is representing Jesus Christ because he is standing up for His values, trying to make this country follow God again. But the people are coming against him collectively saying they want him assassinated. Going back in history we can judge what will happen next...

Since Jesus was crucified and rose on the third day, we can expect that when the world completely goes against Trump and his values (possibly overthrow or assassinate him) the rapture will take place. We are very close to all of this happening. All we need to do now is watch and wait for prophecy to unfold as more and more people come against Trump. And I can expect the uptick, the thing that will cause the tipping point when Trump loses control, is when he helps Israel at no cost. It may have to do with a war and us defending them. 

So when people are COMPLETELY sold out to this spirit, the rapture takes place. God will get his people out and judgment will come! God is allowing this spirit to take hold so that we can move forward with the rapture of the church and the end of the age.

Watch and be ready because that time is rapidly approaching! Stay close to Jesus at all costs! God is working to make prophecy happen so even though it looks like nothing is happening, God is in control! We are leaving soon! Keep looking up!

Hey Sister Paula,
 It is Lauren again with a couple of dreams, visions and confirmations. Now I have been contemplating and praying on whether I should even share these things, just for the sheer fact of how serious they are. So I just ask that everyone who reads this uses discernment and prays over this message. But I know that they came from the Lord because before one of these dreams I asked the Lord for a dream that night, and I asked Him for it in my head so that the enemy could not hear, and the other dream was immediately validated in the natural. Okay I guess I should begin with a vision that I had in December that I had sent to you about the beast rising out of the water with war ships coming to shore and it lead me to Hidalgo, Texas and an obvious nuke going off and a large sign in the shape of a rat with red glowing eyes. Now the rat came up again most recently in an interview that President Trump had with Sean Hannity referring to Isis/ Terrorists as "sneaky rats". Now that was the first of MANY Texas messages I have received over the past months, and I must add that I have lived on the east coast my entire life. I have never been to Texas and I really do not know much about Texas. But I have heard in my spirit at times just the word Texas. Okay now I had also sent you a vision I had last month about Jesus being followed by a train of people and many of those people were wearing cowboy hats.(Where I'm from most people don't wear cowboy hats) I had that vision the night of January 4 and the next morning I turned on the news and Barack Obama was still in office at the time giving a speech and I noticed a woman walking behind him wearing a red cowboy hat. That was just the beginning of these cowboy hats. I since have had countless visions of people wearing cowboy hats.  One vision consisted of people in cowboy hats throwing rocks at me and setting off fireworks. I did some research to find out what the cowboy hats could represent and it represents the American west, the wild west, but it is also a symbol for an Outlaw(2 Thessalonians 2:8) "And then the lawless one will be revealed, whom the Lord Jesus will overthrow with the breath of his mouth and destroy by the splendor of his coming."  With that being said, I need to share the dream I had early in the morning of January 20th. The first scene of the dream I was on a city street and I saw this large red SUV vehicle swerving in and out of other cars. It appeared that whoever was driving in the SUV was being chased by some one. Eventually the SUV crashed and flipped upside down. The person who was chasing the SUV was a very normal looking 30 something year old guy who appeared extremely angry. The guy got out of his car and ran over to the SUV and reached into the driver's seat window and pulled out the driver. All of a sudden I am showed an up close picture of the driver who turned out to be Dick Cheney and he looked badly beaten, completely out of his mind, and I noticed that his entire right eyeball, his retina, pupil, iris, everything was totally, utterly, completely black. (Zechariah 11:17), "Woe to the idol shepherd that leaveth the flock! the sword shall be upon his arm, and upon his right eye: his arm shall be clean dried up, and his right eye shall be utterly darkened." Now to say that I was shocked when I found that, that lined up with scripture would be an understatement, but not as entirely freaked out as I was when I watched the Presidential Inauguration later that day to see Dick Cheney in the audience wearing a cowboy hat!! Okay I am in no way saying that Dick Cheney is the anti-christ, but I do think that he was symbolically representing him. The next dream I had was in the early morning of January 25th, the night before I asked the Lord for a dream, without speaking it out loud. I was standing on light sand colored square stones, it was sunny and warm outside, and I was watching this man frantically put something to together on a table. Strangely this man looks eerily similar to the angry man who was beating up Cheney. This man seemed angry too and eager to get what ever he was putting together, built and fast. I looked over and saw the Israeli flag with the Star of David on it. All of a sudden I realized that I was in Israel, not only that but after waking up I realized that this whole dream took place on what looked exactly like the model of the Third Temple in Jerusalem. Eventually I realize that this angry man was putting together a weapon of some sort. It was metal and long like a sword but it didn't look serrated. The angry man told me to follow him and I followed him as he marched up to three seats where there was three men seated. The man who sat in the middle had a long grey beard and was dressed in holy looking robes, he reminded me of one of the chief Rabbis in Jerusalem. I will call him the Rabbi. The man sitting to the right of the rabbi was an older looking man in a gray suit, and the man sitting to the left of the rabbi, I recognized right away. It was Barack Obama. So I followed this angry man up to the three men and he took his weapon and with one swipe cut the rabbi looking man's head clean off. The moment that this rabbi's head was cut off, both Obama and the man in the gray suit dropped dead. Then people walked right up to them and put black garbage bags over the two men, excluding the rabbi. I remember consciously knowing in the dream that the rabbi would rise again. (Revelation 13:3) "And I saw one of his heads as if it had been slain, and his fatal wound was healed. And the whole earth was amazed and followed after the beast,"  Somehow I knew in my dream that the rabbi looking man was the anti-christ and the other two, Obama included, were just two of his heads, and that they just kind of paved the way for the beast. Maybe Cheney is another head? Maybe everyone is playing their part in bringing his reveal into fruition? All I can do is be obedient share what the Lord shows me and places on my heart. He has been really bringing Texas to me attention and as I am sure you are aware SuperBowl 51 is taking place in Houston, Texas this year. I do not want to be a fear monger, but I have seen some videos on Youtube about a possible false flag occurring  at the game, and that February 5, 2017 is 9-11-5777 on the Hebrew calendar. There are a couple of channels on Youtube, I will link below that  have some great information and clues that something could possibly happen during the Superbowl and I just ask that everyone pray for Texas. And again just please use discernment here, I am not claiming that something will happen. Either way the Lord keeps hinting that the anti-christ will be revealed soon and as we know that can't happen until the restrainer has gone. So it is really close for us Church and it is about time to go home! Once again Paula thank you for giving everyone a platform to share what the Lord gives us in the dark and announce it in the light! As always you have my permission to share this on your website and may God bless you and yours! See ya in the clouds! :)

Werewolf Dream
by Paula Marie
I had yet another dream about people turning into werewolves last night. It is my 4th werewolf dream. Please keep in mind that I don't watch movies or think about things like that so there is a reason that God is giving me these dreams.

Well in this dream last night I was in this mansion/hotel with my family and I was young. It started out where I was sitting outside with someone who was my age and we were waiting for and looking up at the sky for this full moon. Then after we saw it, we went into this movie theater to watch a movie inside this hotel. It was a theatrical style theater and the characters seemed real on the stage. The movie started in an old time setting like in a castle and there was this person sitting in a chair at the table. This person started to change into something else that I couldn't recognize and he/she was turning weird colors like green and black and something was coming out of their stomach. So I told my mother, I can't watch this movie not in here, its too scary here. 

So my family and I decided to go to an outdoor movie theater to watch this movie because I guess we thought it would be safer there. I noticed when we got there, there were 5 movie screens and behind each one of them was what looked like a cell phone tower. It was getting dark but I somehow knew that we couldn't watch the movie until the tower emitted this red lazer light out of the top of it. So I saw that the first two screens had emitted this red lazer light so their movie was getting ready to start. This meant that it wouldn't be long before mine started as well. I was thinking in a matter of minutes. To me these movies starting represented the tribulation hour. I'm not sure what all the other thing meant, except that maybe the cell phone towers will have a lot to do with people turning evil. The number 5 has shown up quite a bit in my dreams. 


From Charisma Magazine by James Bailey
This past Sunday night I had a detailed dream in which I saw large numbers of end-time believers being trained to operate in the powers of the age to come. They were being trained to do the greater works that Jesus said we would do (John 14:12). For training purposes they were separated into three groups. Each person was assigned to a group based on their level of development.
Group One—Sitting
The first group included a very large number of people. They were all sitting down on the side of a grassy hill. They were waiting for something, but I did not know what they were waiting for. Whatever it was, it caused them to all remain idle. Beside them on the ground they had their talents and money. They were not doing anything to use their talents or their money for God's kingdom. They just sat on the grass relaxing and looking around.
Group Two—Walking
The second group was also a very large number of people. They were all walking through the levels of a big tall house. Inside this house there were many different projects and assignments that they had to complete before they could proceed to the next level. The house was completely full of people working on their tasks and walking through. They were walking slowly, shuffling through in a big crowd, attempting to complete the various tasks. The tasks could only be completed by operating in the powers of the age to come. The faster they learned how to operate in those powers the faster they could complete each task and advance to the next level. Everyone was advancing at their own pace, but most were moving slowly because their minds were limiting them from moving in the realm of the Spirit. They trusted more in what they knew in their mind than what they heard in their heart.
Whenever they would see another walker operating in supernatural power to complete their assignment they would all ooh and ahh in amazement. In this way they encouraged each other and caused their faith levels to grow. Some of them were so encouraged by what they saw the others doing that they would take hold of the supernatural powers and begin to step out and operate in it themselves.
Group Three—Flying
The third group was very small, especially in the beginning. Everyone in this group was able to fly, which included me. I flew over the crowd of walkers as a large group of them was heading towards the house. I saw their faces as they looked up at me flying by. Their eyes and their whole face lit up as they gasped with amazement. They could hardly believe what they were seeing. But it caused their faith level to soar. Some of them then believed they could do it too.
I saw some of the flyers flying through all the levels of the same house where the walkers were completing their assignments. The flyers were able to complete all of their assigned tasks within seconds. They flew very fast and completed their assignments very fast too. It looked like they only had to fly by and it was done without even slowing down. Within a few seconds they flew through all the levels and flew out of the house. The tasks were very easy for them because they had learned to be led by the Spirit. The walkers saw them doing this and they were amazed and felt very encouraged. The walkers loved seeing the flyers. Just seeing them caused their faith to soar. They knew the impossible was possible because they saw it happening with their own eyes. Many of them were hungry for more and seeing the flyers caused them to get even hungrier. Eventually they would get so hungry they would step out and start moving up to a higher level.
Then I saw an old friend of mine who is now the pastor of a church. He was still walking and had not yet learned how to fly, so I encouraged him to step out and start flying. He was a little slow getting started, but he caught on and started flying very low to the ground.
The flying believers encouraged the others until eventually there were lots of people flying. All it required was to believe and step out and start flying. Later on, I saw the sky filled with people flying.
The flyers also flew over to those in the first group who were sitting idle on the hill. I flew over to one couple and convinced them to give me their money so it could be put to use for the kingdom. I did not force them to give it. I just encouraged them and they agreed. Other flyers were doing the same thing. The talents and wealth of the sitters were being plundered by the flyers, not for selfish gain, but for the kingdom's purposes. I did not see anything being taken against their will though.
Training Exercises
I saw that each believer had their own unique assignment that they were equipped and trained to do. All of us were learning more and more about how to operate in the powers of the age to come. We were learning how to operate in our own unique gifts and supernatural powers. The biggest challenge we all faced was learning to trust more what we heard in our heart more than what we heard in our mind. We all had to learn to rely totally on the voice of the Lord leading us in our heart. We had to learn to tune out the voices of other people who spoke words contradicting what we heard in our heart.
I was given some information about my particular assignment that was so encouraging it has had me flying high ever since. I feel like I have soared to a new level just by hearing what I was told. I am not sharing those details here because it only applied to me.
In my training, I learned to hear His voice and obey, but then I encountered another challenge of doing it with the right timing. That totally threw me for a loop at first. I made lots of mistakes before I started learning to wait for the Lord's timing. In some cases I got frustrated and even angry. When I successfully completed an assignment the training advanced to a higher level requiring greater discernment to distinguish very subtle differences between what the Lord was saying and what I was hearing from other "experts." Upon first hearing it sounded like what the Lord was saying was identical to what the experts were saying, but on closer examination I saw there was a very slight but significant difference.
The hardest task I was given was when the word of the Lord seemed to contradict other words from the Lord. Obviously, He never contradicts Himself, but it seemed that way. It reminded me of how God promised Abraham that He was going to bless Isaac and through Isaac make Abraham's descendants as numerous as the stars. Then he told Abraham to go offer Isaac as a human sacrifice. Those two words sound contradictory, but Abraham passed the test because he understood that God would never break His promise even it meant He would have to raise Isaac from the dead. Passing this test required obedience even when it made no sense. Like Abraham, I had to hang in there knowing that even though I did not understand, God did and that was good enough. I had to keep giving it to Him again and again until finally I got through it and moved on.
Heaven and Earth Together as One
Later I was with a small group of believers and we all went to heaven riding in a vehicle. I never saw the outside of it, but the inside resembled a small bus. Some of the people on the bus came from the earth while others were people who had died and were already residents of heaven. We were allowed to visit heaven and they were allowed to interact with us. The people in heaven were working together with the believers on earth. Everyone had their own unique assignments, but all of us were working together on the same mission.
I saw my dad riding on this vehicle with me. He died in 2009. I was so excited to share with him all of the great things the Lord was doing in my life that I forgot he had also seen plenty of great things as a resident of heaven. I did not actually arrive in heaven so I did not see anything there. I just saw that many believers were visiting there and interacting with the people there. It was a common part of the training for people to go back and forth between heaven and earth.
That was the end of the dream.
My Comments
I have heard some believers say we cannot talk to people who have died and gone to heaven. However, Jesus spoke with Moses and Elijah at His transfiguration. Peter, James and John were there too (Matt. 17:1-8). So according to the Bible, it is possible and sometimes needed.
Do I really believe we are going to be flying? The prophet Isaiah saw God's people flying.
"Who are these who fly like a cloud and like the doves to their lattices" (Is. 60:8).
Last time I checked clouds were up in the sky and doves were birds with wings. So it sure sounds like Isaiah is talking about things that fly in the sky. Of course, this is a mind-blowing statement, but we need to have our minds blown. We need to get completely out of our minds to follow the leading of the Lord in our heart. Our mind is the greatest hindrance that we face.
Jesus said, "All things are possible to those who believe" (Mark 9:23). I looked up the meaning of the word "all" in the original Greek. The Greek word is "pas," which means all. Sounds like the only limiting factor is our inability to believe. That's what I believe.
"Jesus answered them, 'Truly I say to you, if you have faith and do not doubt, you will not only do what was done to the fig tree, but also, if you say to this mountain, "Be removed, and be thrown into the sea," it will be done. And whatever you ask in prayer, if you believe, you will receive'" (Matt. 21:21-22).
The key to success in every training exercise was always the same, trust your heart more than your mind. Trust what the Lord puts in your heart more than the voices speaking into your mind. Those who do that will advance to new levels. They will soar in the Spirit and fly.

Word from the Lord received by Paula Marie on 1/31/17
A Strong Delusion
The time has come! I am sending out a strong delusion upon the world to set things in motion that will fulfill all that is to come. Yes, the end days are here! This strong delusion in the form of these protests will bring about the New World Order, the antichrist and will help to fulfill what is left to fulfilled in my word. Guard yourselves my children, because this strong delusion will also be a final test for you. It will cause man to go against man and brother to go against brother. But those who stay strong in me will not succumb to it. Those who stay close to me will not fall by it, or be overcome by it, but rather, will overcome it. Those who overcome will inherit the crown of life as I had spoken. This is the final test for my faithful ones. I am gathering you all together now. Listen to my voice and stay in my spirit. The time has come! Judgment is here! Stay close to me and I will be with you. Listen to my voice and I will lead you out! Do not be afraid for I am with you! Be faithful unto the end and you shall inherit the crown of life.


Given to Joanie Stahl

Word of the Lord – January 16, 2017

This is what the Lord has spoken to me this morning…

This year is not like the former years.  Your attention to My precise demands will ensure your stability and safety.  I speak firstly to those that have been praying for many decades, that have spent years alone listening to Me and know My voice.

Now is the time to listen to Me.  I am going to give precise commands in each of your respective territories.  This nation prides itself, along with all other nations that they have secret power and answer to nobody.  Your government is not going to tell you the truth about what they know.  But, I will tell you… I will tell you.  But, I cannot tell you unless you are listening to Me.

They boast about their power and authority in their secret places.  You need to keep in mind that the government is subject to My government, its power, and authority.  Therefore, I will tell you what they will not tell you and I will show you exactly what they will not show you.  I am going to disclose to you the very things spoken about and done in secret.

I will give you advance knowledge of their wicked plans in order for you to first stand in My courts of heaven, and subvert them.  I have a sacrifice to keep in Bosrah [Armageddon], and I intend to keep it.  Shall you not know it? You shall indeed know it from one end of heaven unto the other.

I say to you who have continued with Me long that even the way you have been coming to Me is strong, but now you are going to begin sensing a strong change by My Spirit. Many of you are already sensing it and have been for some time now.

You are going to notice that the free flow of prayer is not what I need from you right now.  Do not think this is of the devil.  It is from Me.  You are used to praying about so many things, but only one thing is needful – and that is right now. Until I change your position, it is to remain quiet.

I know each of you, and the different fields of prayer you have maintained.  I am the Lord, and those fields belong to Me, I gave them to you.  I am speaking directly to those that have been long with Me, and the things I will tell you, I will tell all in order that it creates connective power and better compact command.  If everyone is doing something different, how can I command all of you?

The posts and positions you have held for long were given to you and you have fared well in them.  Now I need all of you to stop and listen to Me.  This listening to Me will not be only for your benefit, or the benefit of your own families, but be prepared to receive commands and orders that you are not used to, or have done before because they will stretch out beyond your familiar limits.  Be careful to not rest upon your own historical ways, or memories of wars and victories.  Satan knows that this is the one sure-fire way to entrap you.  It borders on pride.

There are things I am going to tell you and command you that he has no knowledge of or experience of.  Do you understand the critical aspect of being quiet and listening?  He does not want you to hear from Me, but only to him and to get everyone doing their own thing, thinking they are doing what I need them to do thereby accomplishing nothing.

He is terrified of your listening to Me at this time as My mighty host on earth, because if he can keep everyone doing their own thing in prayer, he can divide and create confusion.  What he fears the most is that all of you will hear Me give the same commands to each of you, which will cause an all-powerful dynamic spiritual force he knows he cannot overtake or confuse.

Your way of serving Me MUST be in heavenly places and nowhere else.  Not from your own understanding.  I am calling each of you like I did with my disciples.  Remember how they dropped their nets and followed after Me?  I am expecting you drop what you are used to because of the nearness of My coming, there must be new orders I have to give, and not only for yourselves as I have just said, but your lives are now going to now be lived out for other lives until I return.

You are sealed and secured in Me.  I will take care of everything you need to fulfill what I need you to do without worrying about everything. Who goes into warfare at their own charges?

I know who are mine, and I know who knows how to receive strict commands without flinching.  Those of you who are well aged and do not have physical might, I will increase my government within you to supernaturally bombard the enemy. I will give you advance knowledge of what the devil is doing and will do.

This will infuriate him because he will not have anything to attack.  He will know where this is coming from and from who. But, know this… I will protect you.  I have to protect you in order for you to maintain my command.  Always know this.

I also want to speak about the younger ones who believe on My name and have served me even one day into their salvation.  Do not underestimate them or despise their youth.  Your long advanced service in Me has produced in you a toughness, tenderness, and a ready command.  However, these little ones who believe on Me have the physical strength that you do not have.  I will be able to use them in ways that only they can be used.  There are things I am going to need them to do.

I will in an instant, as I choose them, fill them with all wisdom and power in the degree of what I will choose them for.  They will know it instantly and so will you.  You will recognize Me in them.  They have natural courage due to being young, while you have built up courage from being old.  I will use both.

I have already begun to increase heaven’s drawing nearer than ever before in the hearts of many of you.  You no longer care about material things. They have lost all their value and flavor.  There is an increasing awareness of My presence around you, but you also know that it is different and this is what is also causing you to stop speaking so much to me, and are more ready to listen than to speak.  This is a command.

Do not be afraid of what is coming.  Your safety is completely dependent upon Me as long as you stay conversant with Me.  You are also noticing the end is coming, but not because of your carnal minds telling you, but because My Spirit within you is notifying you.  It is certain.  You cannot enjoy the things you have done before though they were pleasant.  Nothing tastes the same, or smells the same.  Everything within you has altered.  You are well aware of a change in the spiritual charge.

This is from Me.

Do not second-guess this.  Do not let the devil deceive you.  He is already trying to distract you from listening by trying to ensnare you into your ways of praying, and your own ways of service you have been used to for so long.  This is not a comfortable place or position for you I know.  Satan knows that as well, so be aware that he is going to accuse you to Me that you are out of the way, lazy and not hearing right.  You are hearing right. If you have any of the slightest doubt, bring that to Me.

The truth is he knows you; otherwise, he would not be trying so hard to distract you.  Do not doubt the time alone and in quiet with Me. Meaning, do not set a time upon Me.  Please also know that your heart that has need of prayer for healing and other necessities I will not turn away.

Your attention to Me does not shut the door on prayers that are needed.  But My words to you are specific and those that know Me will understand what I have said to them.  My Spirit will bear witness to their spirit. 
Earthquake in California Vision
I had this vision a few years back concerning the rapture and an earthquake in California.
In this vision I was standing on the street in California in a major city downtown. Cars were parked on both sides of the street and there were very large buildings lined up and down the street. All of a sudden I heard this low rumbling sound and then all the car alarms on the sides of the street started to go off. Then I felt the ground shake beneath my feet. It was such a violent shaking that the buildings were starting to crumble and debris was falling down on the street in front of me. Next the road started to buckle. It was rising up in various places. And then I noticed something very odd. The gutter on the side of the street with the storm drain started to have this weird red glow. So went closer to it to take a look at it. And I realized that it was lava coming up through the storm drain. The lava was also coming up through the cracks and bulges in the street. Red lava was seeping out into the street. I looked up and saw Jesus in the clouds above this city and I knew it meant that the rapture was about to take place and that was the end of the vision. 
~Paula Marie~

I had a Word from the Lord concerning the body of Christ.

Warning: This Jezebel spirit seeks to divide and destroy the body of Christ. 
All of us in the body of Christ are being attacked by the Spirit of Jezebel. So if you are feeling angry at your brothers and Christ, overcome this Jezebel by doing the opposite, slaying your flesh to the desires of hate. Doing the opposite and overcoming is to love your brothers ans sisters in Christ. No matter how strong she may seem. Stay away from channels that foster hatred, because this is where she resides and its how she grows. Those who listen to hate speech will bring her spirit into their house and into their hearts. God is stronger and He can help you resist her temptations. You overcome by doing the opposite of what she desires you to do. Break her power today, by doing random kind acts for people, that's how it is done! Jezebel does not want people helping, supporting or uplifting their brothers and sisters or supporting their ministries in any way, so it is up to us to break her spell. Jesus said if you overcome you will receive the crown of life! So lets do what's right for God and overcome this demonic force as one body and once again start supporting and loving our brothers and sisters in Christ and doing His will. Lets all pray against this spirit and its power in our lives. He who is in me is greater than he who is in the world. Amen!

No Updates
I had this vision a few years ago that the Lord wants me to post here now. Its about California! In this vision I saw people walking down the streets in this huge city which I knew in the spirit was located in California. People were walking around in this downtown area, as usual and it was like an ordinary day bright and sunny day. Then I noticed that the wind began to pick up and dark clouds were moving in from off the ocean. Then the rain began to fall. Huge raindrops were falling down on the people and they were putting whatever they could over their heads and running to the nearest building to take cover. Torrential rains were falling! I looked up at the sky and I saw Jesus on top of these clouds with his arms outstretched! And I heard Him say "As in the days of Noah, so shall the coming of the Son of man be!" And I knew this meant that when torrential rains would fall in California, it would be the judgment and also the time of the rapture would be very near! We are in that time now! JESUS IS COMING SOON! 
~Paula Marie~


Hey Sis, it's Lauren again with another vision. Only this time the vision is less confusing and more encouraging and visually beautiful! So it was on the night of Wednesday January 4th and I was praying and praising the Lord in my prayer closet/ bathroom as usual. With my eyes closed, I could see the Lord with my spiritual eyes walking from my right side to the front of me then walked right passed me. He was being followed by a train full of people. The train reminded me of one of those tour train rides at theme parks that do not have a roof on it. Some of the people on the train were wearing cowboy type hats and I should add that Jesus was wearing a Sombrero type hat and poncho. LOL I know silly, but interestingly enough, the next day January 5 the people of Mexico began looting and raising havoc due to their raising gas prices. Anyway, the train of people followed Jesus up into the sky, into the clouds and I hopped onto the very back of it.  The train was moving through the clouds like a roller-coaster, twisting and turning speedily. Suddenly I am off the train, it kept going and I am left just standing inside of a "cloud tunnel". Then just a few feet in front of me the Lord appeared wearing a white robe with a red sash. Directly behind Him was a seat, I don't believe it was His throne. I only say that because it didn't look grand enough to be His throne. It looked more like it was made out of the clouds.  And directly in front of Him looked like to me a Christmas tree stand. I am not saying it was a Christmas tree stand but it is the only way I can think to describe it. It was a round hallow stand of some sort. The Lord sat down then proceeded to put one foot in the "stand" and then the other foot, and then He stood up again. All of a sudden the Lord's feet began to turn into solid gold, and then up His legs and then His torso. Before I knew it, He turned into solid gold. Not only was He solid gold, He was now in the shape of a woman wearing a gown! I am assuming the Bride. This obviously symbolizes the Lord and His Bride becoming one. The bride began to walk throughout the cloud tunnel and I followed close behind. The next thing I saw was a giant fortress and in the front of this fortress was a giant veranda/platform, almost like a stage. There were many stone steps on either side of the stage with horses standing on the steps and behind them were large white angels! Below the stage were many people looking up at the stage. In the middle of the veranda was a giant throne and sat on it was a giant version of Jesus! (I believe Him to represent Father God). He was wearing the same white robe with a red sash. At His feet was a bigger version of the tree stand like object and He stepped into it one foot at a time and then He began to stand up. As He stood, the Bride/Christ walked over to Him and stopped right in front of Him and before my eyes melded into Him! As this happened all of the horses began to bow (which was odd looking, I was afraid they might fall down the stairs, but they didn't). And the beautiful angels were bowing and they're wings were in a resting position almost like butterfly wings (sort off). After that the vision began to fade out. That was one of the most beautiful and exciting visions that I have had and I've been trying to get it out, but there has been some procrastination on my part. lol As usual thank you for all that you do and you have my permission to share this one the site! God bless you! 

Martial law dream
In this dream I was in a building that was like a dorm with different rooms and shared hallways were people lived. This building was surrounded by an iron gate with a parking lot and the building inside it. I can't remember if something alerted me, but I looked out the window and saw an army tank approaching the entrance gate to the parking lot and for some reason I knew this was a foreign tank and they were there to do us harm. So I grabbed my coat and hat (it was cold outside) and my son and proceeded to head down the hallway that went to the parking lot. I was hoping to get to my car in time before this army would breach the gated parking lot. I made it out the door and to my car just in time before the army tank took down the iron gate. I knew they were going to kill everyone inside. but as I reached my car, I thought, where will I go, as the there was only one way in and one way out and a tank was blocking the exit. That was the end of the dream...I woke up!

~Paula Marie~

This morning 
Tuesday, January 17, 2017, my daughter who is six years old had a rapture dream.

She dreamt that we got on a giant train and it was during the day. We were the first ones to get on the giant train that was in our family but there were other people in the train. We live on an island so once we got on the train and the train made it to the water, we had to take a jet to the mainland. Once we got to the mainland we got off the jet and back onto the giant train and picked up our family who lives in California. Then the train went to Colorado and we picked up our family there then the train went to Illinois and we picked up our family there was well. She said that it was the daytime. We even picked up our family who have already died including her grandmother who she was named after. Then once we had everyone on the train she had a special ring. With this ring she could do anything with it. She used her ring to lift us all up into space. Oh and animals got to go on the train to which includes our cat. He was scared because he's never been on a train before but he still got on the train. These are her words from what she was shown.

The end
Take Care,

"Hey, so it's me Tiff. I have an awesome dream I'd like to share, but before I do I want to say a few things. So umm for a couple months, no like several months I feel like I've been praying that God will just reveal to me how beautiful heaven is and what it's going to look like when.. just something..... I just want to say that. I don't know if any of you get anxiety about the rapture if you're going to make it......... God gave me this dream to show me it's not going to be like that. It was so amazing. Anyways in the dream.. I don't remember most of it. Wish I had a better memory sorry about that guys. I was standing. These two angels they were both male and they had beautiful wings. And I don't remember anything what they looked like. Seeing the glory of the Lord around them. And by that I mean such an amazing vibe. And they took me upwards and I was like what is going on, "Oh it's the rapture," but I was happy, and when I thought about it in the dream that this had happened many times.... I just wanted to share with you words of encouragement, don't be anxious or worry, don't worry about the things that are going to happen because God doesn't want us to worry. He want's us to go to him in prayer if you feel anxious or worried about it, that's all we can do. We can't give away our oil in the last days. How would it feel to just give part of it and not make it because we didn't have enough of it. So right now it's important to keep you oil full. By that I mean just be for God, not against him, do everything you can, repent everyday, love him, and just do the will of the Lord. So anyways, God bless you guys, I hope this umm made you feel a bit better and yea bye!"

Angel of Death: “Woe to the Inhabitants of the Earth” by Rachel Baxter..January 14, 2017
I’ve been holding onto this seeking the Lord for more understanding. I am feeling such a pressure in the spiritual realm. I’m on edge, though I am asking the Lord for peace.
After midnight on January 7th, 2017, I became so hot while sleeping that I was awakened. I opened my eyes to see what I believe was the “Angel of Death” standing before me in the corner of my bedroom. I heard the Angel say to me, “Woe to the inhabitants of the earth.”
I felt the strong presence of the Lord. Holy Spirit then said “You have been called to see that which is coming upon the earth.”
My eyes were so heavy I couldn’t keep them open. I agreed to this in my mind, but was so tired I fell back asleep. I was awakened again just before 3 am, again so hot I was physically uncomfortable. As I was waking up, an image came before me like it was being projected from a spotlight. It was of two coins, each with the silhouette of a face (like the look of nickels), coming together from the left and right to meet in the middle, and then the shape of a V came down from the top to touch them. It wasn’t just a V, but I immediately thought the V shape was like an upside-down pyramid. I didn’t understand until I was fully awake that this pyramid represented the pyramid with the all-seeing eye that we see on the dollar bills, but it was turned upside down.
I was so thirsty I got up to get a drink. I checked the temperature in our house and found it was normal, so I knew the heat I was feeling was supernatural. I went back to bed.
I heard the Lord instruct me to go back to sleep. This surprised me because usually when I am awakened like this He instructs me to write what He has to say.
I closed my eyes to go back to sleep, but my head was swimming with things of this world. Then I felt a presence touch me, which made me jump a little and caused me to roll over to face the side of my bed, but I still felt the supernatural presence. Eventually, my heart settled down and I heard this instruction, “Go up.”
At first, I thought I was to get up to go to my closet to write, but then it was like I was seeing a closed vision of two girls standing together. The first appeared to be a young teenager and the second was 8 or 9 years old. The older girl was leading the younger girl. I watched them walk to a large door around a corner. When they opened the door I became one of them, the younger I think.
I entered this great, magnificent hall. It was expansive and ornate with gold lining on the walls. Everything glowed with a brightness. At first I saw a flowing staircase downward that led to an open cavern with windows. I walked down to the windows to look out and saw this hall must be located in the heavenlies because outside the windows was the deep blue color of outer space and round looking planets off in the distance.
Then my attention was drawn back into the hall. I walked back up the steps and looked up to see a podium perched a top another high spiraling open staircase. It reminded me of a lecturn in a church. My eyes were then drawn upward and to the left to an even higher podium facing me. Behind it, I saw a creature that first looked like a lion (without a mane) whose head was down and facing away so that I was seeing its left profile. It then raised its head up and swung it to the left and it was as if it transformed into an eagle. The head of the eagle could then be seen looking out over the great hall. I thought the eagle was going to begin to speak, but then the vision ended.

I opened my eyes and grabbed my journal to write all the details down that I had just experienced because I felt they were important to not forget. I then closed my eyes again. I woke in the morning without full understanding, but an appreciation for the significance of the symbolism I saw, and the scriptural references that came to mind.
Here is the interpretation I’ve been given so far. First, I was reminded of a supernatural encounter back in May of 2015. In that encounter, I was sound asleep and dreaming when it was like I was nudged awake by a friend’s voice saying, “And this word is for you.”
Along with her voice, I felt a second presence. Then I heard the Holy Spirit say, “The scroll is being opened.”
I started to open my eyes and physically saw what looked like a trillion tiny scrolls dancing in front of me forming a picture of one scroll. Eventually they dissolved as I fully woke up.
I’ve come to believe wholeheartedly that the scroll the Lord was referring to is not some lesser scroll, but is THE scroll that John saw the Lamb open as recorded in Revelation 6. I believe this scroll is now being opened.
1 And I saw when the Lamb opened one of the seals, and I heard, as it were the noise of thunder, one of the four beasts saying, Come and see.
2 And I saw, and behold a white horse: and he that sat on him had a bow; and a crown was given unto him: and he went forth conquering, and to conquer.
3 And when he had opened the second seal, I heard the second beast say, Come and see.
4 And there went out another horse that was red: and power was given to him that sat thereon to take peace from the earth, and that they should kill one another: and there was given unto him a great sword.
5 And when he had opened the third seal, I heard the third beast say, Come and see. And I beheld, and lo a black horse; and he that sat on him had a pair of balances in his hand.
6 And I heard a voice in the midst of the four beasts say, A measure of wheat for a penny, and three measures of barley for a penny; and see thou hurt not the oil and the wine.
7 And when he had opened the fourth seal, I heard the voice of the fourth beast say, Come and see.
8 And I looked, and behold a pale horse: and his name that sat on him was Death, and Hell followed with him. And power was given unto them over the fourth part of the earth, to kill with sword, and with hunger, and with death, and with the beasts of the earth. (Revelation 6:1-8)
I had one other encounter with the same presence I saw in the corner of my bedroom this night who I refer to as the Angel of Death, which was just over a year ago on January 3rd, 2016. This experience has also been on my heart because of the date given by Holy Spirit, and its potential significance next week with the meeting of the 70 nations coming against Israel.
On January 3 2016, I was awakened and in the spirit I heard, “See.”
I saw before me twirling figures as if dancing in another time with sacks on their backs. They were adorned by jewelry, fancy clothes, and had their hair done up. I was made to understand they were joyful in the Lord for having listened and prepared. Then I heard “I am raising up the Josephs. The date the famine begins is January 16th”.
I went back to sleep, but was awakened again and saw in the spirit a huge pile of mechanical bows, but no arrows to go with them.
Then I went back to sleep again, but was awakened again and saw in the spirit as if in the corner of my room a very tall figure that appeared to be in a dark robe, who I believe is the Angel of Death. I heard, “Tell them what is coming.” (Click here for the whole story and interpretation)
I believe the Lord has a purpose in sending this same angel back to me now and telling me I am called to see what will occur, and to share this message. Judgment is coming. Period. Has the Lord extended us grace and even a reprieve? I believe so, but that period is ending soon.
There were a few significant things from last week’s experience to examine:
1) The Angel of Death – I believe this angel is from the Lord. He did not represent evil, but instead I believe he is an angel dispatched with a particular job to do. I think Revelation 6 speaks of this in the 2nd and 4th seal.
2) The image of the two coins with the upside down pyramid – This perplexed me at first, but then the Lord directed me back to the 3rd seal in Revelation 6. The two coins I saw represent the wheat for a penny and the barley for a penny. The upside down pyramid represents the broken Babylonian system that will fall. There is a famine that is coming, even upon America. However, I believe the Lord has already positioned His “Josephs” for provision for His children.
3) The Lion and Eagle – These figures in the vision represent two of the four faces that Ezekiel and John speak about, which are also present in Revelation 6. Again, this points to the opening of the seals by Jesus.
“As for the likeness of their faces, they four had the face of a man, and the face of a lion, on the right side: and they four had the face of an ox on the left side; they four also had the face of an eagle.” (Ezekiel 1:10 KJV)
6 And before the throne there was a sea of glass like unto crystal: and in the midst of the throne, and round about the throne, were four beasts full of eyes before and behind.
7 And the first beast was like a lion, and the second beast like a calf, and the third beast had a face as a man, and the fourth beast was like a flying eagle.
8 And the four beasts had each of them six wings about him; and they were full of eyes within: and they rest not day and night, saying, Holy, holy, holy, Lord God Almighty, which was, and is, and is to come. (Revelation 4:6-8 KJV)

DREAM-In my dream I had got into a conversation with someone that's it you never know when a demon will attack you. I was telling him or her that I was already equipped with the sword. My sword had my birthstone on it and the month of Jesus birth his birthstone was first. This world was collapsible in other words you could fold it and where on your belt and it would rest against your leg.

This person was saying to me how in the world can you do so and so and you're not even prepared to fight the demon I said I carry a sword. It is the sword of the spirit.

This person didn't want to mess with me anymore and didn't want to ask me any more questions either because when I showed him the sword he saw the birthstones and he knew that that's sold that business and he also knew that I knew how to use it here yet

I found myself conversing with a lot of people who felt they were living right but we're still lying bearing false witness against thy neighbor stealing such. Outward signs like homosexuality murder and bad language was not so prevalent. Book cover bearing false witness getting angry and upset at people when they didn't get their way. Those were the Sins that people had to clean up in order to be right with God.

Repentance was the order of the day. I'm even repenting from those things that I did after 'becoming born again. You really have to have a heart purity in order to see the Father and Jesus. No blemishes. That scripture in the Bible be  ye perfect for I am perfect.  I am beginning to see how the devil has twisted everything around so that we were constantly sinning against God
El aine J.


As I watch the political spectrum and the hatred coming out of the media, the left, career politicians, as well as a sizable part our fellow citizens it is obvious that our Nation is headed towards civil war.
We are a highly divided nation, racially, financially, politically, philosophically, even religiously, all the elements are in place for the BLUE/GREY moment when the violent rhetoric turns into violent actions. If fact we are witnessing the beginning of this violence even now. Daily acts of hate driven violence.
With the election of Donald Trump many came to the false conclusion that we dodged a tribulational bullet, that metaphorically we went right into the New Jerusalem and the Millennium. I could not disagree more. Let me say it again, I COULD NOT DISAGREE MORE!
I think just the opposite, the Marxist movement that has infiltrated our Country, the Jihadist Movement that holds the power in some of our Nations most powerful agencies are not going to allow their plans to go unchallenged. They have their goal in sight, the collapse of our Republic and the implementation of world government, We are witnessing a orchestrated campaign of deceit and hatred against anything that represents our Constitutional Republic. This is a war of ideologies and they have made it clear they want violence, in fact it is a core tenet of their war against us.
With a debt bomb looming, with open borders, with 10's of thousands of un-vetted Jihadis in our Country, with a generation of entitled snowflakes offended by the most minor difference. we are in trouble. Very Serious Trouble.
It is time to take your situation serious, if you love your Country, your Family, your Faith, get ready, the dark clouds of war are on the horizon. Pray, Plan and Prepare, the Almighty God is giving us this time to ready ourselves, Seek His face, turn off the media, read, pray and prepare, your life depends on it.
We have watched the government buy up vast quantities of food, ammunition, and even building underground bunkers for the elite. We watch the hedonistic nihilism saturate our society, challenging the very values that built our civilization. I grieve for what I see coming, I grieve for the sorrow coming, but I will not sit ideally by and watch it happen, I will ready myself, and family, I will warn those willing to listen. God have Mercy on us.

An SQ Alert
Alert from John Moore; EMP
Ladies and Gentlemen,
I have high-level, trusted, private source advising that between now today, (10 January, 2017) and 18 January, 2017 (even more so between 13 and 18 January 2017) we have an enhanced likelihood of an EMP attack against the United States.
My recommendation is to treat this bit of intelligence as a drill. I can't say with certainty that an EMP will happen on the dates give. I can say with certainty that we (the USA) are at risk of an EMP attack 24/7/365.
1.) Review the protocols you will follow if an EMP attack was to happen.
2.) Make sure that any gaps in your plans are dealt with ASAP.
3.) Make prudent preparations that fit your personal situation.
4.) Dozens of articles on EMP preparations are available at: www.survivalblog.comand
4.) Pray, Pray, Pray
I say again: Prudent Preparations i.e. Do Not quit your job, load up your family & camping supplies in the mini-van, and head to the National Forest based only on this alert.
With regards,
John Moore

Vision of the rapture
In this vision I found my self dressed in white up on top of this what looked like a cloud bank and there were many others there also dressed in white up on this cloud bank. I don't recall how we got there. Then for some reason we all turned and was looking down in the direction of the earth. Jesus was in the front of all of us, I could see the back of Him and we were all looking down at the earth. Then all of a sudden, I saw what looked like explosions taking place all over the earth. These explosions could have been meteors hitting the earth from all directions. I was thinking to myself that we had gotten raptured just in the nick of time. And then my vision had ended.

~Paula Marie~

This is Jesus Christ Revelation of rapture to His servant Joshua Munguti
Jesus Christ Revelation of Rapture to Me
I was placed on a very high plain ground; on top of a very high mountain. I heard a voice telling me to look up to the clouds. I could not see the source of the voice.
I look up.
The door of the heaven opened and I saw two angels stand on the sides of the door. Son of Man (Jesus) was about to make His descend to the clouds.
Power and great glory was with Him. Great in a way I cannot explain to satisfactory because there are no words to fully describe.
Jesus descended as I watched being followed by many angels closely behind. His garments were white than anything I can think of (even snow is not as white as what I saw).
Light was coming out of Him and His garments were brightly glowing that my eyes could not see His face, hands or feet (The same way I saw Him in My testimony).
A bright cloud was with Him, behind Him and on His sides.
His glory and power settle in the clouds not in the far clouds but in the near clouds we can see. Clouds were respecting and honoring Him to a point that they covered the earth entirely making it dull beneath them.
Neither the moon nor the stars and the sun gave their light. They were all hidden from man on earth by bright dense thick white clouds and no man on earth could see them but I could.
The light which was shinning on earth came from Jesus Christ, through the clouds and the earth was illuminated but people did not see any difference in the illumination but I could.
I was told to look back to the earth, to the space between the clouds and the earth.
A great multitude of the chosen was coming out of earth to space.
Tears flowed as I watched this happening – it is unimaginable, unbelievable.
Before even they could reach the space, they were all changed (transformed) within a twinkling of an eye, so fast that I could not realize how it happened, to complete cleanliness and whiteness in likeness of Jesus Christ.
Every person was dressed with exact white garments like Jesus. This great multitude of chosen had great joy and happiness as they entered the space.
Have never ever and I repeat, never ever, in my life seen people so happy, joyful and together without discriminating who is this or who is that; they were all like one big family.
I saw this multitude of the elect unite with Jesus Christ and the angels in the clouds and I was turned to be like them and taken to stand in the clouds. I was placed in a place where I could clearly watch them.
All angels took a stand around them in a circle with Jesus Christ at the front. The great multitude being led by Jesus ascended up up up in the skies as I watched.
The heaven door was still open with the two angles at the door steps. The great multitude ascended and as I saw them enter the kingdom of heaven through the heaven opened door, being honored by the two angels at the door-steps, I cried (tears of Joy).
I was told to write all what I saw.
With a paper and a pen, I wrote everything I saw. Then, I was told to write what I was being told by the spirit.
And this is what the spirit was telling me.
Holy Spirit words
‘What I saw is coming to happen soon and very soon.
Some people living in this generation are not going to die. Saints should not be afraid and concentrate on His third coming because the most important is the rapture.
His third coming comes with a lot of destruction, with shaking the earth and heavens. This is not made for the saints.
Saints should keep watching and be ready for His second coming (rapture) because the time is at hand.
Let’s repent and pray that we are found worthy to be part of the rapture.
Woe to those who will be left on earth because God’s wrath is coming after like wild-fire’.
I looked at what I had written was good and amazing.
All Glory and Honor to Jesus Christ

So many watchmen on the wall including myself believes President Obama will somewhat remain president for a third term. At this moment it's looking highly unlikely this will happen as President -elect Trump appears to be  making wave and impact in some area.

Quick dream January 3 2017: My first dream since 2017 started. I saw the sky red as blood people were running too and fro in panic. I then saw a man fall from the sky forcefully and when he got up from bended knees it was Obama. When I looked at Obama his eyes where that of a snake. I was told in my spirit don't star at him but that I needed to cross over to the other side of the fence where some people where standing including children .  Obama turned around and saw the fence and  wanted to go over the fence but he was not allowed, the dream ended. 


Author Unknown

Dream by Joanie Stahl 
January 7, 2016

In my dream I saw myself riding in the passenger seat of a car driven by a man with two young women in the back seat. We were on a two-lane country road and it seemed like we were speeding and escaping from someone. I wasn’t quite sure yet, but I felt scared.
Instantly out of the blue, the driver swerved off the road onto a little rocky dirt road. I looked at him and he was leaning forward over the steering wheel in a sweaty panic and filled with fear.
We were going so fast over the rocky dirt road that it caused me to wonder and be even more afraid. I didn’t know where we were going, but I realized we were escaping from something.
We started to slow down as we came upon some kind of encampment. We all felt afraid, but knew we had to drive through the encampment. As we drove closer, in the short distance I saw many people. It was a dirty, dry, barren desert location. They were not yet aware of our approaching.
I noticed all the people were filthy. I saw a huge dumpster and a man who seemed to be their leader was screaming at them because everyone was rushing to the dumpster like a pack of wild, rabid, starving animals. They were so wild they did not even seem human. The man was screaming at them trying to control who gets whatever was in that dumpster. He was a violent man and they were also violent.
There was no other way to go but through this encampment. I noticed that as we approached, we drove slowly as not to startle them or cause alarm. The man driving our car wanted to show them we were peaceful and wanted no trouble.
As we began to drive through them, all the screaming and violence instantly stopped. They stared at us in disbelief. The feeling was like, “You dare come through our camp!”
And when we saw their faces, they became like devils and started rushing toward our car. I saw murder in their faces. I knew that if they somehow stopped our car they would violently kill us. As they began grabbing onto the car our driver floored it and we sped out of there in terror.
It was becoming nightfall. None of us in the car were talking because there was no need to. We all knew we needed to find somewhere to go, so we drove on.
As it became night we came into a typical looking residential neighborhood, nothing fancy. Our driver stopped in front of a house and we all got out and followed him, not knowing what was happening.
He walked up to the front door and we all stood around him. I finally asked, “What are we doing here? Who lives here?”
He answered, “Be quiet.” He opened the front door and went in.
I asked him, “Is anyone home? Who lives here?”
He answered, “I don’t know who lives here and I don’t think anyone is home, but we cannot travel at night, so we have to stay here.”
So me and two other women looked around the house to see if anyone was home. Our driver found us and said, “You need to get some sleep right now. I don’t know how much time we have. We only have a few hours to rest.”
So me and the women went into a room that looked like the homeowner’s bedroom. I saw Christian things like crosses on the wall, and other things that definitely revealed we were hiding out in the home of a Christian woman. We laid down for a little while, but none of us slept. We just laid down and waited for the sun to come up. After a while, as the sun was rising, a woman entered the house and we heard our driver talking with her, so we all came into the living room.
She was an older woman, very quiet and kind. She told us we had to go and that we had only a few minutes to get our things and go. She gathered food for us and quickly handed it to us as she rushed us out of her door. As we went out I noticed the neighborhood was dead. There were no signs of life because everybody was locked inside their homes. And it didn’t matter that it was sun up. I just knew that everybody was terrified to come out of their homes.
So we walked quickly to our car and everybody got in, except one of the girls. As I was about to get in the passenger seat, I stopped and looked at her. Her countenance had changed. A darkness had come over her and she now looked evil. I asked her to get into the car, but she refused. She then turned and started walking away from the car down the sidewalk.
I knew right then that she was going to turn us into the authorities. I knew we were being hunted. I got into the car and we sped off. Then I woke up.
The timing of when this will happen was not made evident to me, but I know it will become unlawful for Christians to practice their faith. There will be a price on the heads of the Christians during this time. It will not be safe for anyone to be a Christian. The way we were speeding and then quickly taking a back road highlighted the danger we were in and the need to escape at any cost for our very lives.
The people we came across at the encampment also witnessed to me by the Lord that there will be enormous widespread homeless encampments everywhere, which will make it dangerous to travel to places we had thought to be safe in times past. The people living in these homeless camps were given over to wild, ravenous, murderous behavior due to starvation. Their desire to overtake us and kill us showed that they had completely gone insane.
The house we came to and stayed in that belonged to an older Christian woman showed me that the Lord will hide His people in safe havens. These locations will not be known to anyone else, not even their neighbors. They will be instrumental in supplying food and other necessities as they are able to give.
The Lord is speaking now….
“These will risk their lives for My people, but I will supernaturally protect them. I will keep them as my suppliers. I will have people, My people, just like this woman in many various locations throughout the country. You will not know where they live, but I will bring you to them.
My people will travel during the day because that is when the majority of people will go out of their homes to work and other matters the day demands.  My people will be able to blend in with them making it much more difficult to identify them.  I will keep My people always one, two, or even one hundred steps ahead of their hunters.
Citizens will be afraid to go out of their homes at night for fear of being apprehended by government officials who will mistake them for Christians escaping. This explains the quietness of the morning and why everyone was still afraid to come out of their homes. This will be common knowledge. Christians will be so hated at this time, it will be like sport and big business to turn them in and receive big bounties.
The last girl to get into the car represents believers you will know personally and gather together with, embracing as true brothers and sisters. At first they will be, but they will fall away from the faith and betray you.
I say this for your instruction. During this time that will come, going to church will become the most dangerous place you will go. Churches will no longer be run by church councils but government councils. You will know when this happens and will not have to ask around. Some of those you have worshipped with will turn you in for a high price. Some will do it for greed of money while others will do it reluctantly weeping out of desperation to feed themselves and their families and keep their homes. This torment will further harden their hearts.
This year I will not spend time warning any longer. This year I will now begin to start instructing you. Some I will individually give instructions to, while in other cases I will instruct and lead people groups and families. Do not fear when I do. If I am asking you to do anything, remember I have already taken care of the way and the details. Stay often in prayer with Me. This will develop your ear. In doing so you will take instruction only from Me because you will only recognize it. The voice of others will be evident.

This will sharpen your minds and spirits and will afford you strength and quickness in obeying. I know each of you personally. I know my sheep. I know how to lead you.”

In this vision I was standing on the beach at night looking down the shoreline to this small lake. I saw Jesus walking up the shoreline heading toward me. He was looking at this head of what looked like wheat that he held in his hand. Then I saw Him look up at the sky. He was looking at the full moon directly overhead. Then he continue to walk toward me. As He got near to me He stopped and I asked Him when the rapture would be. But He just smiled and pointed toward this beautiful stone gazebo that was located just off the beach on a small hill. So I went toward this gazebo with Jesus behind me. As I approached, I looked inside and saw a picnic table made of stone and a white cake was sitting on the table. We sat down at the table, Jesus sat down directly across from me. He cut the white cake and put a slice on two plates and gave one to me. We ate the cake and when we were through, He reached across the table and grabbed both of my hands and He began to pray. I can't remember what He was praying, but in the course of the prayer, I looked down and noticed that my clothes changed into a wedding gown. So now I was sitting there with this white wedding gown on and veil. I asked Him why I was wearing this wedding gown but the only thing He said was "I have to go now". And He got up from the table and walked down to the beach below. I went to the balcony of this gazebo and was watching Him. I noticed that a white horse was waiting for Him on the beach. He got on and rode off swiftly into the darkness and that was the end of the vision.
~Paula Marie~

2nd Vision
On an earlier occasion I had another vision of Jesus in the gazebo. In this vision I was in the gazebo with Jesus and He was sitting across from me. He had his head down because He was eating an orange. I was staring at him and then thought to myself; I hope He doesn't mind me staring at Him like that. As if reading my thoughts; He looked up at me and smiled. I asked Him about the rapture and without saying a word, He got up, left the gazebo and started walking down the beach. He sat down at the end of the path overlooking the water. He seemed to be watching something. Just then I was a bright object falling from the sky toward the other side of the lake. When Jesus saw this He got up and started to walk off into the darkness away from the beach. He was on His way somewhere. I knew this was the thing He had been waiting for.
Revelation: An orange represents that this object will hit in or near a body of water off the coast of Florida, probably at the time of the rapture.
~Paula Marie~

Hi guys 
 I want to share with you a rapture dream I had last night. First of all let me start of by saying that I am moving to China within the next couple of months. I will stay there for about a year.
 Now I do not have a date, but in my dream I stood on the great wall of China with my arms wide open. (I stood in the position of a cross). Suddenly this bright light appeared from heaven and a light within me begun to shine as well. Then I got lifted up in the air and other people with me on the great wall stayed behind.
 I do know that it was summer time in my dream, because everybody was wearing short sleeved clothes. 
 Again I do not have any date, but I do know that the rapture will happen very very soon. I l look forward to meet all of you my brothers and sisters in Christ.
 Have a wonderful and blessed day.

Word Received on 1/02/17
by ???????
 My daughter, The time on the clock is speeding ahead while the world wants a celebration of a New Year, many like you wait for me to step in and disrupt the plans of the enemy. He is cunning, my loves and releases many false prophecies through some who even seek and love me. Some want so bad to be caught up and removed from your world that they cannot tell what is real and some have been misled. They hear from spirits other than My Holy Spirit. Do not come against My children that are mislead, but lift them in prayer. My servants must realize that there is no way to be perfect when you are trying to figure out my methods and my timing for you exist in your flesh. Love one another. Pray for one another and be for one another, My children. Be full of mercy and grace towards everyone you come in contact with. Do not forget, some that you have written off, will now be turning their hearts towards their Savior. This is the time where deep attention needs to be given to loving one another. If someone teaches falsely or, if they intentionally mislead others, do I not have the power to shut them down? Do I not have the power to control their visibility? Do not underestimate me, My loves, and do not be afraid for the ones working for the enemy. If you are to come out against them, make sure you have the same zeal for sharing My grace and mercy with them. If your 100 percent focus is on the enemy, there will no room for you to share Me for My mercy and love is what wins souls, not accusations and arguments, and know the facts before you publicly persecute one another for maybe a brother or sister needs prayer, not ridicule. The false teachers will eventually bury themselves. They will find their own destruction. Too many of my servants worry so much about discrediting others, they are missing me. They are appointed to be messengers for this time but their pride gets in the way and they end up falling to their own pride and unwittingly doing the work of the enemy. So many of my saints and messengers are coming under attack by their own brethren. Be warned, My children, for if you attacking in pride, My anointed, there will be a price to pay. Step back and pray seeking My will and fight against operating in your own prideful spirit, or worse, operating under the oppression of the enemy. Your pride will blind you to these things. Open your eyes, My children, and walk with a humble heart serving only Me and not the pride of your flesh. Do not forget, My children, that My timing is Mine and it is perfect. Walk in this, and in the joy of My perfection, not in the disappointment of your failed expectations. I implore you to get to a point in our relationship that My timing makes no difference to you, that my methods make no difference to you and the only thing you concern yourself with is our outcome. You must know to call upon My name and never fear. Be fully secure in Me and fear will flee from you. Focus less on My timing and more on My heart. I assure you, a closeness with Me is far more rewarding than fishing for whens and whys and fighting with those that do not share your personal understanding. Seek My face. Seek Me in My Word. Always share My light and you will not fall into the traps of the enemy. When you feel your pride welling up, seek Me and approach all relationships and situations with humble hearts and love and grace with one another. I love you, My children. Yahshuah HaMashiak.

I had a dream about 2 years ago regarding the rapture and me living in Minnesota, well I found it odd. There was a flood, I would call it violent. The waters were carrying homes away and people, there was not a spot without water. Of course, Minnesota is about the furthest area away from any ocean or large body of water, if there was a tsunami it surely would cover the world if it reached Minnesota, right? I remember keeping my eyes on my daughter being so afraid for her and then I lost sight of her. I'm tearing right now, it was terrifying.  

All of the sudden, these black box like shelters were coming from the sky, saving us. It was a powerful dream, I couldn't shake it but I was spared. So about one day after the dream, I'm looking for a video to watch, scrolling thru the pictures I almost died, well still small voice put up a video, the cover picture was exactly what I saw in my dream! I said so abruptly WHERE DID YOU GET THIS PICTURE? She actually answered!! She said they are lifeboats, that God called them gondola's and we would be picked up in them during the rapture. Confirmation! I'm telling you this because, I feel the land will be 'surveyed' if you will. If we would all be spared in an air gondola, surely God would have an, 'air diamond' right? Haha, when He highlights words to me I never ever forget them. For some reason your video about the diamond in the sky hit me hard.

Last night was a little hard, I was sweating then freezing, sore throat, body aches and today a cold so I had a fitful night's rest. I'm so glad the bank is closed and I'm off today. But if we keep praying I think it will come back.  I have a few ideas too I will look into.  Thank you for sending me that vision, it goes to show you that He was trying to show you the significance of diamonds!
Love ya

Vision of heaven part 4
I had this quick vision from a few years ago that I wanted to share. It was encouraging to me, so I hope it will be for you as well. In my vision I was walking in heaven with this spiritual being, who seemed familiar to me. We were talking and all of a sudden she said hold out your hand, I have something for you. So I did and then she did this slight of hand movement, like they do with card tricks and placed something heavy in my hand, it was about the size of my palm. When I looked down at it, I was amazed that it was a huge diamond and it was emitting this very bright white light. It was glowing! I was smiling and amazed at the sight of it. It was so bright, I could barely make out was it was and right now I can still feel the weight of it in my hand.  I was thinking that all the gems must be like that in heaven. They twinkle and glow with this light that does not exist on earth and it makes them far more spectacular to look at up there. Colors come out of them, that we could never have seen before. But I am wondering what the meaning of this diamond is...if it also has a spiritual meaning or if it means we are about to go home. So if anyone out there has an insight on this from the Lord, I would sure like to hear what you have to say. In any case, this vision was meant to be a blessing of encouragement for us as I was led to share this. And I know that God will reveal what it all means, that someone out there will know, that it will be revealed to them. Stay encouraged you guys! Keep looking up! Jesus is coming soon! God bless you all!
~Paula Marie~
tchel bag over my shoulder and went to a beauty parlor. There were four or five women there their faces looked different but their eye make up was the same. Black mascara on top eye lid and bottom lid, black eyeliner top and bottom lids black eyeshadow on the top lid and fuchsia pink in the middle. So every time they blinked their eyes you got a flash of this hot pink color. I told the ladies about my dream about the earthquake and they were all very surprised. They didn't say a word. I left the beauty parlor and was driving down the winding cliffside road. The water was on the right and a scenic view on the left. All of a sudden there was an earthquake and the ground started crumbling in chunks in front of me and under my car. It was my dream within a dream happening at that moment to me. I felt myself falling inside my car towards the water. I started to cry as I saw the water grow closer. Then I looked to my left and I saw polls like a scaffolding if there were buildings or a building crumbling from the quake. I grabbed a hold of the pole, still crying and held on. I think I went out the car window. I watched my car fall into the water as I held onto the poll still crying I thought to myself "oh no my purse is in the car and I don't have a phone or a way to let anyone know I'm OK." Then I saw in my minds eye a word. I knew it was German and I knew it was the name of the town that was near by. It look like it started with a "K" and maybe an "OR and R". The German language is foreign to me and I've never been there so I don't remember exactly what I read but it definitely started with a "K" I remember that it struck me as odd. Either an odd place for the earthquake or the the name was odd.

Then I woke up.  I realized when I woke up I had a dream within a dream so strange. I told my husband about the dream and started to make my breakfast. I turned on YouTube to a channel (Dutchsinse that talks about global earthquakes. That day he was doing a different kind of report. The German government was warning their people to have at least 10 days of supplies available in case of an emergency.

What are the odds that I would have a dream about a Germantown having an earthquake and then a few minutes later I wake up to hear the German government is warning there people to be prepared. And I don't believe in coincidences. God is so good. Everyday. 

Take Care,

VISION-Hi guys today I heard in my spirit "IT HAS BEGUN....DESTRUCTION HAS BEGUN"

I want to share this vision that the Lord gave me on  October 23 2016.

In this vision I was in my bedroom with the children and all of a sudden I heard "earthquake in the United Kingdom"....

Immediately my house started to shake and it tilted on its side. I looked outside and it had turned pitch black like there were no moon, sun,  stars nothing to light up th sky just pure darkness.
I ran under the bed with the children and in process of going under the bed it appears that I had hurt my back real bad.

Whilst under the the bed I saw feet and they where standing together talking. One of the feet was different because he was wearing a brown sandal/slippers and I could see the hem of his white radiant garment...  I knew it was Jesus in my spirit and he was telling the angels what to do.

I then heard my name call to get out from under the bed with the children. When I got out from the bed my back pain had completely disappeared and I saw about four Angels in my room but Jesus had gone.

Throughout all this the earthquake was still going on. I heard one of the angels said "the earthquake will last between 28-52 seconds. He then said to me" we must go now "..
I notice that the children and I all had an angel each and they where standing behind us except my 17 month old baby. The angel had him in his arms.

The whole house inside became dark and the angels started taking us down the starts but the stairs seems like we were in a different dimensions going to a place of safety.